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\ Referring to FIGS. 2a and 2b , various embodiments are provided for connecting one or more cells 200 to one or more multiplier/rectifier circuits 700. The multiplier/rectifier circuit 700 can be connected to one or more cells 200. The cells 200 may also be connected in series or in parallel or both, depending on the desired type and magnitude of output. FIG. 2a depicts a block diagram of various components for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the cells are connected to individual multiplier/rectifier circuits.

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An example material for covering 202 could be rubber. Plastics could also be used to form structure 203. Part 201 can be made of a relatively flexible material, preferably extending from Part 203 to cover the uncovered remainder of cavity 400. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the covering 202 has a relatively rigid part 203 with riblets to reduce drag. The particular selection can be designed according to the anticipated pressure differential across the covering of the cell 200. For example, to achieve a certain neutral air pressure within the cell 200, the volume of the cavity 400 must be taken into account along with the elasticity or rigidity of the covering. 5. Larger structures allow for multiple rigid plates 203 to be associated with the same cavity 400 and thus the same cell pressure. FIG. 1c depicts another example of a cell for implementing an embodiment of the present invention in which two coils are located within the same cavity.

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FIG. 2b depicts a block diagram of various components for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the cells are connected to a single multiplier/rectifier circuit. FIG. 1a depicts an example of a cell for implementing an embodiment of the present invention with a coil in which a magnet is only secured on one end.

FIG. 1d depicts another example of a cell for implementing an embodiment of the present invention with a coil in which a magnet is positioned so that the coil is on the cover instead of the substrate. FIG. 1j depicts placement of cells on a base structure having oscillating protrusions on the leading edge.

Danilo Díaz Granados Dolor de pecho - Dateando The benefits of such an oscillating edge shape are disclosed in U.S. Que puedo tomar para el dolor de espalda baja . The forces present on the surface structure act like an impulse or input force on the generator, which can be viewed as an oscillating spring system. The oscillating motion directs the motive energy in the surface structure to the electrogenerative portion which converts it to electrical energy.

The more granular the table, the more energy will be expended transitioning the servo controller. Such a system and method permits more efficient harnessing of the available energy by modifying the operational characteristics of the fluid flow generator to more closely approximate the ideal system characteristics for a given set of measured variables. FIG. 9c depicts a motor and gear assembly for moving two frame portions using a rack and pinion. FIG. 3b depicts an example of an array of cells for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the array is located along a top surface of a structure. Dolor de espalda me despierta . However, it is understood that the cavity 400 can be positioned anywhere along the structure 100. For example, the cavity can be formed at the leading edge itself such that the covering is adjacent to or overlapping the leading edge of the structure. In such arrangements, cavity 400 can be pressurized to bias the initial force on covering 202. When the surrounding medium is moving relative to the enclosed medium within the cavity, a pressure difference is created across the covering 202. This pressure difference will exert force upon covering 202 as the medium attempts to equilibrate the difference.

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In order to compensate for varying directions of flow, previous devices have been rotatable with guiding panels to orient the device in the correct direction relative to the direction of flow. FIG. 10 depicts a fluid flow generator control circuit with a sensor, a servo, and a microcontroller having a stored lookup table of output values corresponding to the sensor input values for controlling the operation of the servo. Depending on the needs and desired complexity of the system, the lookup table can any number of values or output states. It is another object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide a generator design more capable of accommodating a number of varied flow speeds. Coil 500 can be wound in a number of different ways which are well known, such as a bifilar coil, a Barker coil, a flat coil, a planar spiral coil, a Helmholtz coil, a Maxwell coil, or a Tesla coil.

The field of flow exerts forces upon the surface structure which causes surface structure movement relative to the base structure and generates electricity through the electrogenerative portion. In another aspect of an embodiment of the invention, the system can be designed so as to present counteracting forces from a biasing member apart from the forces from the field of flow. In another embodiment of the present invention, a plurality of coils 500 is arranged within each cell 200 where the plurality of coils 500 contains two or more different coil designs.

Preferably, the different coil designs are chosen to complement one another. The designs would be similar to those employed in vehicles and cargo trucks. The pressure difference across covering 202 that results from relative movement of the surrounding medium would create a force on covering 202 and induce movement. Another such characteristic that can be modified by an embodiment of the present invention would be the tensioning of certain elastic members in the fluid flow generator. Tratamiento dolor lumbar cronico . It is another object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide a microcontroller for automatically adjusting the fluid flow generator based on one or more input values to control the operation of servos in the fluid flow generator. For example, as depicted in FIG. This can be visualized by stacking the embodiments depicted in FIGS. The combination of elastic forces in the covering, reactionary forces from pressure changes under covering 202, applied forces from the surrounding medium onto changes in the shape of covering 202, and/or any additional spring devices in the embodiments as described below, create counter-movement.

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4 and 5 with a covering, as described above. 10, the servo controller output can be connected to the servo controller in a feedback loop 712 where the previous controller output value adjusts the behavior of the servo controller in conjunction with the current control input value. 11a , the control input can be fed into an equation or program on the computer controller which calculates the desired controller output. Each of these designs presents its own complications and complexities, at least some of which can be alleviated by an embodiment of the present invention. Some known circuit designs include Greinacher voltage multiplier circuitry, Villard voltage multiplier circuitry, Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier circuitry, and full-wave rectifier circuitry. Various coil designs will provide different tradeoffs between the amount of power generated, manufacturing cost, and coil size, and the particular selections will depend on the requirements of the application or preferences of the designer.

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Preferably, the system also employs hysteresis transitioning so as to avoid rapid oscillations between two states, such that a different input value is needed to move into a state as opposed to moving out of the state. The relatively rigid part 203 can be angled in the neutral state of the cell such that downwards pressure is generated at the onset from the moving medium. In another preferred embodiment, parts 204 straddle the edge of cell 200 so that movement in covering 202 results in a bending of parts 204, along with the piezoelectric material. In another preferred embodiment, the cells 200 can be positioned after the leading edge but still within the physical valleys 103. In another embodiment, the cells can be incorporated into the protrusions 102 themselves, such as a design where the surface structure is positioned in a c-shape across the top 105 and bottom 104 of the leading edge with a pivot around the leading point of the protrusion 102. A similar cross-sectional view of one such protrusion can be seen in FIG.

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The cells are aligned along the back edge of the trunk. The ring has separate cavities equally and symmetrically positioned along the circumference. Various shapes of riblets, along with their size and spacings have been studied within the art for years. Alternatively, the neutral state of the coverings for each cell can be designed such that they sag inward. FIG. 6 depicts an example of a design for a tear shaped covering as part of an embodiment of the present invention. Another alternative embodiment utilizes a piezoelectric skin as known in the state of the art which has a particularly optimized design to efficiently generate electricity from vibrations. 1a , covering 202 is shown having two parts 203 and part 201. Part 203 can be made of a relatively rigid material to which magnet 300 is mounted. The coil 500 and the magnet 300 can also be interchangeably positioned, as shown in FIG.

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