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Flekosteel - cena - Srbija - gde kupiti - iskustva.. A further aspect of the present invention provides a method of controlling or optimising fluid pressure within at least one cell of a wave energy convertor (WEC) or within the WEC system, the method including increasing or reducing fluid pressure within each said cell and/or within a low pressure or high pressure conduit(s) and/or manifold of the system. Fluid pressure can be determined by readings from one or more pressure sensors within the cell(s) and/or conduits and/or manifold of the system. Dynamic pressure can be understood to be a combination of pressure due to the kinetic energy and potential energy of particles in the wave. This arrangement takes into account that the leg is at an angle to the wave due to the preferred V or chevron formation. Thus, where waves may impinge on the converter from various directions over time, a circular or annular arrangement is considered beneficial in order to maximise average wave action rather than the converter being linear and therefore more directional.

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Muchos factores provocan dolores musculares - Universal.. The V or chevron arrangement may be reversed such that the apex points towards the shore and away from the waves, such that the limbs of the V project away from the apex towards open water (Shore oriented). Preferably, the apex of the V or chevron may be oriented towards or to face the direction of the oncoming waves i.e. These allow the WEC to travel freely up and down or to be controlled to maintain a required position or depth.

The WEC 10 includes a body portion 18 with integral conduits 64, 66 for respective supply and return flow of fluid. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION With the aforementioned in view, one aspect of the present invention provides a wave energy converter (WEC), including a body portion and at least one flexible membrane bounding at least part of a volume of a fluid, a substantial portion of the at least one membrane inclined from vertical providing a flow smoothed way for wave energy to travel over the WEC whilst deforming the at least one membrane towards the body to compress the fluid, the inclination of the at least one membrane assisting conversion of potential and kinetic energy of the wave to pressure within the fluid.

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Alternatively, the membrane may be sealed to the body by a clamp ring around at least part of the external periphery of the membrane. The different versions of rear are provided for different wave and location requirements. Pressure against the membrane may be provided by a dynamic pressure front leading the motion of the wave as the wave approaches the wave energy converter. For example, a pneumatic system may be provided to maintain optimum cell pressure as the water depth changes with tidal or other longer term effects and depending on the optimal conditions for the prevailing or current sea state.