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Diferentes tipos de dolores de cabeza migraña, presión.. The driving mechanisms 105, 106 and 130 are located within the sealed housing defined by the base 26, the top wall 8 and the side walls 177 and 178. Finally, the blade members 110 and 109 are located between the side walls 178 and 179 and the intermediate wall 107, and between the side walls 179 and and the intermediate wall 7, the driving mechanisms 105, 106 and 38, 39 for said blade members being housed respectively in the aforesaid intermediate housing and in the right hand compartment III of the machine. The shaft 223 is disposed longitudinally, parallel to the adjacent partition and supported in bearings 224, 225, and 226, the first two of which are located within the right-hand compartment, whereas bearing 226 is located within the front compartment of the machine; said shaft 223 may be adjusted, if required, by means of a ring 227 as shown in FIG.

1. An electromechanical power generating machine adapted to be mounted on a suitable base and actuated by aerial, fluvial and sea flows, currents and waves, said machine comprising at least one reciprocating dynamic member having an active working surface acting as a blade for receiving the power fluids and provided with bends, projections and curvings, said blade being located and mounted so as to be moved angularly, said dynamic member being installed between walls defining a channeling passage for said flows, currents and waves, a drive shaft, mechanical gear, connection and release means arranged for actuating said drive shaft cyclically during each effective movement of said dynamic member through suitable angles, means for returning said dynamic member to its normal position, and a synchronized system of mechanisms associated with said dynamic member return means for alternatingly opening and closing the access to said channeling passage.

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20. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 19, wherein said connecting rod is connected to a toothed sector, said toothed sector being in turn connected to toothed wheels and pinions for transmitting, multiplicating, giving speed, direction and sense of rotation to the devices adapted to be applied to a sliding door for opening and closing the access to said passages.

7. An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 5, comprising gear means for cyclically engaging and releasing a clutch member for the devices for the alternative and synchronized closing and opening of said channeling passages. The reduction gear formed by pinion 217 and toothed wheel 218 is suitably mounted on the fixed stand 214, as shown in FIG. 4. A projection 74 is provided on the annular member 59, close to the pin 66. The annular member 59, mounted on the projection 61 of bearing 57 and compressing the spring 62, as shown in FIG. 10) meshing with the rack 242 corresponding to the door 233 and rotating clockwise to close the channeling passage of blade 191 and opening the passage of blade 190. The reciprocating movement of the secondary wheel 205 due to the action of blade 190′ on wheel 195 will cause a like and opposite movement, the connecting rod 209 moving the toothed sector in the opposite direction or from right to left, whereby the entire device will cause an anticlockwise rotation of toothed wheel 232 and thus the alternating and synchronized movement of the door in the opposite direction.

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The machine comprises two main parts, viz, the body formed by said base 26 and bounded by the top 8 and side walls 3 and 6, forming a housing or rectangular parallelepiped which is divided by two partitions 4 and 5 parallel to the side walls 3 and 6 and forming therewith three longitudinal compartments which for the sake of brie’fness will be designated, from left to right, as compartments I, II and III, respectively. 90 movement of the blade 191 and the resulting shift of the point of application b to the point b will determine the movement from c to c through a similar arc. Vesicula y dolor de espalda . At such time the projection 74 will move upwardly on the bevelled end portion 145 of arm 158, the pin 66 being released which in turn leaves the lever arm 65 free to the action of the spring 76 which will return same to its initial position, the lever arm thus opening again the sliding door 18. The duration of the door opening and closing cycle will depend on the extent of the semi-ring, the degree of the opening thereof and also on the width of the door itself, which should be coordinated and synchronized with each other.

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1, 2 and 3) comprise a sleeve or quill 20 adapted to fit over a shaft 24 and having fixed to the upper portion thereof a blade 9 extending across substantially the entire width of said passage, except for the clearance necessary to permit the movement thereof. The door 233 is substantially twice a wide as the access opening of either of the two channeling passages, this construction being the most suitable for insuring the full closure of each passage before the other passage is opened, and also affords more time for the corresponding discharge of the fluid mass. FIG. shows a machine having two dynamic elements mounted on a single shaft 24 and constituting a twin unit. Said toothed sector is mounted by its center of rotation 213 on a fixed stand 214 by means of a shaft 215 secured to said stand and on which said sector can rotate.

The structure is completed, as shown herein, with angle bars 170, 171, 172, 173 at the top where the top wall 8 is provided and the superstructure 12, 13 is mounted. FIG. 6 shows the flywheel 23 with the transmission 163 for starting the electric generator 164 illustrated in FIG. The opening and closing mechanism is also similar, but enlarged as required by the machine which comprises three pairs of adjacent channeling passages, similar to the pair shown in FIG. Each door is reinforced by means of members 340, 341 and 342, respectively, joined through connections 343 and 344 with a projection 345 for the application of gears providing for the simultaneous opening and closing movement of the entire unit. The opening and closing mechanical system is similar to that described above, but this embodiment includes a pair of driving blades 109 and 110, each having a lower arm provided with counterweights, as described in connection with FIG.

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The two dynamic elements including the blades are connected and in equilibrium with each other by the respective wheels and corresponding shaft, the reciprocating motion being reciprocally transmitted. The operation of the machine of this embodiment is similar to that described for a unit comprising two dynamical elements in the event of a multiple unit formed by a plurality of dynamic elements acting on a common drive shaft, as shown in FIG. 2) having two pairs of lower and upper Wheels 19 and 71, respectively, which may be substituted by bolts and nuts. Besides the main wheels connected to the blades, the system may include secondary wheels fixed or keyed to the shaft 194 and performing the reciprocating movement of the system. 99p mm/n ATTORNEYS May 5, 1970 J. M.Bo| A’| lo ELECTROMECHANICAL POWER GENERATING MACHINE 12 Sheets-Sheet 8 Filed Aug.

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This invention relates to a novel electromechanical power generating machine adapted to be operated by natural energetic flows such as wind and, more particularly, river streams and sea waves. 10. Dolor de cuello espalda . An electromechanical power generating machine as claimed in claim 8, wherein said sliding door means comprises a sliding door in combination with a toothed rack and crown system adapted for moving said door by means of slotted eccentric means controlling said system and associated with said mechanism controlled by said drive shaft. 6. Between the side walls 174 and 175, there is provided a sealed housing between the first pair and the second pair of channeling passages, wherein said driving mechanisms 131, 132 are housed. 2, and with a suitable construction of the open sector of the semi-ring in the plate member 67, the projection 74 will move free of the arm 157, whereby the annular member 59 will advance on member 67 due to the pressure of the spring 62 and the pin 66 will enter the space comprised between said arm 157 and the lever arm 65 and engage the latter arm, whereby the clockwise rotation of the member 59 will move the lever arm 65 to its extreme right position, overcoming the action of the spring 76, and causing the movement of the sliding door 18 on the wheels and rails thereof until the front inlet end of the channeling passage is closed.

This invention provides a machine which overcomes in a novel manner the aforesaid drawbacks of the conventional systems by means of dynamic elements acting independently in a free and cyclical, and even alternating, manner on a drive shaft, as will be explained hereinafter, whereby they will not be dragged by an excessive speed of said shaft or delayed by the lags thereof. The right-hand side connecting rod 209 will act by the thrust of member 255, whereas the connecting rod 240, in the reverse operation, will act by the pull of member 277, in view of the sym metrical connection of said connecting rods relative to members 255 and 277. This will produce a reciprocating movement of the respective sets of wires and, therefore, of the sliding door 233, whereby the access passages to the’blades will be opened and closed in an alternating and synchronized manner.