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In another preferred embodiment, the first and second pipes extend in a substantially horizontal direction, and the first pipes can be connected to a vertical manifold, the manifold in turn being connected to the flow conduit. The impeller can be located near a lower end of the arrangement of the first and second pipes, and the generator can be located near an upper end of the arrangement of first and second pipes.

Preferably, the arrangement of first and second pipes comprises first and second sections inclined towards each other towards their upper ends. In one preferred embodiment, every other tube is buoyant such that the whole “fence” 110 is slightly buoyant, and hogs upward into a slight arch at slack water. Allowing the fences 110 stretch down-current into a catenary helps avoid high bending moments in the fence by making it flexible so as to only tension forces. In a further development, the outer ends of the fences are connected to further reservoirs which also act to support the end of the fence. Buoyancy members can be provided and arranged such that the apparatus will float in the body of water with the arrangement of first and second pipes substantially submerged in the body of water.

Conversely, when the wave energy cycle then causes minimum flow in the lower chord at higher pressure, the expanded air cushion induces water to flow back in up the column, enhancing flow past the impeller and smoothing the energy produced. In one embodiment, a flap arrangement is secured on each side of the pair of hoes, the free edges of the flaps lying between the two rows of holes. In another embodiment, the flap arrangements are secured between the rows of holes, respective flaps extending over respective rows. In one preferred embodiment, the first and second pipes extend in a substantially vertical direction, and the first pipes can be connected to a horizontal manifold at their lower ends, the manifold in turn being connected to the flow conduit.

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The energy demands of a distribution grid, however, may be at different times, with peak demands usually during the day, when the tidal flow may be minimal, and vice versa. However, it is also desirable to be able to float-out the reservoir to location during installation. For example, while the pipes in the examples given above are essentially circular in cross-section, it is also possible to use pipes that are elliptical in the direction of flow or have other profiles to reduce turbulence. These systems face similar problems to wave-powered systems: mechanical complexity, tuned behaviour, unable to extract energy from other types of motion, etc. In one such case, a pair of fences can be provided, one end of each fence being connected at a common location and the other ends being spaced apart such that the fences from a V shape.

This will stimulate a circulation around the tank 112 that mitigates against the formation of large vortices behind the tank 112, wasting energy, and helping to draw the divided tidal flow through all four fences 110, maximising the energy conversion efficiency. A reservoir can be provided at the common location to which the fences are connected, the outlet of the flow conduits feeding into the reservoir. The pipe sections 50, 52 are mounted on a triangular frame structure 62 which is provided with buoyant end members 64 and a buoyant top chord member 66 which allow the apparatus to float in the water with only the upper part 56 at or above the water surface 68. The two lower chord members 70 a, 70 b constitute manifolds to which the first pipes 58 a, 58 b are connected such that water can flow therebetween. These lines can be adjustable to allow the alignment of the apparatus to be adjusted so as to optimise flow past the pipes.

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A valve 134 can be provided to allow venting of the chambers. Como aliviar el dolor muscular despues del gym . One benefit of this approach is that the energy conversion capacity of a fence in a tidal flow is highest when the tidal currents are high, and zero at slack tide. The hydrogen (and oxygen) thus produced can be piped ashore in conventional pipelines. Offshore tidal barrages seek to concentrate the incident energy of a large cross-section of water flow by trapping the flow behind a containing wall and funneling it through turbines of much smaller cross-sectional area, as in a conventional dam. It is particularly preferred to connect the column to the flow conduit such that the closed volume of air can expand when the flow in the flow conduit is high and its pressure low and partly empty the column into the conduit past the impeller, and when the flow is low and its pressure high, the water to flow back in up the column.