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Man with blue shirt with shoulder pain The stationary location may be a bay/ocean floor, a barge, a pier, a platform, or any other suitable location. The drag panel 521 may further comprise any suitable shape on the surfaces facing the current to harness drag forces. The displacement vessel 102 is anchored to the stationary location 106 at anchor 108 by anchor cable 103. The directional converter 109 may comprise any of the embodiments described and shown below, for example, FIGS. In another example described in more detail below, the displacement vessel may include redundant control cables (and, if desired, redundant control mechanisms) such that the displacement vessel may have eight control cables generally connected at the corners of the displacement vessel.

For example, two drums-each attached to at least one anchor cable-may be disposed in the displacement vessel such that as the displacement vessel moves laterally in a first direction, a first anchor cable unwinds from the first drum causing the first drum to rotate while a second anchor cable (fixed to a second stationary location) may be reeled into a second drum by, for example, a control mechanism (for example, a spring or motor). As the drive gear 212 turns at a first RPM, gear 214 a will turn at a second RPM that is faster than the first RPM because gear 214 a has a smaller diameter than the drive gear 212. Gear 214 b is fixed on the same axle as gear 214 a and thus will also rotate at the second RPM. The gearing mechanism or alternatively, the gear box, may include a gear multiplication arrangement in order to increase the output RPM of the directional converter and applied to the generator.

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The gear multiplication arrangement may include a series of gears of differing radii that are coupled to one another by a chain, for example, such that an input gear has a larger radius with a slower RPM while an output gear has a smaller radius and a faster RPM. The method may further include rotating the drag panel such that the drag panel is substantially horizontal after generating electricity. A method of adjusting the amount of drag force experienced by a drag panel of a displacement vessel may include releasing the displacement vessel in a body of water and rotating the drag panel by an angle about a horizontal axis of the displacement vessel to thereby adjust the amount of drag force experienced by the drag panel.

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The method includes releasing a displacement vessel having a drag panel rotatable about a horizontal axis of the displacement vessel, wherein the drag panel extends at an angle from a surface of the water. The drag panel 521 extends from the displacement vessel 502 in a generally downwards direction (into the water) in order to capture drag forces caused by the flow of water due to tidal action or other currents. Additionally, or optionally, one or more control mechanisms located generally at the bottom of the displacement vessel may unwind control cables to effect a change in the pitch of the displacement vessel. The drag panel 121 may extend along an entire width of the bottom surface of the displacement vessel or only a portion of the width. Exemplary connection points along the displacement vessel may include the ends, corners, or sides of the displacement vessel.

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As the water current flows over the surface of the drag panel 521, the drag panel 521 acts as a “sail” to harness the force exerted by the flow of the water to move the displacement vessel 502 through the water. Anchor cable 103 is threaded through the anchor 108 (which can be either a loop or a pulley). Dolor de estomago y espalda lado izquierdo . In an embodiment, the displacement vessel may include floatation devices connected by transverse members to create a frame from which to hold the rotatable drag panel as the displacement vessel floats in the water. In an embodiment, decreasing the angle between the drag panel and the horizontal axis decreases the amount of drag force experienced by the drag panel. In an embodiment, two or more control mechanisms may be used to rotate the drag panel about the horizontal axis. For potentially maximum adjustability to the angle of motion, a 4-point harness can be used so that the drag panel can be rotated about a vertical axis and one or more horizontal axis.

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A tidal energy conversion assembly may include a displacement vessel, a drag panel coupled to the displacement vessel that is rotatable about a horizontal axis, a directional converter coupled to a generator positioned at a stationary location, and an anchor cable having a first end, a second end, and a length in between the first end and the second end. Such an array permits one displacement vessel to generate an amount of electricity that is directly proportional to the tidal forces acting upon the displacement vessel, and not limited to the generating potential of a single generator. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The foregoing and other objects and advantages will be apparent upon consideration of the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters refer to like parts throughout. Alternatively, a control mechanism such as a motor may be coupled to the axle on which the drag panel is fixed to control the rotation of the drag panel.

A fixed magnet generator includes a permanent magnet fixed to a shaft and housed within a stationary armature. Alternatively, the vertically rotatable sub-panels may be used for steering purposes or to adjust the amount of drag force experienced by drag panel (and thus, electricity generated by the directional converter at the stationary location). For example, the connection mechanism may include a latch, clip, pin, rolling mechanism, and/or lock. A control mechanism may be coupled to each axle to control the rotation of each individual drag panel. The rewind assembly may include a detachable coupling so that the rewind assembly is selectively coupled to the drum 213. Dolor de pierna causas . In this case, the detachable coupling will be connected to the drum 213 during rewinding and can be detached while the displacement vessel is generating electricity. A drag panel 621 is attached to the two floatation devices 660 a and 660 b and is also coupled to control mechanisms 620 a and 620 b via arms 652 a and 652 b that extend from the drag panel 621. In FIGS.

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The specified length that the guide mechanism travels may be a function of the diameter of the anchor cable 213. After the guide mechanism has traveled one full length of the drum 213, the guide mechanism may switch its direction of travel and move in a second direction that is opposite the first direction. Ocean thermal power generation, however, is expensive, has very low thermal efficiencies, and may require equipment that can be an eye sore if located near populated areas. Similar to ocean thermal power, wave power may cause noise or visual pollution if wave energy generators are located near a populated area. Wave power generation takes advantage of the waves generated on the ocean surface when wind interacts at the free surface of the water.

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In some embodiments, the drag panel 521 may include arms 552 a and 552 b extending from the drag panel 521. The arms 552 a and 552 b may extend at any suitable angle from a surface of the drag panel and, preferably, extend from the top surface of the drag panel.

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In an embodiment, the drag panel may include arms extending therefrom connecting the control mechanisms to the drag panel. In another embodiment, the floatation devices may have a tubular or cylindrical shape. In an embodiment, the directional converter 209 may further include a level winder assembly 248 configured to maintain a uniform wrapping of the anchor cable 203 as it is wound around its respective drum 213 by directing each wrap of the anchor cable 203 around the drum 213 to sit tightly next to the previous wrap. In another embodiment, also shown in FIG.

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The present disclosure also provides for a method of adjusting the amount of drag force experienced by a drag panel of a displacement vessel. FIG. 3B shows a displacement vessel 302 having a skin. FIG. 7A shows an exemplary retrieval mode with the drag panel retracted. FIG. 10 shows a drag panel having a concave shape connected to control cables. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a system and method for generating electrical power from renewable energy sources such as naturally occurring forces and, more particularly, to electrical energy generation from tidal actions using a rotatable drag panel. The length L3 may increase in length due to the falling tide Where L3 is greater than L1, the increase in length from L1 to L3 causes the drum 113 of the directional converter 109 to rotate.

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The method further includes generating electricity as the displacement vessel travels due to the flow of water. If the drag panel 121 is not needed, the control mechanism may retract the drag panel 121 back into the first position inside the displacement vessel. The second anchor may be reeled back into the second drum when the displacement vessel moves again in the first direction. The displacement vessel 502 may include any suitable number of control cables, such as two cables or four cables, for example. The rewind assembly may be implemented using any known technique in the art, such as, a hydraulic motor. One known tidal energy generation system utilizes large turbines placed in tidal streams in order to take advantage of the flow of water during tidal changes. A barrage is a large dam where water spills over the dam as the tide rises. Posturas de yoga para dolor lumbar . If different electrical output ratings are used, each of the generators may be controllably engaged or disengaged based on, for example, the speed of the current.