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Suitable turbine assemblies are known in the art and may be readily constructed by the person skilled in the art. Any suitable generator assembly may be employed and a variety of generators and operating principles will be evident to the person skilled in the art. Such structures are known in the art and details will be known to the person skilled in the art. The connections with and between the risers in the riser assembly may be formed in conventional manner, as will be known to the person skilled in the art. The wellhead assembly 104 serves as a seabed fixture assembly for a generator assembly array 106 connected to the wellhead assembly by a retaining assembly 108. The retaining assembly 108 comprises a tubular assembly 110 consisting of a plurality of tubulars connected at their ends by conventional flange connections.

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espalda Alternatively, the retaining means for connecting the generator assembly to the fixture assembly provides a flexible connection to the bed of the ocean, allowing the generator assembly to move relative to the point of anchorage to the bed vertically and/or laterally. In particular, the locating assembly is arranged to hold the generator assembly in a position at or near vertically above the fixture assembly, or as close thereto as can be achieved.

The subsea installation, generally indicated as 902, comprises a set of generator assemblies, generally indicated as 904, extending vertically upwards from a fixture assembly 906 securely attached to the ocean floor. The upper and lower assemblies of each group may be connected to an adjacent group, to a retaining means or to a buoyant member, depending upon their position in the installation, as shown in FIG. Accordingly, the assembly is connected to an adjacent assembly, buoyant member or retaining means, as required by its position in the installation, by upper and lower universal joints and swivel joints, indicated as 854. The assembly 850 comprises upper and lower fins, 856, 858, for guiding the orientation of the assembly and to ensure that the inlet end is facing in the upstream direction of the prevailing current. Retaining means, such as cables or tethers may connect adjacent locating assemblies, in addition to the connection with the generator assembly.

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In extreme cases, this can reduce the efficiency of the generator assembly, compared with the efficiency of the assembly when arranged vertically, that is perpendicular to the flow of water. In this way, the deviation of the generator assembly from the position normal to and facing the incident flow of water is reduced. A plurality of members are suspended from the rotating member and extend into the water, so as to be in contact with moving water in a current. The system further comprises a locating assembly for holding the generator assembly in position with respect to the fixture assembly. The function of the locating assembly is to prevent the generator assembly being moved out of position above the fixture assembly by the action and force of the prevailing current of water.

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This prevents the support or housing from being subjected to a twisting action or torque, which may move the generator assembly out of proper alignment with the prevailing flow of water and current. By relying on a fixture assembly on the ocean bed, the system may be deployed in any depth of water, with the retaining means by sized to position the generator assembly at the appropriate depth to lie within the path of the prevailing currents. A particularly preferred retaining means is a cable or tether.

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The retaining means for connecting the generator assemblies to the anchor assembly and the fixture assembly itself are as hereinbefore described, as are the connections that allow the generator assemblies to rotate with respect to the fixture assembly. Sintomas cansancio extremo dolor muscular . A first anchor cable extends from the inlet end of the turbine assembly at an angle to the ocean floor to an anchor on the floor itself. In a preferred arrangement, one or more of the generator assemblies comprise a buoyant member, such as a buoyant member attached to the housing of the generator assembly, or the housing itself may be constructed to be buoyant and comprise buoyant components or compartments. The second end of each cable 408 a and 408 b is connected to a respective buoyant member 410 a, 410 b, located below the ocean surface, indicated as 411. A second cable 412 a, 412 b extends from each buoyant member 410 a, 410 b to the upper end portion of the installation 402, where it is connected to the union between the uppermost generator assembly and the buoyant member.

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Thus, the cables 1008 extend substantially radially from the central collector and converter 1004 to generator assemblies 1006 located in a circle around the central collector and converter. More preferably, the system comprises two locating assemblies, as hereinbefore described, the two assemblies preferably being arranged with one located upstream of the generator assembly or array and one located downstream. Referring to FIG. 4, the installation 202 is shown in front elevation, with the side elevation being shown in FIG. Alternative arrangements for the locating assemblies include three, four, five or six assemblies connected to the generator assembly and arranged equidistantly around the generator assembly and the first fixture assembly.

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Water can also flow around the annular cavity 632 into the region of overlap of the swept volumes of the blades between the front and rear housing members. In one arrangement, the hub comprises an inner hub portion and an outer hub portion, the outer hub portion extending concentrically around the inner hub portion, the impellor blades being mounted at their inner portions to the outer hub portion. In this way, water is free to flow from the region between two adjacent blades, into the annular cavity, past the inner hub and into a region between two downstream blades.

For example, the concept of generating energy from wave motion has been well explored and is currently the subject of much research and development work. ‘Offshore Alternative Energy Generation’, Carbon and Energy Management, Alberta Research Council, 2002, summarise a range of technologies for generating energy from the seas and oceans. 11. The drive assembly 670 comprises suitable gears and linkages to transfer the drive from the shafts to the input of the generators 672 and to link the rotation of the shafts 622 with respect to one another. Each generator assembly in a bank of assemblies may be provided with its own vane or vane assembly.

Pat. No. 5,440,176 overcomes some of the problems associated with the previously discussed prior art proposals in that, by utilising a leg platform, it can be deployed in deeper water. Suitable buoyant bodies for such use are known in the art. 7. Dolor de espalda png . The installation 302 comprises a wellhead assembly 304 of the general configuration shown in FIG.

4, the installation comprises groups of three generator assemblies connected in such a manner. 5. The installation 202 comprises a wellhead assembly 204 of the general configuration shown in FIG. In a body of water where shear currents are known to exist or are likely to occur, one or more spacing members may be incorporated into the assembly to extend across the boundary region between adjacent shear currents. 4 and 5. Each group 222 of generator assemblies 220 is connected directly to the adjacent group of assemblies by means of both a universal joint and a swivel joint, together indicated as 224, of the type shown in FIG. The plurality of impellors may be arranged to act independently, for example each receiving a separate flow of water or being arranged to be contacted successively by the same flow of water.

The buoyant members or bodies may be separate from the generator assembly. Water enters the inlet end 806 of the flow passage 810, from where it flows into the central portion 812 of the flow passage. In a preferred embodiment, the first and second impellors are arranged in side by side relationship as described and a flow deflector is disposed upstream of the region of overlapping swept volumes, such that incident water is directed laterally onto the blades of the impellors and is prevented from directly impinging on the blades in the region of overlapping swept volumes.