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5 formas de aliviar el dolor de espalda y cuello - FitnessRed Substantially, for the hydraulic turbo machine of the type, be necessary to use the less standing part of hinged guide vane and larger root diameter, the described standing part of each blade comprises such arc, this arc in the part nearest from movable part with the continual curvature of the movable part of described blade, then to change its bending path and direction near the final section place of rotor.

The described standing part of hinged guide vane comprises vertical wind turbo machine booster to use the air stream introduced; The described standing part of each blade comprises arc, described arc in the part that standing part is nearest from movable part with the continual curvature of movable part, then change bending path and direction at the final section place near rotor, this change in bending path and direction tangentially enters the bowlder with the radius produced by the rotation of rotor blade at fluid (air) and allows and improve performance. U. S. Patent 4,468,169 relate to the wind turbine with high torque adjustment flexible blade, and the wind wheel that this wind turbine is installed by level is formed, and this wind wheel comprises: framework, and it is mounted for rotating around central vertical axis in a horizontal plane; Many auxiliary axis, it is supported for and is rotating on said frame near its periphery place; Blade, it is installed into the one end near every bar auxiliary axis; Multiple blade retainers on framework, it radially-inwardly arranges the rotation with limit blade from axis, each in described auxiliary axis is mounted for rotating near the axis tilted relative to the vertical line of described horizontal plane, consequently, each blade has the preferred predetermined stop position limited from vertical line true dip direction by every bar axis; Object of the present invention and U. S. Patent 4,468, essential difference between the object of 169 is, the latter relates to the direct action equipment without empty air amplifier, it also comprises the moving part bulk-breaking underspeeded with performance in the rotor, it is exposed to the complex mechanism corroding and wear and tear, and system is noisy, and slow-down indicates bad overall performance.

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The open ES 2149638 of above-cited Spain relates to the vertical shaft device of energy for catching, concentrating, guide and use the fluid be in motion, the section be made up of the plane perpendicular to its rotor axis illustrates the outside area of fixed radial vertical surface, this outside area catches the transition zone that it is brought into constant tilt vertical surface by fluid, this transition zone is made to depart from inner area, wherein, vertical shaft rotor fixed position becomes to be rotated in the direction along fluid impact; The structure general-purpose system of described device, because it can use the water of wind or flowing to rotate to make rotor; Rotor rotates and can be used to produce for the useful electric power of suitable use or mechanical energy, essential difference between the object that the present invention and Spain disclose 2149638 is, this this structure is made up of the fixed structure not relating to system itself, it does not comprise generator, because it is made up of the isolated portions of non-structure relation between which, it does not flow and strengthens mechanism, it does not allow to close completely to repair and to expose at the situation lower rotor part of extreme wind, and it is not easy manufacture and need many installing spaces; Its shape does not allow to be arranged in the little space of building or such as flat-bottomed boat, or is used as mancarried device.

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Compared with the motor of prior art or main turbine, above-mentioned main motor drives in liquid stream, provides the moment of torsion of resistance and the increase roughly reduced to export, but to the object of the invention is relevant essential difference and be, the U.S. Rotor is with force resisting operation; By with resistance and high speed operation, relative to traditional vertical axis turbine, there is empty current-controlled vertical axis wind turbine there is sizable advantage. In order to protect the integrity of the vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine with current control, this vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine has lifting and dropping device, and make when stream is in the speed may damaging hydraulic turbo machine, it can be promoted to above the liquid level of liquid. Figure 10 ‘: the top view that the vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine with liquid flow control is shown, wherein, because it has more blade, so 12 shark fin blades hollow rotor (6) have larger size, and in hinged guide vane (1), compared with the vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine with Fluid control of Fig.

Preferably, use more than 3 blades, such as the rotor of 6 blades, 10 blades or 12 blades. Air is forced to enter into space between the standing part of two blades, this space narrows on the direction of axis, and by changing bending path in the final section of the standing part near rotor and direction and optimised further, tangentially to enter the bowlder with the radius produced by the rotation of rotor blade realizing higher performance at fluid, make air stream accelerated near rotor, thus obtain energy to provide electric power. In this case, the wind energy being actually the kinetic energy of moving air provides mechanical energy to arrive rotor, this rotor makes the rotor of generator (normally threephase alternator) rotate by mechanical drive system, and this generator converts rotating mechanical energy to electric energy. Rt, thus the radius of the standing part of rotor-side be the semicircle of Rt’ concavity allow, when, upon rotating produce radius be the circle of Rt rotor blade not the standing part of friction bowl side spill circle wall.

