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3, the main pipe 50 splits at a lower end thereof into a first and a second pipe 52 and 54 for respectively supplying water to the tanks 10 and 11 through a first pair of openings each being defined on a side wall of one of the tanks 10 and 11 and near the bottom wall thereof. The first and second pipes 52 and 54 open up into tanks 10 and 11 near the bottom wall thereof and are always immersed in water thereat. 10, the air A transfers alternately between the first and second pistons 14 and 15 by way of a flexible tube 138 connecting a pair of openings 102 and 104, defined respectively on the top walls 18 and 19 thereof, thus replacing the openings 40 and 42 defined on the respective bottom walls 44 and 46 of each of the tanks 10 and 11 and the pipe 38 connected thereto, which are best seen in FIG.

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newtonian mechanics - Where does an object get kinetic.. 1, a hydraulic motor M includes first and second cylindrical tanks 10 and 11 that are open-ended at respective top ends 12 and 13 thereof for respectively receiving in a longitudinal and concentrical way first and second pistons 14 and 15 comprising respective top walls 18 and 19 and side walls 16 and 17. The pistons 14 and 15 are also of cylindrical shape and are open-ended at respective bottom ends 20 and 21 thereof. First and second racks 22 and 23 are fixedly mounted at respective bottom ends 24 and 25 thereof to respective top walls 18 and 19. Guides 26 and 27 respectively prevent the racks 22 and 23 from any lateral deviation while allowing vertical movement thereof. The apparatus of FIGURE 2 also comprises: a piston rod 32A affixed to said piston 30A and extending sealably out said opening 24A in the top of said cylinder 22A; an anchor means (not illustrated) affixed to said cylinder; a float means (not illustrated) affixed to said piston rod 32A exteriorly of said cylinder whereby said piston 30A is reciprocated relative to said cylinder 22A in response to wave motion; and a tension spring 34A within said cylinder and extending between the interior bottom of said cylinder and said piston the said spring maintaining said float under downward tension at all times.

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FIGURE 2 is a duplicate of the system of FIGURE 1 except that the float is now tied to the piston rod through tension means 18 and the cylinder 22A is tied to the anchor means through tension means 18A. All parts are correspondingly numbered to FIGURE 1. To be more specific, the example of FIGURE 2 provides an apparatus for pumping water using energy from wave action in a body of water, comprising: a cylinder 22A closed at the bottom end and having an opening 24A at the top end; a reciprocal piston 30A in said cylinder 22A; an inlet and an outlet in said cylinder; and an inlet check valve 26A in communication with said inlet and an outlet check valve 28A in communication with said outlet. 10 When a single generator 224 is used for the collection and the transformation of the mechanical power provided by each turbine column 53A, 53B, a gear-type power transmission system, especially with bevel gears, may be used, this system also enabling to apply, if necessary for the proper operation of 15 generator 224, a multiplication coefficient between the rotation speed of the turbine columns and the rotation speed of the mechanical shaft located at the generator input.

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This simple gear system may advantageously be replaced with more complex power transmission systems such as, for example, systems of gear 20 box type, of differential type. 6 through 9) starts over and is repeated so as to rotatably drive the shaft 30, allowing the power developed by the hydraulic motor M to be available in a simple way for use thereof. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is, therefore, an aim of the present invention to provide an improved hydraulic motor characterized by a simple structure wherein a minimum amount of water is used to produce power. A large quantity of water is, therefore, economized. 12 plays the role of an anti-debris device while avoiding the use of a stem 72 of large dimensions, which might 15 cause a significant drag.