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Folleto: técnicas de relajación para niños - Tecnica de.. Thus the outputs can be used to drive appropriate pieces or equipment or pieces of equipment best utilizing this configuration. Another possible advantage of system 600 is that torque may be applied to the rotors 630 at both the top and bottom or other suitable positions to help drive the added load of dual outputs 690 which are connected to the beam assemblies extending in each direction from the support 610. The upper and lower drives may also be used to adjust the angular velocity in a more controlled manner than provided merely by gravitational force converted into angular momentum under the first embodiment and others which may be constructed by the systems and apparatuses according to the inventions hereof.

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Although the dynamics of the precise force applied is more complex due to any Coriolis acceleration or other dynamics caused by the deflection of the beam assembly in response to this oscillatory force which is relatively smaller when the rotating body is at top dead center as compared to when the rotating body is a bottom dead center. Each rotor may have one or more diametric members 731 which allow them to be supported upon first and second shafts 728 and 729 at the first and second beam ends 726 and 727. Due to the connected nature of the beam assembly ends using the end pieces 724 and 725, the rotors turn in unison at each end. FIG. 4 is a front view of a second embodiment similar to the first embodiment in which the pivot connection to the beam support is shown using a modified construction having springs.

The second embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the second embodiment are in the 200 numeral range instead of in the 100 numerical range. Seventh Embodiment A seventh embodiment system 700 is depicted in FIGS. System 600 advantageously uses a cantilevered construction similar to that depicted in FIG. Fifth Embodiment A fifth embodiment system according to certain aspects of the inventions hereof is depicted in FIG.

8. The fifth embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the fifth embodiment are in the 500 numerical range instead of in the 100 numerical range. First Embodiment FIG. Dolor en la pierna cerca de la ingle . 1 shows a diagrammatic view of important parts of a first preferred system 100 according to a preferred embodiment of the inventions shown or described herein. The description of specific apparatuses, systems and subsystems and methods included herein illustrate various embodiments according to this invention.

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Other sources of energy or direct power are also possible in some forms of the invention. FIGS. 4 and 5 show another preferred alternative system 200. The system 200 indicates possible advantage to provide elastic energy storage in the form of one or more springs. The battery or other energy storage device may be powered by solar or wind electricity generators or other alternative input of power which can be stored and then used as a power source to generate electrical power used to maintain the oscillating system in motion. Depending on the angular velocity and weight imbalance it may be possible to achieve lower or higher frequencies by adjusting the imbalance. A tuning piece is advantageously in the form such as a movable bolt or other part which engages the central part of the beam assemblies using a mount 512. The bolt can be engaged in varying degrees and at an adjustable position to balance the resonant frequencies of the two different sides and to otherwise affect oscillatory action or dynamic response of the beam assemblies.

The weight of the mounting sections is preferably different so that the imbalance causes the oscillatory forces to be developed to deflect the beam assemblies at their natural frequencies. The inventions may include deflecting members, such as elastically deformable beams or other structures having a rotating or other oscillatory body or bodies.

Other alternatives some of which are described below may also be found suitable or preferred depending on the particulars of a given installation or further experimentation made hereafter. As shown, solar array 160 is electrically connected to supply electrical power to a controller 180 which distributes electricity as further explained below. 1, and other configurations shown below it may alternatively be possible to have deflecting beams which may converge or be oriented relative to one another in non-parallel or specially shaped configurations to provide dynamic response capabilities which may be found advantageous in certain forms of the inventions according hereto. Alternatively, electromagnets may be used and a suitable sliding electrical connection may be possible but is not preferred in the embodiment of FIG. One possible advantage may be that the system 600 can be started after the imbalanced rotors are de-energized and left to swing into a downward position. This may be more simply termed as being imbalanced relative to the axis of rotation.

