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Tipos De Dolores De Cabeza: Causa, Síntomas y Remedios.. Optionally, the processing utility 176 uses the data supplied by the sensor(s) to calculate further parameters of interest (e.g., the relative speed of the flow with respect to the main body’s motion) that can be used as an input to the above-mentioned algorithm. The data supplied by the sensor(s) to the control unit 160 is processed by a processing utility 176 according to a predetermined algorithm to determine a suitable (or optimal) activation pattern being a pattern of activation/deactivation of the operative flow affecting unit which can be used to affect the flow over the streams flowing over the surface of the main body 152, in order to attain the desired vortex formation frequency.

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Beneficios de la acupuntura estética In this manner, the control unit 160 controls a flow state of the fluid over the main body’s surface and thereby enables controllable change of the frequency at which vortices are formed (vortex formation frequency) in the wake of the main body 152. The vortex formation frequency can therefore be selected/adjusted to cause an increase in the oscillator’s oscillation at least in a direction perpendicular to the incoming fluid flow. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the vortex formation frequency is selected to approach the oscillator’s natural frequency, thereby forcing an artificial “lock-on” condition. 7a -7 b, schematic drawings are shown illustrating an example of the present invention, in which flow over the oscillator is affected by pumping a fluid into or out of flow interacting element(s) in the form of a slot or array of slots located on the oscillator’s main body. 2 includes one or more flow interacting elements in the form of deployable protrusions (in this case, four deployable protrusions 230 a, 230 b, 230 c, 230 d) and includes one or more actuators (233 a-233 d) such that the actuator activates one or more of the protrusions, where each protrusion is capable of extending from or retracting to a corresponding recess such as slot or groove (generally 232). Protrusions 230 a-230 d may be in a form of a thin plate extending along some length of the main body 152. In the depicted drawing, flow interacting protrusions 230 a and 230 c are deployed, while protrusions 230 b and 230 d are in a folded 30 (retracted) position, presenting minimal resistance to the flow of fluid.

Optionally, more than two (for example four) flaps are used. FIG. 1b illustrates a general device 100 for power generation by uncontrolled or passively controlled VIV as known in the art. 5a -5 b, the actuators 233 a-d may be electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or piezoelectric actuators or other actuators known in the art. The energy extraction 162 unit may be any known unit capable of converting motion to energy or one kind motion to another kind of motion. A control unit 160 is provided being in communication with the above-described operative flow affecting unit 158, and is configured for activating and deactivating the operative flow affecting unit 158 according to a certain time pattern. Dolor de garganta por contractura muscular . 4, the control unit 160 is in communication with one or more sensors and receives data from each sensor. 4, there is illustrated an example of present invention, in which the control unit 160 is in communication with one or more sensors and the pattern of activation and deactivation of the operative flow affecting unit is determined according to data received by the sensors.

For example, different flaps 220 placed at different locations along the shell 201 with respect the direction of the fluid flow 118 may be activated at different conditions of the fluid flow (e.g. Optionally, additionally or alternatively, several flaps may be activated together or synchronously to increase the efficiency of separation control.

The activation of each such element may be performed by an actuator comprised in the operative flow affecting unit 158 mechanically (e.g. Actuators 221, 222 a, and 222 b may move the flaps electromechanically (e.g. In another variant, the flaps 220 a and 220 b may be used instead as retractable vortex generators, configured for promoting flow attachment to the main body 152, when deployed. In FIG. 5 c, at least one of the flaps is configured for encouraging flow separation. In some embodiments, the flaps are deployed and retracted in a periodic fashion, at a certain activation frequency.

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In some cases, the oscillations are chaotic, i.e. It should be noted, however, that generally, the oscillations are three-dimensional and the center of oscillation is generally not located on the path of oscillation. The duration of the creation of this force should be limited, so that damping of the oscillation is not overly increased. Having a plurality of “short” or circular slots instead of one long slot increases the mechanical rigidity of the main body to 152.Optionally, the main body 152 may have internal support structure (not seen in this figure) to increase its mechanical strength. If conversion of linear motion to rotational motion is used, for example by using a flywheel, a conventional generator may be used for converting the rotational motion into electric power.

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There is a need for a technique which forces the occurrence of a so-called “artificial lock on” for a variety of flow conditions, not necessarily those satisfying the natural lock on conditions. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a technique for generating useful energy from a flowing fluid, and more specifically to the use of vortex shedding to increase an oscillation of an oscillating device and converting the oscillation into energy.

For example, the actuators 233 a and 233 c are connected to the control unit 160 via cables 234 a and 234 c which merge into a cable234 ac. The 30 flow affecting unit 158 can affect the separation by increasing (encouraging) a degree of separation and/or decreasing a degree of the separation (encouraging attachment), as will be explained below in the examples illustrated by FIGS. In a variant explained below with reference to FIG.

The device 150 includes an oscillator having a main body 152 and a joining element 154. Puntos de acupuntura para dolor de rodilla . The main body 152 is anchored to a base (or support) 156 via the joining element 154, and faces (is exposed to) and is subjected to an incoming fluid flow 118. The joining element 154 is configured for enabling the main body 152 to oscillate with respect to the base 156, when perturbed from a rest state thereof. The joining element 154 is configured such that when the main body 152 is perturbed from a rest state thereof, it allows the main body 152 to oscillate about its rest state. 10, the joining element 154 is, for example, a spring joined to the base 156, in which case the oscillator is a spring based oscillator. For example, the main body 152 is divided by the direction of the relative speed of the incoming fluid flow into two sides opposite to each other: a first side and a second side.

The sensors 170, 172, and 174 may be located on the surface of the main body 152, or located remotely from it. The communication between the sensors 170, 172, 174, and the control unit 160 may be wired or wireless. Such activation frequency is related to the vortex formation frequency that is yielded as an effect of the time-dependent activation and deactivation of the flow affecting unit 158. Therefore, a desired vortex formation frequency is obtained by controlling the frequency of activation and deactivation of the flow affecting unit. In FIG. 5a , the first flap 220 a is manipulated by a first actuator 222 a while the second retractable flap 220 b is manipulated by a second actuator 222 b, and the actuators 222 a and 222 b operate independently from each other, according to instructions from the control unit 160. In FIG.

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Optionally, hinges 221 a and 221 b and flaps 220 a and 220 b are configured to fit into recess or recesses (not seen in this figure) in the shell 201, such that they present minimal disturbance to the fluid flow while in folded position. Optionally, a plurality of actuators is connected to at least one of the flaps.

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The second flap 220 b is movably connected to the surface of the shell 201 via a second hinge 221 b. The flaps 220 a and 220 b are preferably located substantially symmetrically to each other with respect to the direction of the fluid flow 118. The first flap 220 a is movably connected to the surface of the shell 201 via a first hinge 221 a.