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There is no provision for the power generated in this coaxial systems to be transmitted by anything other than a twisting motion at its take off point of connection. The system operates with a spiral twist in it. The turbine farthermost from the power take off hub leads all the others. Even though the turbine sail blades are cupped in the opposite direction the wind still spills off the blades in a direction away from each spar 38 because this is still the flexible path of least resistance. However the power delivered to the rigid stabilizer frame and power take off device 14 by the closest turbine is a function of the torque generated by all the turbines. Although it is not shown in the drawings, in practice 50 or more turbines may be suspended between rigid frame or hub assemblies and their corresponding pivot points.

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This rotational energy is transmitted to hub 102 by driver lines 46 as described above. But power is not transmitted by a twisting around a central cord or centroid as suggested in previous art. The driver lines deliver this power to the frame or hub, not by twisting it at its center but by acting on it at its extremities with a pull through moment arms that causes it to rotate about its center. 6 is meant in part to show that it is convenient to attach type 66 turbines in pairs to have a rigid place to tether each sail 40. But FIG. As already mentioned pulley wheel 17 of FIG.

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Target Tape - Dolor pectoral - YouTube Power is taken off drive shaft 16 by pulley wheel 17 which turns pulley belt 18. Que puedo tomar para el dolor lumbar . Pulley belt 18 turns pulley wheel 19, which drives generator 20. In practice sizing pulley wheels 17 and 19 is a conenient way to provide the gear reduction needed between the generator and the coaxial wind generator.

Fundamentally the lengthening of this moment arm allows the diameter of the turbines 12 in FIG.

3 typically needs to be much larger than pulley wheel 19. Wheel shaped power take off hub 102 in FIG. FIG. 3 illustrates the rigid stabilizer frame which functions as a power take off hub for the system. Torque on the moment arm turns drive shaft 16. FIG. 6. Note that shaft 16 may be an integral part of hub 102. In FIG. FIG. 3 is a perspective detail of a stabilizing frame assemble used as a power take off hub. FIG. 3 illustrates a stabilizing frame assembly used as the power take hub off for the coaxial generating system. In practice the coaxial turbine system functions if all the turbines attached and suspended in the system are like left turbine 64, or if all the turbines are like turbine 12 of FIG. Fundamentally the lengthening of this moment arm allows the diameter of the turbines 12 in FIG. Dolor de dedo del pie gordo . FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment of my invention using pre-existing electrical transmission towers 24 for support and elevation.

FIG. 5 shows a preferred embodiment of my invention using a kite 92 having bridle 91 to elevate and support the pivot end 93 of the coaxial generator system. The wind may be blowing only a few degrees away from being perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the system, but still it will be blowing predominately from, for example in FIG. Central Turbine Hub 36 serves as the central attachment point and crossing point for two turbine spars 38. Each flexible turbine blade 40 is attached to one end of a turbine spar 38 as shown and tethered to an adjacent spar by turbine blade tethers 42. Tether Attachment hub 44 serves as a useful way to attach tethers to spars and to attach the turbine to the parallel lines or cables of the coaxial system. So even though the wind is almost perpendicular to the axis of rotation the elastic nature of the sails and tethers, and the geometry of the rigging, enable the wind to react with a large cross sectional area of each turbine blade.

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Power is transmitted to a solid drive shaft through the moment arms of a rigid frame or hub emanating like spokes or like a wheel from the central axis or centered drive shaft. So when this coaxial system is suspended horizontally wind may blow perpendicular to the axis of the system, parallel to it, or at any angle in between. All the turbine blades in the system are coupled by driver lines 46 and suspender line 47. This causes the coming about to happen at the same time to all turbine blades in the system. Left turbine 64 is constructed by attaching one end of a spar 38 to a driver line 46 at attachment point 35. The other end of this spar 38 is attached to another driver line 46 at another attachment point 35 in such a way that it is substantially perpendicular to both of these parallel driver lines 46 and acts as a separation brace between these two lines.

