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Tratamiento de acupuntura para adelgazar 7, the unique pipeline management system of the submarine makes submarine have self-rescue function as biology.Submarine is each bionical Cell can all have capillary, and all capillaries are connected to branch pipe(tube), and branch pipe(tube) is connected to main pipe road, and main pipe road is connected to general pipeline Road.And be fitted on every capillary from only valve, if cell damage, capillary is blocked from only valve, makes the thin of damage Born of the same parents are isolated from integral tube road.The each bifurcation of piping network has from only valve to be equivalent to for blocking large area broken parts The hemostatic function of the blood platelet of animal, and piping network is equivalent to the blood vessel network of animal. A kind of method that pipeline reveals from stopping leak, includes the following steps, the pipeline connects cabinet, and pipeline is equipped with from only Valve is connected when pipeline and/or normal cabinet from only valve;When pipeline and/or connection cabinet damage, pipeline is closed from only valve.

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It is an object of the present invention to overcome existing submarine can not deep diving, can not hide for a long time, can not it is stealthy, noise is big, makes Valence is high, use cost is high, the defects of can not largely equipping, provide it is a kind of with deeper deep-sea dive ability, it is endless continuous Boat ability, noiseless, complete stealthy enemy can not detect, can not find, have found the submarine for also having no idea to attack us, dive Ship has very high artificial intelligence AI system, and cheap, can manufacture and largely be hidden in whole world ocean on a large scale Every nook and cranny, launch a offensive annihilate enemy army and not detectable at any time, because enemy is still after throughout the year latent and under attack Do not know that attack from He Erlai, belongs to asymmetric weapon, reaches and capture all oceans, deter the purpose in the world.Submarine of the present invention Just as marine organisms, from big marine acquisition energy, can be to obtain energy using the fluctuation of seawater, and energy is tired out Product gets up to be stored, and pushes submarine mobile using the energy of storage, realizes and obtain power certainly;This submarine is set using bionics cell Meter is not afraid of deep-sea immense pressure just as the fish at deep-sea, realizes limit deep diving;This submarine can obtain deep-sea in deep diving Pressure energy, and it is stored, is used to push submarine mobile when floating;This submarine is transparent or close using high molecular material The characteristics of color intensity of sea water, realizes stealth in water, can not be found;This submarine is extremely durable in the seawater using high molecular material Feature and power is obtained certainly, can be realized the purpose at long-term latent deep-sea;This submarine is equipped with multiple stand-by circuits of network, It realizes that automatic excision damages circuit and replaces stand-by circuit and/or automatic maintenance, ensures normal work to hide for a long time;This is latent Ship can use seawater fluctuation driving pump and carry out water pressure energy storage, and increase submarine global density while being pressed into seawater, Realize dive;This submarine, which can use, sprays seawater outward to reduce submarine global density, realizes that submarine floats;This submarine can be with High pressure sea water is sprayed when using outside draining to push submarine mobile, without any mechanicalness noise;This submarine utilizes AI intelligence system System control submarine, realizes that unmanned and artificial intelligence completes various complex tasks;It is full of in this submarine cell and/or nucleus Strike enemy may be implemented in explosive;This submarine release comprehensive survey ball and/or sensing control assembly may be implemented to scout;Above functions into Row synthesis, it is final to realize that AI Intelligent unattended of the present invention drives and bionical make one submarine from obtaining power stealth and examine.

This submarine collects the data such as sound, light, electricity, the magnetic of passing naval vessels deposit data bank in peacetime.Due to each The features such as the noise of naval vessels are all unique, just as fingerprint, can correspond with naval vessels, it is possible in the database Enemy and we’s naval vessels archives are established respectively, are identified for enemy and we. Head, tail section transition region 1 round tube axis of main body on be uniform-distribution with six turn pump, the round tube of function and body region The pump that turns being distributed on axis is slightly distinguished.Six turn pump in wherein there are two be high density liquid switching turn pump 56, it is latent for balancing Weight (being described hereinafter) before and after ship, two are that pressure switching turns pump 57, are used for elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case 11 and hard shell pressure Pressure conversion between energy-storage box 12, remaining two are that energy storage turns pump 61, are also used for energy storage.Suitable for pendulum pump and turn the field pumped The pendulum pump of conjunction, pendulum pump and turn quantity pumped and each function, turn pump quantity can according to the design of submarine and the change of demand Accordingly to be changed.

