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Referring to FIG. 76, in embodiments the present invention may provide for a wind power system cost-yield optimization facility. Referring to FIG. 2, arrays 124 such as those described in connection with FIG. Referring to FIG. 49, one embodiment may be a single “mast” frame with a main space frame 4902, suspension wires or cables 4904, structural boom 4908, and the like, where a flexible nozzle material such as latex, coated fabric, and other like flexible materials.

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It may desirable to determine the optimal output as an annual, seasonal, or other periodic cumulative value vs. The wind power module output may be optimized by varying the applied load on the rotor and generator to achieve an optimal output. In cases, it may be that a particular application places a higher premium on output than cost in some empirically described manner. In our research it has been found that the nozzle array structures, as described herein, orient to the direction of the inflow, provided that the array is mounted forward of the geometric center of the array. In FIG. 7 the array implementation 704 has an equivalent swept area provided with a 50 meter wide array area with the lowest row at 30 meters and wind speed of 5.4 m/s, and an upper row at 117 meters with a wind speed of 7.6 m/s. In association with the installation, energy storage may be provided.

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By utilizing electrical and mechanical loading in the form of power electronics and/or a transmission facility, the rotor angular velocity may be stabilized in an optimal range for both reduction of aerodynamic losses in extraction of energy from the flow and optimization generator rotor speed for power conversion. In the case where a magnetic bearing or similar bearing structure is used, the bearing structure may generate additional energy either for immediate use or for temporary storage.

An alternative implementation may be one wherein the rotor is attached to a magnetic bearing of the same diameter as the throat to generate power. It has been found that circumferential velocity of rotors in accelerating nozzles may approach lower sonic conditions at the higher inflow velocity ranges in conditions where the applied resistive load is optimized for power production.

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The wind power support structure may reduce the torque experienced by the superstructure from variation in inflow vectors in the vertical plane, increase safety, decrease loading on individual bearing mechanisms, increase load isolation. In embodiments, power management may be local, global, and the like. In embodiments, a mechanism may be slotted on closure such that when the dynamic force on the closed blade sets indicates a drop in velocity the blade set is released to open position. The row array/s may be attached to the rotation mechanism by means of single or multiple trusses or space frames in depth wise or horizontal or angular direction or a combination thereof, of tension wires in the depth-wise or horizontal or angular direction or a combination thereof, and the like or a combination of tension and compression members.

As rotation and centripetal force increase the weight may extend the flexible structure to the tip of the rotor and thereby change the inertia of the rotor to a more optimal profile for the rotor’s use. Hinchazon de rodilla y dolor . These micro and macro scale vortex generation mechanisms may be used in combination wherein the intervening profile geometry is interpolated for two or a plurality of bounding conditions. In the case of a series of columns, a number of machine placement configurations may be used to maximize land use vs. A combination of inexpensive and expensive materials may also be used wherein the mechanical properties of a fiber in combination with a closed or open cell foam may result in an overall cost reduction.

Flekosteel In embodiments, the radial motion may also be achieved by mechanical gearing from the main rotor and may be achieved by transfer of electrical power to a secondary machine. If however such were the case for initial cost, but it was found then that the increased load resulted in the need to replace the bearing and yaw motors on an accelerated basis it might be found that while initially more cost effective FRP might make a significant contribution to the lifetime cost of the machine and would again be considered non-optimal. For example, the ith and jth design of an optimization matrix may capture all the cost parameters of the particular implementation, the yield of the particular implementation, and weighting ratios pertaining to the value of either parameter based on its importance for a given machine application.

It may be desirable to have n optimization sub-matrices wherein each matrix may be assigned a tier level based on its dependencies that contribute to the ith, jth cell of the primary optimization matrix wherein a given matrix value may be assigned from an nth optimization matrix that analyses a contained subset of optimization parameters. IA1/A2 or simply the uI value is multiplied by constriction ratio of the intake to the throat thereby providing the theoretical velocity increase in u for a given constriction. Rotor behavior within the system may also be included by either modeling the portion of the bulk momentum properties of the flow that interact or are effected by the motion of the blades, or modeling specific momentum vectors by calculating the blade interaction on a time step basis to determine the effect of the blade’s momentum flux on the environment of the intake. A negative value in the delta matrix may indicate that the flow disturbance of the rotor at the nth and mth condition is inhibiting the function of the nozzle by reducing the mass throughput in the nozzle.

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This may present a limiting factor to the function of an accelerating array. To optimize plane use a quadric surface geometry may be utilized where the inlet of the nozzle is formed by the truncation of a radial or radial/elliptical function at a polygonal boundary. Additionally it may be desirable to optimize the power transfer and/or power control networks by use of algorithms that minimize connections or resistance through connection types within the network topography or maximize local intra-machine conditions for power production. Additionally the rotor generator relationship may be executed as in a HAWT wind turbine, with the generator or generators receiving their motive force from a central shaft either directly or through a geared design, as a fully integrated implementation, as an integrated component, and the like. The system may include a lighter than air elevation mechanism, such as integrated into the array, forming the array, supporting the array, and the like.