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Comparación de la eficacia en el alivio de dolor.. Such a coupling can comprise one or more anti-reverse mechanisms and a sliding clutch as will be described below. Then, in the above mentioned special embodiment, the second part of the electric generator can rotate in a first direction due to the coupling to the drive shaft through the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap and the first part of the electric generator, when the motive force which is acting on the driveshaft through the coupling between the first elongated means and the driveshaft exceeds the counteracting motive force, energy being accumulated in the energy accumulation device due the mechanical coupling thereof to the second part of the electric generator.

The electromagnetic coupling between the parts in the electric generator over the air gap of the generator gives a limited torque in relation to the rotation speed of the generator, the mechanical torque produced by the counterweight drum and the electrical load of the generator. When the driveshaft is rotating faster than the rotational speed in the generator, the counterweight drum is rotated in a first rotation direction, this causing the counterweight to be hoisted up to, accumulating potential energy. 2. The absorption of wave energy can be limited by the use of a sliding clutch 55, which consequently can work as an overload protection, see FIGS. 3. Absorption of energy from the water waves can be limited while full power can be maintained even during very heavy wave conditions.

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FIG. 15 h is a front view of the power train of FIG. In FIG. 15 e the power train in a wave power plant is shown according to FIGS. Hereby, it can also be counteracted that the wave power plant is moved away along the surface of the water. The weight 211 can have a considerable mass compared to that of the buoy 3 or generally in relation to that of other parts of the wave power plant. FIG. 2 f is a view from underneath of the wave power plant of FIG.

When the wave and the buoy 3 are rising, the driveshaft 11 is rotated forwards by the anchor line 7, which runs around the driveshaft via the anchor drum 9 and which at its other end is anchored to the bottom 8, e.g. When the surface rises and thereby lifts the buoy, a motive force is created which is converted to a rotational movement by a driving bar connected between the foundation and the buoy or by a wire or chain which runs over an anchor wheel journalled for rotating at the buoy or in the foundation and which is at an opposite end connected to the foundation or the buoy, respectively. A gearbox is provided for gearing up the rotation speed of the wheel or pulley in the buoy to make it suited to be used for driving a generator. When used in a wind power plant, gas return pressure can also be used instead of a counterweight as shown in FIG.

Hombre Con El Sufrimiento Muy Fuerte Del Dolor De Cabeza.. Also, the uneven levels result in a costly over-dimensioning of the total electrical system of a wave power plant in order to obtain a proper handling of the top power levels. When the wave power plant is taken into operation, the service hatch 121 over the power train 2 is closed and the water level in the transmission unit space 20 is pressed down by the air pressure produced by the air pump 123. The water level outside varies during the wave period corresponding to the motive force between the bottom foundation 5 and the wave and also the inertia of counterweight 19 and buoy 3. For servicing, first of all the anchor drum 9 is disconnected, then the pressure in the power trains room is levelled to the ambient air pressure, so that the water level rises, and thereafter the service hatch 121 can be opened and service be performed.

Two sensors, not shown, measure the electrical power output and the rotation speed of the generator 21. Dolor muscular durante el embarazo . These values are recalculated by the control system to show the torque level applied over the generator. The power train 2 can in this embodiment be mounted in the power train room 20, so that the power train in whole or partly can be located in a dry environment and thereby be protected against fouling and corrosion and also simpler and cheaper sealing solutions can be used, see FIGS. When the driveshaft is rotating slower than the rotation speed of the generator or is still-standing still, the counterweight drum rotates in a second rotation direction, this causing the counterweight to be lowered, thereby releasing potential energy. Alternatively, the body used for accumulation of energy can in the same case be a counterweight, i.e.

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The sliding clutch 25, 25′ for reverse feeding between the counterweight drum 15 and the anchor drum 9, which according to the description above can be used for keeping the anchor line 7 tensed, can at the same time be used for reducing the torque provided by the counterweight 19, which displaces the state of equilibrium of the generator 21 and the counterweight 19 in the same way as a variable gear does, see the control rule illustrated in the diagram of FIG. 10 b, at least one of these two mechanical couplings 7″, 7″ including an elongated means, such as a flexible means, typically a line or a wire, but also a stiff rod can be used in special cases.

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Probably, controlling the electrical load of the generator is the simplest and most cost efficient way but also other possibilities exist as will be described below. On the driveshaft, in the embodiment shown in these figures, also a second winding drum, a counterweight drum 15, is arranged on which a line 17 is partly wound at its upper end. Furthermore, the driveshaft is connected to drive the first part of the electric generator to rotate and the counterweight drum can in a first case be coupled to rotate the second part of the electric generator, so that the electric generator generates electric current when its second part is rotated in relation to its first part and at the same time gives a torque counteracting this rotation.

As illustrated, the link shaft 58 can be placed in front of the driveshaft 11 seen in the wave direction. When the wave sinks, it shall be possible to disengage the anchor drum, so that the anchor drum can be rotated in the reverse direction. In this way the driveshaft is always rotated in the first rotation direction every time the buoy 3 rises and it can never be rotated in the opposite rotation direction. For major service the complete driveshaft frame 141 together with components included therein can, as shown in FIGS. 2 a and 2 b, in parallel with the longitudinal direction of the plate, be somewhat displaced in a direction towards the waves. As mentioned above, it can be utilized, so that the planetary gear 35 and the generator 21 e.g. As a sliding clutch e.g. In one case such an elastic device may comprise a container or tank for accumulation of energy as a gas pressure.

The bigger wave, the faster vertical movement and the more energy can be absorbed. Dolor de ovarios y espalda baja . 2 g. The support structure includes a surrounding frame-shaped part 143 and a number of shaft support bars 145 which extend between the long, opposite sides of the frame part and which correspond to the support bars or bar parts 13 described above. 5 d. Then, it alternates between transferring full torque and no torque at all.

Then, the buoy must be given a weight that is greater than that of the counterweight 19 and be given a sufficient volume/buoyancy, so that it still is capable of floating at the water surface 6. This is shown in FIG. In FIGS. 7 a and 7 b two vertical pillars are used, which are located completely beneath the water surface 6 and extend upwards from the bottom beneath the buoy 3, and the driveshaft is journalled in these pillars. The compressor/gas pump 73 can be a so called scroll pump and then it has a movable part 89 rigidly connected to the stator 2″ of the generator 21 and a part 91 attached to the housing 71. Here, the anti-reverse mechanism 53 for the driveshaft acts against the housing. In a second case a mechanical gear can be connected between the driveshaft and the first part of the electric generator.

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Alternatively, the link shaft 58 can be placed above the driveshaft 11, either in an oblique position above or straight above. The movements of the two counterweight drums 15 can be synchronized using a link shaft 58 that is journalled in the support bar parts 13 and has gearwheels 29 at its two ends, the gearwheels cooperating with the toothed wheel rims on the flanges 33 of the counterweight drums, see FIG. The anchor drum 9 is equipped with the same type of sensor, not shown, as is mounted in the counterweight drum/s/ 15 and the control system can in this way measure the length of the corresponding anchor line 7 that is unwound from the anchor drum. The control system can control the span level of the counterweight by analysing data from a sensor, not shown, that is mounted in the counterweight drum 15 and continuously informs the system about the angle which it has in relation to the gravitational direction or the shaft support bar 13. The control system can by this information keep track of the position and direction changing points of the counterweight 19 by calculating the revolution at which the counterweight is and exactly where it changes its movement direction.