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U.S. Pat. Nos. 675,039 and 1,887,316 are among the earliest types of these. The Tapered Channel or Oscillating Water Columns (OSC) methods generally use waves to push air through chambers to drive turbines, U.S. Tapered Channel or Oscillating Water Columns usually are deployed at the shoreline, prime real estate in many parts of the world. Overtopping systems can be deployed at sea but most of their working components come in direct contact with corrosive ocean water. The float 13 must maintain contact with the ocean waves to assure this. When greater mechanical advantages are used both the weight of the float and the size of float have to be adjusted. It would also be a significant advance of the art to be able to deploy this method off shore on either sea bed attached or floating platforms and use non-corrosive air to drive turbines in both directions using Wells type turbines.

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Another object is to ensure this device can be used off shore on floating platforms or attached to the sea bed where many such devices could be grouped together. In this depiction the platform 5 is a floating barge that is heavy enough that it only moves minimally with the up and down motion of the ocean’s waves. FIG. 2 is a front view of the device showing the piston in the down position but shown as a floating barge. 1 is a front view of the device showing the piston in the down position and showing the device attached to the sea bed using legs. FIG. Dolor pelvico y lumbar . 7 is a front view of the device showing the air movement as the piston moves up through the cylinder. FIG. 8 is a front view of the device showing the air movement as the piston moves down though the cylinder. While some of the buoy systems house their working components inside a closed buoy, the advantage these systems gain is in direct relation to the relatively small distance traveled during the up and down movement of the buoy on the wave.

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While some of these prior devices have some parts of their systems that work somewhat well to harness the oceans energy to produce power, all these prior devices have reasons to be commercially unacceptable. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION It has long been recognized that the ocean has great potential for developing energy using environmentally friendly methods. Since the 1800’s the art has examples of ocean waves being used to harness power.

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Sostén Postoperatorio - Fajas Tendencia Pat. Nos. 4,434,375 and 6,765,307 are examples of these. Pat. Nos. 4,441,316 and 6,360,534 are examples of these. While most of these are in experimental stages at this point, one can see problems with many of these methods. A lever arm 20 is attached to the platform 5 at pivot point 7. A float 13 is attached to one end of the lever arm 20 at pivot point 17 and a piston rod 23 is attached to the other end at attachment point 24. Dolor en la bola de la pierna . On one end of the piston rod 23 is the a piston head 25. The piston rod 23 goes into cylinder 31 thru air tight membrane 34 in cylinder top 33. This cylinder 31 is attached to the platform at a connection point 32, which is a certain fixed distance from pivot point 7. The cylinder 31 is attached to the platform at an angle relative to the movement of the piston.

While wave heights can be mostly counted on to be fairly consistent at one location, at certain times, intervals of smaller waves can be encountered and any mechanical advantage should be able to be changed to reflect these conditions. This device is designed to operate at various wave heights, with optimal heights being seas of 4′-8′. FIG.

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Since wave heights and ocean swells very widely throughout the world but most generally average two to four meters (a relatively small amount) some attempts have been made to increase this relatively small movement by using some sort of mechanical advantage, U.S. There have been many attempts to use the up and down motion of ocean water to harness power and these can generally be divided into three main categories.

Generally, attempts to harness power from the ocean can be divided into two categories. As the up and down motion of the ocean waves is continuous, so to is the see saw action of the lever arm and the up and down motion of the piston pushing and sucking air thru the Wells turbines producing constant electrical power.

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The float 13 is in direct communication with the water at the bottom of the float 14. As waves move into the float area the wave crest pushes the float up which causes the lever arm 20 to pivot at pivot point 7 and the top of the lever arm 24 goes down pushing the piston 23 and the piston head 25 down thru the cylinder 31. FIG. By removing shaft 18 the float 13 can be removed during storms or extremely rough seas.