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These undulation modes with one half undulation or one complete undulation are shown in Figure 24, in which the curves C1 and C2 illustrate the variation of amplitude Amp of the membrane between two of its points whose separation is limited. Because of these transverse reinforcers 24, the transverse stiffness of the membrane is increased.

Ideally, the membrane is chosen so as to have: – high longitudinal elastic stiffness in tension, to limit its longitudinal elongation in tension; and – high transverse elastic stiffness in tension, to limit its transverse elongation in tension. In order to improve the longitudinal bending stiffness characteristics of the membrane while preventing it from twisting excessively between its upstream and downstream areas, it is also possible to fit the membrane with stiffeners arranged diagonally on the membrane. 1,2 Y-direction vibration, its frequency with tensioning line, with Fluid velocity increase. I is disclosed a kind of invention of novel oscillator, and it is driven and vibrated by fluid, and with energy is defeated The coupling mechanism gone out.SAW Oscillators include a curved-surface structure.The curved-surface structure of bending includes a curved sheets and one It is tensioned line.Patch is fixed between two rigid or semi-rigid fixing points.When being placed in fluid flow fields 11, curved-surface structure hair Raw vibration.Patch carries out three-dimensional vibration, and the space wavelength that basic model vibrates is about two fixing points apart from twice of P, ginseng See Fig.

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Dolor de espalda Another kind of energy conversion device 30, the power of application is moved by tensioning line, away from fixing point P’s in x and y direction Coupling tensioning line at non-zero distance. It is tensioned the rope that line 10 can be any condition, including single-strand polymer rope or chain.Selection tensioning line should be able to Bear the duration of oscillation possible expected tension force.Also there is safe release mechanism, disengage and be tensioned from fixing point in the excessive situation of tension force Line, to avoid tensioning line loss bad.

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Fig. 1 and 2 does not represent the curvature of curved surface chip architecture 20.Relatively small bending amplitude, as described below, has been enough Realize single-mode oscillation.Fig. To form the vibration of curved surface chip architecture, patch must stretch between two fixed or substantially stationary points. YmaxStart to-YmaxReturn when shaking, the buckling vector of patch starts reversion.Therefore fluid is along Y-axis side To the power for being applied to the curved surface chip architecture, every half of cycle of oscillation converts a direction there is provided positive feedback and incited somebody to action in the Y direction The fluid flow energy is transferred to oscillator. The basic mode motion for carrying out the sheet material of cycle movement has the characteristics that.Leading edge transversely vibrates, and so-called transverse direction is (1) perpendicular to fluid flow direction;(2) perpendicular to the direction of fixing point line.Leading edge transversely vibrates, so, same Time all leading edge is located at the extension by two fixing points, in the side of line;After half period, leading edge is located at another Side, it is relative with aforementioned location.This basic model increases tension force increase in Fig.