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FIG. 3 is an enlarged side sectional view of the floating system illustrating an anchored floating platform in the shape of a sealed cylindrical tank adapted with two floor levels that support the kinetic energy transfer means and the electrical energy generator means. 3 and 4, system 100 is shown comprised of a platform member 101 in the shape of a cylindrical tank having a submerged portion 102 adapted for attachment to swivel means 206. Swivel means 206 being adapted for attachment to cable end 204 at attachment means 205. The platform member 101 is shown adapted with a lower compartment 103 having a floor 103a for housing and supporting electrical energy generating means 500 and part of a counter balance member 400 and an upper compartment 104 having a floor 104a that houses and supports the kinetic energy transfer means 300 and part of the counter balance member 400. Kinetic energy transfer means 300 is comprised of a cylinder 301 adapted with ends 301a and 301b. Within cylinder 301 are located a first heavily weighted piston means 311 having a weight W1, a second and third piston means 306 and 307 and a fluid means 310 sealed in opposed cylinder portions defined to be between respective opposed ends of first piston means 311 and second and third piston means 306 and 307. Fluid means 310 is compressively sealed in the cylinder portions by adapting the piston means 306, 307 and 311 with o-rings 306a, 307a and 311a that maintain expansion forces against the walls of cylinder 301 throughout a compression and power transfer stroke.

Dolor en hipocondrio derecho: puede ser de causa torácica The electrical energy generating means 500 is adapted with an internal power output cable 504 that interfaces to power transmission line 506 via a swivel power connector 505 that allows rotation, as indicated by arrow A10. 1 and 2, where the wave action electricity generation system, generally designated 100, is shown floating turbulently in a body of water having waves W. The system 100 is shown anchored by anchor means 200 to the floor of a body of water and allowed to freely float, as indicated by arrows A1, and rotate, as indicated by arrows A2, in a circular manner on the surface of the body of water and whose travel is limited and defined by the length of cable means 203 having an end 202 connected to anchor means 200 at an anchor end 201. Shown also in FIG.

  • HS is the significant wave height, measured in meters
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The weight is supported on a support structure until released for generation of electricity. Dolor en el dedo anular de la mano derecha . The system includes a piston-cylinder means wherein a slidable piston forces a fluid to flow onto a water wheel generator that produces electricity. It is also a primary object of the present invention to provide a floating platform that is adapted with a cylinder and piston arrangement that will respond to every oscillation of the water wave motion to produce electricity without the need for pumping stations to relay the transfer of energy. Therefore, it is a primary object of the present invention to provide a floating platform that is anchored to the floor of a body of water, yet is not structurally dependent on the anchor means for the energy conversion.

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Yet more particularly, the invention relates to wave motion electricity generations systems that utilize weighted pistons within a cylinder as the principle element in the energy conversion process. The systems that have attempted to solve this inefficiencies have added costly pump stations in the conversion stage that controls the flow of fluids compressed by the piston to feed turbine generators. The kinetic energy generation means includes a cylinder containing a fluid, such as a lubricant, in each of the opposed chamber portions of the cylinder means and a first heavily weighted primary piston that is slidably and freely disposed within the body of the cylinder between the opposed cylinder chamber portions. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to electrical energy generation systems and more particularly, the present invention relates to electricity generation systems that convert wave motion of large bodies of water to kinetic energy that is used to produce electrical energy.