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MANIFIESTO ZAPATISTA EN NAHUATL COMPLETO PDF In various embodiments having a single PTO, the first float 108 may connect to the rotors 204, and the second float may connect to the stators 206, which may be rotatable stators. The First float may be operatively coupled to a first power take off and positioned to rotate about the central longitudinal axis within a radial span bounded by an outer surface of the nacelle and a radially distal end of the first float, and the second float may be operatively connected to a second power take off or the first power take off and positioned to rotate about the longitudinal axis within a radial span bounded by a radially distal end of the first float and a radially distal end of the second float. Figs. 3A-D are side views illustrating WECs having hydrodynamic control systems positioned at various depths along spars of various lengths in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention.

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Servicios en Instituto Nacional de Neurología y.. The wind industry has demonstrated that large-diameter direct-drive is a viable technical approach at slow speeds, and the WEC can do so as well with adjustment for the challenges presented by taking power off at extremely low speeds. Such slightly convex curvature allows for composite manufacture on a wound mandrel as well as mold-based composite manufacture processes. In power generation applications, such rotary-driven PTOs may include one or more rotors 204, which are rotatable in relation to one or more stators 206. Depending on the application, stators 206 may be independently rotatable or retained in a fixed rotational position relative to the nacelle 102. Relative rotation between the rotors 204, stators 206, spar-nacelle connection member 201, and/or the module 118, 120 within which the PTO is housed may be achieved by way of drive bearings 208, or any other bearing or similar mechanism which allows one or more components to freely rotate about or within another component.

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WECs 100 and their constituent components (e.g., floats 108, 110, spars 104, 106, nacelles 102, HCSs 116, etc.) made in accordance with the present disclosure may be configured with any size, shape, relative position, or combination thereof. Fig. 7 is an illustration of the orbital motion of a WEC and the wave response motion of the first float and second float in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Such a system may, in many embodiments, be used for utility-scale electric-grid or other offshore energy applications in moderate-activity wave fields. Such propulsion systems may be mounted on any WEC 100 component (e.g., spars 104, 106, floats 108, 110, nacelle 102, HCS 116, etc.) to provide yaw control, autonomous transport between deployment sites, station keeping at a deployment site, or any other purpose for which propulsion systems may be used. 1A-G of the floats 108, 110 and drive arms 112, 114 being positioned within the spars 104, 106 is not exclusive.

Figs. 3A-D are side views of a WEC 100 in accordance with the present disclosure having HCSs 306, 308 positioned in varying locations along spars 302, 304 of various lengths. Fig. 16 is a flowchart illustrating a method in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. A movement in water of a WEC 100 designed in accordance with the present disclosure is described with reference to Figs. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that, while ladders are depicted herein, any suitable vertical transport device (e.g., escalators, elevators, lifts, dumbwaiters, etc.), or even no vertical transport device at all, may be used in accordance with the present disclosure and may, for some embodiments, be preferred. In some embodiments, any of the nacelle 102 or modules thereof 118, 120, 122 may include nacelle access hatches 126 for loading/offloading equipment and personnel (e.g., for maintenance and repairs). Examples of such embodiments may include special operational or deployment scenarios that do not allow float overtopping.

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Furthermore, any mooring line 802, 808 and/or any number of mooring lines 802, 808 may be joined at any location on the WEC 100. Dolor de rodilla en bici . In various power generation embodiments, the WEC 100 may also be connected to an electrical output destination 812 via an electrical line 810. Electrical line 810 may be supported to follow any underwater path and is not limited to the “lazy s-curve” configuration shown in Figs 8 A and 8F. Electrical output destinations 812 may include, but are not limited to, utility grids, transformers, batteries, devices, equipment, or vessels that consume electrical power, etc.

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The WEC does not rely on a mooring system to produce torque, but may include a mooring system for station-keeping and, in some embodiments, for directional control. In some embodiments, including the embodiment depicted in Figs. The largest illustrated example 1108 is a 400 kW – 1 MW or more, 3,000 ton displacement system having a fully deployed length of 31.09 meters and a fully deployed depth of 37.72 meters. 1-15. Deploying the WEC in a wave field 1604 may include deploying the wave energy converter in, for example, any body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, bay, river, lake, wave pool, etc.) of suitable width, length, and depth to accommodate the WEC. 5. Particle velocities in the deep water wave field exhibit maximum amplitude in all 360 degrees of direction within a plane perpendicular to the crests of the propagating waves.

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A drive shafit/hub according to some embodiments may in turn be connected to, for example, one or more direct drive generator(s), gearbox drive generator(s), hydraulic system(s), pumping system(s), water pump(s), water desalinator(s), pneumatic pump(s), hydraulic pump(s), etc. All sides (e.g., 108a-c) of first float 108 may be flat or concave, but in some preferred embodiments may be slightly convex. It will be apparent in view of this disclosure that particular float geometries, dimensions, and orientations will vary depending on the particular size, power requirements, and expected operating conditions of each individual WEC 100. In a plan view perspective, the forward side 108b of the first float 108 is rectangularly shaped to maximize exposed surface area, thereby increasing energy capture.

In still further embodiments, the overtopped float is completely de-ballasted and the float motion is supplemented with a controlled application of motor operation to drive the first float back over the top of the nacelle 906 to drive the overtopped float into the correct orientation. The advantages associated with this design with regard, for example, to efficiency and survivability will be discussed in greater detail below with reference to Figs. Such systems have proven to represent a viable technical approach in connection with harnessing wind energy and the same slow-speed principles apply in the marine context. Dolor de espalda con ardor . Shown at time T1 602, 702, the WEC 100 has moved in surge such that the spars 104, 106 and nacelle 102 are to the right (or aft) of center 601 and pitched clockwise. 3A-D, the HCS 116 may be movably mounted to the spars 104, 106 such that the position of the HCS 116 along the spars 104, 106 can be varied.