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Muletas E158 Daonsa - Casa Home Care During normal operation, i.e., with anticipated water levels and wave amplitudes, the system will rest on the ocean floor in generally fixed, vertical orientation with the top, closed end 12 of the tube 20 at a preselected depth below the mean water level for optimum collection of energy from the waves then most prevalent. Desired goals in the use of such WECs are that efficient operation be obtainable over a wide range of surface wave conditions and that the WECs can survive even the worst storm conditions.

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Compartimentos de los tendones extensores de la muñeca This is a result of the wide dynamic range of the incident wave power. During operation, the system controls are disposed safely on the anchor base well beneath the water surface. 2, the stroke buffering mechanism comprises a rigid striker bar 60, e.g., a metal bar, rigidly and fixedly secured to an upper portion of the column 24. Mounted on the tube 10, for movement therewith relative to the fixed striker bar 60, are two shock absorbing assemblies 62a and 62b disposed respectively above and below the striker bar 60. The two assemblies 62a and 62b are rigidly mounted within a support frame assembly 64 comprising a number of interconnected strut members forming a rigid cage rigidly secured to the inside of the tube 10. The absorbing, or stroke-buffering elements of the assemblies 62a and 62b are two pairs of rectangular blocks 68 of an elastic material having known stress-strain characteristics and providing known elastic resistance against impact energy.

Blue skye with glowing sun rays As noted, the buoyancy tanks are used for optimizing performance and protecting the system against damage. The waveform at the or each peak and the or each trough has an outer convex surface that seals against an adjacent internal surface of the sleeve. A major problem faced by all systems intended for permanent installation in an ocean environment is protection and survival against ocean storms. To this end, the base 20 is preferably anchored by conventional anchors 60 firmly affixed to the ocean floor but connected to the base by relatively long chains.

2) at a bow end 16 of the sleeve 12 and an air outlet 18 (FIG. The sheet of elastic material may be stretched along a central line to match the length of a relatively longer spine 66 and secured to each end of the spine 66 so as to apply an axial compressive force to the spine 66. Stretching of the sheet of elastic material in this manner will result in the same tensile load distribution across the width of the diaphragm 64 outlined above in relation to the arrangement shown in FIG. The resultant face created being transition section 76 moving along the sleeve 62 acts like a piston in the form of a rolling seal, and applies pressure to air enclosed in pockets 78,80 below and above the diaphragm 64 respectively. Adios al dolor de espalda . The principle of operation of the inventive apparatus is that the changes in water energy level, which can be expressed as changes in pressure, due to the passage of wave peaks and troughs, is highest near the surface, and these pressure changes decay exponentially with depth below the surface.

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Because the column 24 supporting the tube and float is secured to the skid base 20 by a universal joint; such “sinking” is accomplished by a tilting of the column for bringing the top end of the system to a safe depth well below the surface wave high energy zone.

FIGURES 2 and 3 are perspective views of portions of the apparatus shown in Fig. When the pontoons are blown and full of air, the buoyancy of the pontoons, along with that of the float 16, is sufficient to float the entire apparatus shown in Fig. It is also anticipated that it will provide the opportunity to transfer power to land by means of compressed air as opposed to electricity. Another solution involves locating primary capture equipment at sea or on the sea bed, where energy levels are high, and piping hydraulic fluid or high pressure water ashore where the fluid power is converted to electricity.

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Additional protection is provided by selectively ballasting the apparatus for further sinking the apparatus towards or to the water floor. According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided an apparatus for use in a body of water for capturing energy from surface waves on said water body within a range of amplitudes up to a preselected maximum amplitude, the apparatus comprising a first member being reciprocally movable, as a function of and in response to overpassing waves, relative to a second member and along a path the length of which is a function of the amplitudes of said overpassing waves; and a base member for anchoring the apparatus on a floor of said water body, one of said first and second members being fixedly attached to said base member, said base member having a weight sufficient for maintaining said base member in contact with said floor during the presence of surface waves up to said preselected amplitude while allowing lifting of said base member off said floor during the passage of surface waves having a preselected second amplitude in excess of said first amplitude.