The important thing is that all turbines are rigged to turn clockwise or all turbines are rigged to turn counterclockwise. Even though each turbine may convert considerable power, the power converted by one turbine is small relative to the power converted by all the turbines. And it transmits the power generated by this multiplicity of turbines through a moment arm mechanism to a single location where mechanical energy can be economically converted to electrical energy or put to some other useful purpose. Krolick favors a flexible helicoidal turbine which generates and transmits power. They are supported by support bearings 30 and intermediate support bearing 31 which are attached to the tower extensions 26. Causas dolor de espalda . Driver cables 46 are attached to the extremities of stabilizer assemblies 14 and turbines 12. Lines 46 are discontinous as shown at intermediate support bearing 31 and power is transmitted through a shaft 15. FIG.

An example of an intermediate line is shown as line 45 in FIG.

FIG. 6 also shows two configurations of the turbines used to power this coaxial generating system. A multiplicity of these turbines are coupled together coaxially in series by lines attached to their extremities. Driver lines 46 are attached to the extremities of the stabilizer assemblies 14 and turbine assemblies 12. The attachments of lines 46 and suspender line 47 are shown in more detail in FIG. An example of an intermediate line is shown as line 45 in FIG. It is the support provided by lines like intermediate line 45 and driver lines 46 that solves the size limitation problem that exists for turbine blades that emanate from a central hub without support.

Right turbine 66 is essentially just one half of left turbine 64. But for right turbine 66 the tethers 43 that guy the two corners 41 of the sail 40 in parallel but opposite directions, connect directly to attachment points on separate driver lines 46, not to adjacent spars. Additionally, wind is not the only moving fluid that can be used to power this coaxial generator system. In this way the table can be supported below and conductors 21 can feed out the bottom of the pipe 88. Reel 80 is used to adjust the length in lines 46 and 47. The bundle of lines 82 feed through a bore 78 at the center of drive shaft 16 to tensioners 85 and from there up into the coaxial system.

The wind sometimes blows predominately from one end of the coaxial system for a prolonged period, perhaps a day or more. FIG. 6 is a perspective view illustrating alternative construction methods for the power take off arrangement and showing turbine details. In practice there are advantages in providing elastic driver links 49 where line 46 attaches to mast 48. These links 49 may be constructed from, for example, multiple strands of heavy bungy cord. The force of this pull supplies torque to the drive shaft through the moment arm of each mast. This coaxial system actually distorts in the wind so each driver line 46 actually contributes a pull in the direction of rotation on the mast 48 where it attaches to that mast. Catarro y dolor de espalda . Tethers 42 are in practice somewhat elastic in nature allowing them to elongate and allowing wind to spill off the blades 40 away from struts 38. The turbine is rigged so that all blades 40 are tethered in the same direction of rotation, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Various turbine means can be integrated into this invention to deliver power to the take off through this unique movement arm concept. Each turbine in turn proceeding towards the power take off hub lags its predecessor. Hubs 36 and 44 could be any kind of hub but in practice it is found to be quick and economical to cut them out of sections of pipe.

Others have sought to invent economical wind energy systems employing the idea of a coaxial turbine system. Currently wind energy provides a small input to the energy consumption of the world. But the system keeps right on working, turning, and converting energy. But the turbines continue to rotate in the same direction with little loss of momentum. If center line 47 is non-elastic but lines 46 have elastic links 49 as shown then the turbines will tend to distort in a specific way in the wind. Electrical power conductors 21 feed through the axle pipe 88 at the center of the rotating table. FIG. 4 shows the coaxial arrangement of the drive shaft 16, the secondary rotating shaft 15, the stabilizer frame assemblies, and the turbines. 2. The apparatus of FIG. 2, or if turbines 64, turbines 66, and turbine 12 are mixed in the system. They still work well as turbines to power this system.