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Duele. 1 through 3, an electrical generator for generating electric power from ocean swells in a body of water 10 having a floor 11. A frame structure 12 has a magnetic core 13 supported thereon to the ocean bottom 11. The frame structure 12 has a plurality of support cables 14 anchoring the top 22 of the frame structure 12 to the ocean floor 11. The magnetic core 13 has an annular elongated bore 16 extending thereinto and has an annular generator coil 17 mounted on a coil support tube 18 slidably mounted in the elongated annular bore 16. A cable 20 is attached to the top of the generator coil support tube 18 at one end and attached to a float 21 at the other end which float 21 rides in the swell of the ocean surface 10. A first cable alignment bearing 22 guides the cable 20 therethrough while a cable alignment bearing 25 further guides the cable into the base structure 12 to assist in maintaining the generator coil 17 sliding back and forth within the annular bore 16 in alignment with the bore.

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NáUsea Y VóMito Postoperatorio En CirugíA Ambulatoria A permanent magnet core electric generator having a linearly moving coil which is annularly wound on a sleeve moving coaxially in a coaxial bore formed with a center pole flux core in the center of the sleeve and an outer pole flux core on the exterior of the annular bore, both of which can be lined with permanent magnets. In addition, an electromagnetic winding mounted in the closed end of the magnetic core, receives a small portion of the electric energy generated by the linearly moving coil. The bore 16 has an electromagnetic winding 26 mounted in the closed end 27 of the bore 16 while the open end 28 of the bore 16 is opened for the coil support tube 28 to slide into and out of the bore. 6, a generator 65 has the permanent magnets 66 mounted to show their north and south poles and the magnetic flux line 67 formed in the outer pole flux core 68 and in the center pole flux core 69 as the annular wound generator coil 70 moves linearly in the annular bore 18 adjacent the magnets 66. The magnets 66 are mounted around the exterior of the annular bore 71. The wound coil 70 is mounted on a coil support sleeve 72 which may be the float drive tube which in turn is connected to the float.

1 through 3. Pastillas para dolor de espalda . Coil 17 is wrapped on an annular coil support tube 18. This embodiment has a rotary shaft 37 riding in bearings 38 and 40 and has a float cable drum 41 mounted thereon with the float cable 36 winding around the cable drum 41. The flexible cable 36 passes through a cable alignment bearing 42. As the float 21 moves up and down in the swells of the oscillating water 10, the cable 36 moves up and down and pulls the cable wrapped on the drum 41 up and down to rotate the shaft 37 which, in turn, rotates the coil cable drum 43 having the coiled cable 44 wrapped therearound on one end and extending through the bearing 44 and being attached to the generator coil support tube 18 at the other end of the cable. Turning to FIG. 5, another embodiment of a submerged generator is illustrated having a submerged generator unit 50 having a float 21 riding on the oscillating fluid 10 with the generator unit 50 mounted to the floor 11 of the body of water 10. The generator unit 50 is supported with the support cables 14. In this embodiment, a first cable 36 rides on a drum 41 as it wraps and unwraps on the drum 41 to rotate the shaft 51 mounted between the bearings 52 and a rotary electric generator 53 mounted to the framework 54 of the generator 50. The second flexible cable 55 wraps on the coil cable drum 56 and is held in alignment with the alignment bearing 57. The cable 55 supports a counterweight 58 which rides within the guiding framework 60. Thus, as the swells in the ocean 10 raises the float 21, it unwraps the cable 36 from the drum 41 while wrapping the cable 55 from the drum 56 supporting the counterweight 58. Similarly, when the float 21 falls, the action is reversed to thereby provide a rotation in one direction and then in the other direction of the shaft 51 which can be connected to the shaft of rotary electric generator 53 which generates electricity in either direction of rotation of the shaft 51. Cable 36 is guided through a guide bearing 61 connected to the framework.

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The generator includes a base formed on the ocean floor supporting a magnetic core having a generator coil movably mounted therein and connected to a float with a cable passing through cable alignment bearings. 1 through 3. An electromagnetic winding 26 is mounted at the closed end of the magnetic core 13 in the same manner as in FIGS. A plurality of permanent magnets 30 are mounted in the annular bore 16 so that when the electrical coil 17 moves back and forth within the bore 16 within the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets, electric power is produced within the coils 17. A small portion of electric energy generated in the generator coil 17 is passed through the coils 26 at the closed end 27 of the annular bore 16. This, in turn, generates an electromagnetic field within the magnetic core 13 which thereby increases the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet 30 to increase the initial magnetic field in the generator air gap created by the permanent magnets.

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Pat. No. 3,231,749, shows a Wave Power Generator especially for use in buoys and provides an apparatus for absorbing the energy available in the rocking mode of oscillation by converting it into electrical energy. In contrast, the present invention is directed towards an electric generator adapted to increase the efficiency of a linear moving coil directly moved by a float riding on waves or other oscillation fluids in a manner to convert as much of the potential energy in the wave directly to electrical energy in locations where there is constant wave motion. The arrangement of the magnets is in such a manner to create a uniform magnetic field of a single magnetic orientation throughout the entire length of the motion of the linearly moving coil.

This in turn increases the magnetic field within the coaxial bore, which increases the electrical output of the reciprocation generator to the maximum energy available in the passing ocean swells. Dolor de espalda en reposo . A small portion of the electric power created in the generator coil moving within a magnetic field created with the permanent magnets is passed through the electromagnetic winding in the closed end of the linear bore of the electric generator and used to increase the magnetic field in the magnetic core and hence the power output of the generator. 6, power generated in the moving coils is transmitted through linear electrical bushings and brushes 73. The bushings are connected through to the coils.

This type of system can be seen in prior systems which use wave motion to drive a hydraulic pump to force a fluid through a turbine connected to an electrical generator. It should be clear at this time that a submerged reciprocating linear generator has been provided for use below the ocean surface to create electric power from surface ocean swells. It should be clear at this time, however, that the present invention is not to be considered limited to the forms shown which are to be considered illustrative rather than restrictive. This application is a continuation in part of prior U.S.

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This type of energy source does not create pollution or depend on finite resources. In FIGS. 1 and 2, the reciprocating generator is not watertight and water can flow in and out of the generator with each stroke of the generator coil. The Generator coil reciprocates linearly in response to an external force acting on a float by passing ocean swells.