Six groups of pendulum pump fixed frames, each one group of each sector are evenly distributed on the main body 1 of every section body region, every group of pendulum pump is consolidated Determine frame to be made of five pendulum pump fixed frames 15, placed two pendulum pumps, pendulum pump fixed frame in the channel of each pendulum pump fixed frame 15 15 material is thicker macromolecule transparent material scutum, and is connected with helical baffle 8.The quantity of pendulum pump fixed frame 15 can basis Submarine size and demand are increased and decreased. 1, main body;2, periostracum;3, spine;4, high density liquid delivery pipe;5, fiber buss and power bus spool;6, Injector assembly;7, circular bulkheads;8, helical baffle;9, piece shape partition;10, seawater energy-storage box;11, elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case; 12, hard shell pressure energy-storage case;13, nuclear material inlet;14, nuclear material conveyance conduit;15, pendulum pump fixed frame;16, Energy storage pendulum pump;17, energy storage pipeline;18, pressure switches pendulum pump;19, switch pipeline;20, pressure switching valve;21, switch pipeline; 22, it pops one’s head in;23, sector AI plate;24, sensing control assembly;25, energy storage turns pump;26, energy storage pipeline;27, pressure-control valve;28, hydrodynamic(al) It can generator;29, high pressure nozzle;30, pressure-control valve;31, high pressure nozzle;32, pressure-control valve;33, pressure-control valve; 34, high pressure nozzle;35, the main body of head sections;36, water kinetic energy generator;37, sensing control assembly;38, spine ring;39, pressure controls Valve;40, high pressure nozzle;41, comprehensive survey ball;42, delivery pipe;43, protective cover;44, finned flap;45, head sections are highly dense Spend liquid storage tank;46, head sections hard shell pressure energy-storage case;47, head sections elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case;48, head sections seawater Energy-storage box;49, hard shell sphere;50, elastic membrane pressure stabilizing ball;51, the AI plate in head sections;52, fiber buss and power bus line Pipe;53, speed changer takes in unwrapping wire assembly concurrently;54, rotary connector;55, pressure switching valve;56, liquid switching turns pump;57, pressure Switching turns pump;58, pressure switching valve;59, switch pipeline;60, switch pipeline;61, energy storage turns pump;62, energy storage pipeline;63, head The switching of section pressure turns pump;64, optical coupling;65, head sections energy storage turns pump;66, energy storage pipeline;67, head sections pressure switching valve; 68, protective shell;69, sensing control assembly;70, tail section protective cover;71, the AI plate of tail section;72, fiber buss and power bus line Pipe;73, tail section energy storage turns pump;74, tail section pressure switching valve;75, water kinetic energy generator;76, tail section pressure switching turns Pump;77, tail section high density liquid storage bin;78, liquid, which collapses, can disconnect part;79, high pressure nozzle;80, pressure controls Valve;81, speed changer takes in unwrapping wire assembly concurrently;82, tail section hard shell pressure energy-storage case;83, tail section elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case; 84, tail section seawater energy-storage box;85, fixed frame;86, propeller;87, energy storage turns the water inlet of pump;88, water feeding one-way valve;89, Water inlet line;90, go out water one-way valve;91, outlet conduit;92, Rotor carriage;93, rotor;94, peristaltic tube;95, shell; 96, pendulum pump fixed frame;97, fixing axle;98, position-limited rack;99, regulator hole;100, peristaltic tube position-limited rack;101, outlet pipe;102, Water one-way valve out;103, water inlet pipe;104, water feeding one-way valve;105, rotor;106, oscillating deck;107, peristaltic tube;108, switch Pipeline one;109, switch pipeline two;110, distribution pipe one;111, one check valve of distribution pipe;112, peristaltic tube;113, distribution pipe two Check valve;114, distribution pipe two;115, switch pipeline one;116, switch pipeline two;117, switch one check valve of pipeline;118, it cuts Change two check valve of pipeline;119, peristaltic tube;120, generator fixed frame;121, propeller;122, permanent magnet;123, rotor; 124, stator;125, stator core;126, stator coil;127, lead;128, rectifier;129, electric wire;130, locating part; 131, pod;132, propeller fixed frame;133, stator fixing axle;134, line sending pipe fixing piece;135, water pipe;136, threeway Control valve;137, clutch control pipeline;138, tooth button control piper;139, take-up tooth button;140, take-up gear;141, clutch Device inner ring;142, clutch outer ring;143, speed changer inner ring gear;144, speed changer mesomerism gear;145, speed changer outer ring tooth Wheel;146, transmission gear fixed frame;147, bobbin winder bracket;148, optical fiber;149, electrically-controlled valve A;150, A is come directly towards;151, snap-gauge; 152, jackshaft;153, B is come directly towards;154, electrically-controlled valve B;155, optical fiber line sending pipe;156, optical fiber;157, multichannel optical coupling;158, Protective cover;159, fixing axle;160, chamber A;161, chamber B;162, unwrapping wire gear;163, unwrapping wire tooth button.

