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Practicas Acuáticas: Estilo Espalda Preferably, the characteristics of the membrane such as its longitudinal bending stiffness are chosen to be such that it has at least one half undulation instead of at least one undulation. Calculation of membrane characteristics for a given flow. Although this is not shown in the drawings, it is also possible to provide means for regulating, independently of each other, the various separations of the areas 6, 8 and the intermediate points 17a, 17b with respect to their respective points of attachment to the attachment system 5. These adjustments can be chosen so as to adapt the positions of the intermediate points on the membrane as a function of characteristics of the flow and/or the forces transmitted by the membrane. These head 19 and tail 20 deflectors are each formed from a rigid strip. It should be noted that at least some of the magnets and/or coils may form movable weights fixed to the membrane 4. A second type 16b of on-board converter is visible in the embodiment of Figure 21. This drawing shows a group of rotary generators 16b of electric current on board the membrane 4. Each rotary generator has two arms 16b1 mounted rotatably with respect to each other about a natural axis 16b2 of the rotary generator.

The attachment system 5 includes two links 5a, 5b which are attached, on the one hand, to the first area 6 of the membrane 4, and, on the other hand, to the part of the attachment system which is fixed to the support. Then, if this limiting is insufficient, the wave amplitude is further limited in a portion of membrane located nearer the first area, and this continues until the membrane is fully stretched and virtually flat.

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These resilient stiffeners R are connected to the first membrane area 6 and to the support 3 so as to force the first area 6 to return to its central position. This ratio depends on the separation of the first and second areas, which is adjusted by the separation limiting means, and on the reaction force of the energy converter and the mechanical characteristics of the membrane. This coil may be coupled to an autotransformer and the control means may be a means for controlling the rate of transformation of electrical power by the autotransformer. Ideally, it is also possible to arrange for at least some of these weight fixing means to be adjustable, allowing the weight carried to be moved relative to the membrane. This longitudinal elastic stiffness in bending of the membrane is chosen as a function of the weight of the membrane and in such a way that, when the device is immersed in a liquid flow having a flow velocity in the range from 0.3 m/s to 5 m/s in absolute terms, the membrane (when seen in longitudinal section) has at least one complete undulation between its upstream and downstream edges (when the device has no intermediate points 17a or 17b) or between two of the intermediate points 17a, 17b of the membrane which are adjacent to each other.

Abstract yellow glowing design Since this separation distance Dx is less than the membrane length Lx and since this membrane has bending stiffness, it forms at least one half-wave by bending. In the embodiment of Figure 21, the arms of at least some of the rotary generators are interconnected so as to form an articulated chain of on-board rotary generators carried by the membrane. By means of this type of connection, the limiting means are able to limit the distance between the first and second areas of the membrane and the distance between intermediate points of the membrane without thereby preventing the propagation of the waves along the membrane.

This characteristic of resilience of the linking means allows each of these limiting means 18a, 18b to be elongated when a tensile force is exerted to stretch the membrane between the first and second locations. In order to achieve this object, the invention relates primarily to a device for recovering energy from a flow of fluid including: – a support; – a flexible membrane; – a system for attaching at least a first area of the membrane, connecting this first area of the membrane to the support; – an energy converter; – force transmission means connected to a second area of the membrane remote from the first area of the membrane, this second area of the membrane being movable with respect to the support, these force transmission means being arranged to transmit mechanical energy from the second area toward the energy converter.

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Because of the limiting means which limit the separation of the first and second areas of the membrane with respect to points of the attachment system, it has been found that, particularly when the membrane is at rest, the membrane is deflected, being curved under the effects of gravity (see Figures 4 and 5) and of the limiting means, at least in part of the membrane located between its first and second areas. 1) In accordance with the environment in which the device is to be installed and the chosen means for connecting the membrane to the support, the following quantities are determined: – L, which is the length of membrane free to undulate between two attachment points (in the case of a membrane connected to the support solely via its first and second areas 6 and 8, L is the total length of the membrane.

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