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More efficient wind turbines are being developed to reduce the cost of generation of electrical power utilizing the wind. Provisional Patent Application NO.61/431 of submission on January 10th, 2011, ” being used for is for example the mechanism that advances the generation undulatory motion and be used for utilizing the energy of moving fluid ” by name, 412(attorney docket 19861-005PV) non-provisional application, and require to enjoy the priority of this U.S. Also, there has been a growing interest in generation of electric power utilizing solar energy. Thus energy or electricity is generated “on demand”. Thus the larger the cell, the greater the amount of energy or electricity generated or produced. Two or more distortion flexible members 3 are connected to fixing central component 6 symmetrically, in order to the potential energy in the distortion of potential energy in the distortion of each flexible member 6 and all other flexible members 6 is balanced each other, and wherein coupling mechanism is transducer, the actuating of transducer is applied to flexible member 3 with power thus, the potential energy distribution that causes being out of shape in flexible member 3 changes and power is delivered on distortion flexible member 3, produces thus progradation 18.Transducer can be electroactive polymer, electromagnetic motor, etc.

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Trainer checking if everything is fine The pitch and camber control mechanism comprises a control arm 16, hinged at one end to the vane 10 by pivot pin 18. Control arm 16 is pivotally connected, at its other end, to one end of swing arm 22 by pivot pin 20. Swing arm 22 is pivotally connected, at its other end, to deflector 12 by pivot pin 24. Control arm 16 is firmly attached to turbine arm 28 so that it always lies parallel to the direction of travel of the blade and the turbine arm. The advantage is that the bi-directional push-pulling produces a generally unidirectional, transverse (lifting) force, parallel to the control arm, and, at a low drag.

Computer 54 detects activation of the sensor 60 and instructs valve 64 to open and activate the operation of pump 66. The computer 54 also locks the cog wheels and prevents their rotation. The cog wheels are connected to a shaft of the generators and the generators operate as a result of the cog wheels’ rotation. Besides energy extraction, the blade and control mechanism can also be used as a propulsion device by, for example, push-pulling the control arms in a direction perpendicular to the vane axis. Once pins 18 and 24 are positioned, pin 20 is positioned on the control and swing arms so as to complete the parallelogram.

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DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION OF INVENTION FIGS. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION While the present invention is susceptible of embodiment in various forms, there is shown in the drawings and will hereinafter be described a presently preferred, albeit not limiting, embodiment with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered an exemplification of the present invention and is not intended to limit the invention to the specific embodiments illustrated. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS FIGS. FIGS. 5a-d (plan views) are meant to convey the pitch and camber of the blade at various speeds (relative to the wind) and wind directions. FIGS. 5c and 5d show conditions when blade speed is two and three times wind speed, respectively. The difference here is that the vane doesn’t point into the wind except when the blade and wind direction are antiparallel.

C. Dolor de ingle derecha y pierna . In operation–wind turns vane which actuates linkage which reorients deflector. Accordingly, it is an objective of the instant invention to provide a device which moves upwardly and downwardly in a body of water, in a controlled manner, to produce energy on demand. It is still a further objective of the instant invention to provide a device for producing energy which can be installed behind a dam or in lakes, oceans, large and small bodies of water, within buildings, etc. The cross-wind-axis turbine can be designed to have more or less self-supporting blades, and because its axis is stationary and vertical, its generator can be stationary and at ground-level.

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In rotating, vane 10 will pull deflector 12 along with it but since deflector 12 is also connected to swing arm 22, deflector 12 is constrained in its movement. The former has its blades radiating out from a central axis, like a propeller. Pump 66 then pumps the water out of the interior of cell 46. Air or a gas is then introduced into the cell through snorkel 70 thus filling cell 46. When substantially all of the water or fluid is removed form the cell 46 and air replaces the water, the cell 46 becomes buoyant.

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The opening and closing of vents 50, 52 is controlled by a control device 54 positioned preferably on or within cell 46. Dolor de espalda media y baja . The control device could also be positioned outside of the cell 46 and outside of the body of water. It can be a natural body of water or a man made body of water. 8 to 11.Relatively rotating of vertebral plate 4 16 can be associated with the moving of a single point 15 along CS fin 5 distortion.

The vane, as a wind vane, will tend to align with the wind. Pin 18 is positioned on the forward part of the vane so the vane will turn into the wind, allowing, if necessary, for counterweighting forward of the pin. It is within this range of speed ratios that such a turbine will most likely run. Drag-driven turbines, such as the savonius, are relatively inefficient because the drag force aids forward motion only through half a cycle, but impede on the other half cycle.

The embodiment of disclosed equipment, system and method can relate to and produce repetition and/or undulatory motion or effect to produce the device that for example is used for the useful work of propulsion system or other system.These embodiment and alternative embodiment can also relate to the device that presents this undulatory motion when applying external force, and this undulatory motion is connected to the generating parts.Such usage is owing to as symmetrical in the function between the actuating between electromagnetic motor and electromagnetic generator and energy utilization. V. Direct and immediate pitching and cambering response–Only the immediately local wind is involved, and it directly and immediately changes the pitch and camber.

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FIG. 4 is a plan view at a 30 degree pitch. Maximum pitch is therefore reduced. 58. 2 described methods according to claim 5, wherein, the second value of described restraining force is greater than the first value based on the described restraining force of the displacement of described the second constraint component. When satisfying described condition, the second excitation is provided to the second subset of described a plurality of transducers, wherein, the second value that described the second excitation overcomes described restoring force by the second value that allows described restraining force is destroyed the poised state for the excitation of the second subset of described a plurality of transducers, and wherein, second of described restraining force the value be worth different based on first of the described restraining force of the displacement of described the second constraint component. 48. described equipment according to claim 40, wherein, described elastic component comprises and transducer and described central core member concentric elastomer bearing both.

A. In type and number of parts–no gears, cams, belts or pulleys. The vertical movements of the float are transmitted from a vertical superstructure mounted upon the float to a rotatable gear mounted upon a rotatable horizontal shaft journalled in stationary stanchions, and the rotatable shaft thus driving an electrical generator or performing other useful work. Deformation element 3 as herein described or CS5 fin also can be made of the flaky material of segmentation in certain embodiments, the flaky material of described segmentation is for example the material with harder part, and described harder part is coupled to each other by not harder part or joint. 24. Dolor de espalda parte alta . equipment according to claim 1, wherein, the excitation of described a plurality of transducers occurs by at least one that magnetic field is applied in described a plurality of transducer. 50. described equipment according to claim 37, wherein, described energy delivery mechanisms is included at least one aerofoil on each transducer.