The blade of rotor shark fins shape comprises triangular shaped, wherein, the leg-of-mutton side not being attached to rotor has convex curvature and concave curvature respectively, water is made to drive rotor in the concave side of blade, and excessive fluid is through convex region, impinge upon (see Fig. It is formed primarily of six groups of removable guide vanes, and each removable guide vane is associated with the fixed guide playing not same-action in the power of fluid (air). Removable guider is shaped so that the mobile fluid mass caught is greater than in the mobile air quality not having the situation lower rotor part of described blade to catch, and when turbo machine is hydraulically installed wherein, fluid is directly concentrated than external fluid speed and is guided on rotor blade by fixed guide quickly. With Sa Woniusi system class seemingly, its allows to regulate starting velocity, and by increasing the opening of moving vane, compared with Da Lie system, speed and overall performance increase, this is because it is with resistance and high speed operation, combine the advantage of two kinds of conventional vertical axis wind systems.

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In order to change opening or closing of the movable part of each hinged guide vane, hydraulic turbo machine described herein has electric that isolate, machinery, hydraulic pressure or the Pneumatic actuator that its movable part is closed in permission, and these devices use the strong liquid stream at possibility structural damage in situation.

The open GB 2,486,911 of patent application relates to for the energy-producing method and apparatus of current from flowing, and this system comprises the installation generator supported by the holding unit such as between sea bed and surface water by anchoring; Generator assembly can pass through its vertical axis revolving and the direct action system represented without booster, has low scope flowing positioning, and this produces vortex and turbulent flow, and vortex and turbulent flow reduce the efficiency of cluster engine, and this circulation on the contrary produces parasitic crossing current. The hydraulic turbo machine of holding concurrently of the vertical-shaft wind with current control herein can operate and have current control under wind-force or fluid power pattern. Electric that isolate, machinery, hydraulic pressure or Pneumatic actuator like this allow to close movable part, and when fluid stream exceedes the speed detected by the velocimeter comprising constant current rate really in the structure, such device can automatically activated.

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With Sa Woniusi system class seemingly, it allows to regulate starting velocity, and by increasing the opening speed of moving vane, compared with Da Lie system, overall performance increases, because it is with resistance and high speed operation, combines the advantage of conventional vertical axle hydraulic system. Fig. 9 illustrates the side perspective view seen below the regular hexagon structure of radius R, parallelepiped shape, and in axis, each inserts in the hole of each hinged guide vane, thus allows hinged guide vane to rotate around described axis.

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Fig. 6 illustrates the perspective view of the movable part of six hinged guide vanes with opening, and its axis is introduced into produce rotation. When being arranged on such as artificial island, stack module can share identical rotor axis, and in this case, other advantage is, if hexagonal structure offsets regularly, this structure can receive fluid stream, strengthens its performance.

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Multiple vertical axis turbines with current control can be built in modular form, in the structure that described module can be stacked on similar chinampa or be adjacent to stacking in river or sea bed. Mtb dolor lumbar . Multiple vertical axis wind turbine with current control can build in modular form, and described module can be mutually stacking or adjacent. These same materials can be used in combination, for structure rotor and hinged guide vane. Wherein, preferred material is metal, plastics, timber or any materials for constructing and combining. Utilize the vibration and tired support structure of avoiding material on two or more positions of rotor. The standing part entering the hinged guide vane at the side place of system at liquid is used as air stream concentrator on rotor blade, and is positioned at air and wanders about as a refugee the hinged guide vane at side place of open system as the flow diffuser of the liquid making rotor blade rotate.

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To the maximum use of water energy, because it carrys out vector transfer by increasing the directly liquid velocity impacted on rotor blade. Integral module structural system in the factory allows to carry out fast and the assembling of safety in high mountain or deep-sea etc. Without the simple braking system of wearing and tearing or rub, close moving vane (top view see shutdown system) simply.