This arrangement may allow air jetting at startup coupled with operation of upper and lower electromagnetic drives during further speed increase and then return to simply electromagnetic drive by the top drivers as in other embodiments described above. A top view of the apparatus is shown in FIG. FIG. 3 is a front view of the at least one rotating body shown in isolation. FIG. 1 is a front view of one preferred embodiment according to the inventions hereof. 6. The third embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the third embodiment are in the 300 numerical range instead of in the 100 numerical range. Masaje dolor de espalda . Support 710 is constructed differently and has two uprights 711 and 712 which support a horizontal support member 713 to which the beam assemblies are mounted upon an upper surface thereof. FIG. 1 also shows a battery 150 which acts as a store of energy, in the form of electro-chemical energy for controlled use by the pulse motor using controller 185 and electrical control 180 which controls the draw from the battery and charging thereof using a power source, such as electrical power source 160. As shown, the electrical power source may be photo-voltaic or other solar cells, or alternative sources of energy, such as from electrical mains, generators, wind electricity generators, or other suitable energy source which supplies usable power.

The pulse motor driver 140 is controlled by controller 185 which advantageously senses the angular position of the rotating body using one or more detectors 186. At the desired times the controller 185 releases electrical charge pulses which generate magnetic fields using windings 145 about electromagnet cores 146 which intermittently pulses the magnet or magnets 137-139 on rotor 131. The pulsing, intermittent action of the electromagnetic pulse motor eliminates the need for continuous energy expenditure and thus can be tuned to the minimum amount needed to maintain rotation. The oscillation driver 140 may be powered by a battery 150 or other suitable source of power. For example, the upper end may be supported by an elevated portion of the mounting framework, such as a ceiling joist of a building (not shown) or a brace or mainstay (also not shown). The upper drivers 641 and lower drivers 642 have control systems and position sensors (not shown) analogous to those shown for system 100 but adjusted or added to in order to provide pulsed driving of the rotating body 630 at more than one position about the angular displacement range of the rotating body.

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An additional aspect of system 200 as shown is that it advantageously includes two position sensors 286 for providing added information for the control subsystem or subsystems being used. This oscillatory movement is best timed to be at a frequency which is tuned to the natural frequency at which the beam assembly resonates. The electromagnetic pulses are timed to optimally occur in conjunction with the magnet or magnets on the rotating body to provide torque thereto. The amount of startup energy may be reduced by having the eccentrically weighted or other rotating body or bodies begin to rotate under the force of gravity and then maintain rotation with small consumption of electricity that is used to provide pulsed magnetic fields or other non-contacting torque inducers to maintain rotation or other oscillation inducing drivers. Dolor muscular de brazo derecho . The system configuration may be preferred in certain installations. In some preferred embodiments the oscillations are induced at the natural resonance of the deflecting members.

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Such coordinated natural resonance may provide elastic dynamic response characteristics for the deflecting members which is advantageous in some manner either operationally or from an efficiency standpoint. What will be optimal may vary from construction to construction and may benefit by using some of these techniques during a part of the cycle, such as at startup, during sustained periods, or upon shut down. The deflection of the distal portions of the beam assembly produce deflection at the preferred location of the output 190 which may vary depending on magnitude of the driving forces which in the construction of FIG. 1 also has an output 190. Output 190 is advantageously mechanically coupled to the beam assembly 120 for pivotal movement and functions by deriving power from the displacement of beam assembly 120. Output 190 may be used to drive different types of power consuming units (not illustrated in FIG. The resulting effect of this varying force is that the beam assembly oscillates in substantially vertical displacement as a result mostly of elastic deformation.

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infofartecnologia: ¿Qué hacer cuando aparece un dolor de.. The main parts of system 100 advantageously include a main support 110 which is used to support a beam assembly 120. The beam assembly moves, such as in an oscillatory action, when in operation. The deflecting members can also be connected in any other alternative way such as described above and other suitable alternatives now known or discovered of developed hereafter. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Preferred forms, configurations, embodiments and/or diagrams relating to and helping to describe preferred aspects and versions of the inventions are explained and characterized herein, often with reference to the accompanying drawings.