1-Fig. 5, multiple injector assemblies 6 is fixed on the screw wing, often A injector assembly 6 includes multiple groups high pressure nozzle and pressure-control valve, and the pressure-control valve controls injection or the pass of high pressure nozzle It closes, there are three directions for the high pressure nozzle, and wherein high pressure nozzle 29 and high pressure nozzle 34 are along screw wing rotation direction promotion spiral shell Rotor rotational outside the direction vertical spin flapwise of high pressure nozzle 31, realizes submarine turning;Along the high pressure nozzle in screw wing direction 29 or high pressure nozzle 34 be used to push submarine unitary rotation, by the one-piece auger wing rotation make submarine advance as screw or It retreats.Injector assembly 6 is connected to seawater energy-storage box 10, is used to high-pressure injection seawater, in addition it can be used to adjust seawater energy storage Pressure in case 10.The pressure-control valve is controlled by systems control division.

B, it the not inverted direct absorption of the mechanical energy of wave and stores, and the motive force in the form of mechanical energy as submarine is defeated (due to not having energy conversion, so utilization efficiency is high, dynamical system of the present invention uses this scheme) out. The switching of tail section pressure turns pump 76 and is controlled by tail section pressure switching valve 74, to adjust tail section elasticity membrane pressure The flowing of interior media (compressible gas/liquid) between power energy-storage box 83 and tail section hard shell pressure energy-storage case 82.Pass through The variation of seawater proportion changes to change tail section global density, floating and dive when working independently for tail section.Tail region Section energy storage turns pump 73 and passes through energy storage pipeline for pressure reservoir in 84 the inside of tail section seawater energy-storage box. Such as Figure 16, in order to which the flow direction of interior media is described in detail, switch pipeline 1 two bifurcations and two Check valve is respectively defined as 1A mouthfuls, 1A valve and 1B mouthfuls, 1B valve;Switch two bifurcations and two check valves of pipeline 2 116 It is respectively defined as 2A mouthfuls, 2A valve and 2B mouthfuls, 2B valve.

The present invention also provides a kind of method that submarine diving floats, seawater energy-storage box, seawater energy-storage box are equipped in submarine Interior includes elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case, which comprises the following steps: when increasing seawater into seawater energy-storage box, bullet Property film pressure energy-storage box compression volume and reduce, in seawater energy-storage box seawater bulk increase, lead to the increase of submarine global density simultaneously The dive greater than density of sea water;When seawater energy-storage box discharges seawater, seawater bulk reduces in seawater energy-storage box, elastic membrane pressure Power energy-storage box volume becomes larger, and causes submarine global density to reduce and is less than density of sea water and floats.

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10, the submarine is controlled using distributed generation resource, AI, and entire submarine, which is divided into multi-disc after being cut off, to work independently. 13, the investigation of enemy inside, collect intelligence and the information of being hidden for a long time using the design feature of submarine itself are without being sent out It is existing, it can be close to enemy and understand direct information, be best reconnaissane tool.When having strike order, this submarine can be to enemy Start surprise attack, enemy has no to prepare so attack effect is good, and realization quickly destroys enemy and grasps initiative in war.This is greatly dropped Low war cost, reduces personal casualty loss. Means can not find it.Even if dive of sending someone is marine to go for it, even if close at hand be also difficult to find, in addition people can not dive Thousands of rice, it is found that it is almost impossible.

Since this submarine is that bionic soft ” animal ” spiral skeleton can be bent, so in water can be flexible as fish Turning, is enjoyed a trip to as fish. This submarine can pass through multi-platform receiving instruction.Such as by aircraft throw buoy, under water with submarine communicate, it is waterborne with Aircraft, satellite communication;It can also be communicated with aircraft or Peual Blue Surucu optical communication with manned submarine, submarine cable communication etc.

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Fig. 1 is by taking 2 section screw wing submarines as an example, and in the present embodiment, the body section of this submarine is divided into body region, head sections Three parts of transition region and tail section transition region, body section placed two section body regions (i.e. With the entrance of seawater, originally comparable submarine of global density and seawater is due to the increase of seawater ratio, inside Jie Matter (compressible gas/liquid) volume-diminished causes this submarine global density to increase and dive.Because deep sea hydraulic power is got in dive Bigger (10 meters of every dive about increases by 1 atmospheric pressure), interior media (compressible gas/liquid) volume are further compressed, this is latent Ship global density further increases, further dive.