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Blood time Can carry out multiple change to the present invention.The slenderness ratio of the profile of these pipelines can change, so that the optimum performance of this array to be provided.The slenderness ratio of the profile of pipeline is the length L and the ratio of profile in the width W at its wideest some place of profile.

In one embodiment, the profile in the profile of this upstream side and this downstream side is different basically. Basic principle of the present invention provides a kind of SMEC equipment, and wherein these pipelines have the side of at least one wedge shape, makes between adjacent channel, to have formed a diffuser section.Fig. The length of employed element and the size of this equipment can change and will depend on a plurality of factors, and for example this equipment is with the orientation of the depth bounds that is used, desirable purposes, these elements, related water depth and the current in this water.This equipment can extend on the scope of hundreds of rice and can depend on that this system will be installed in the width of this water body wherein at tens meters. The present invention broadly is based on the technology that discloses among the WO2008/015047, has wherein described a kind of equipment of using morning and evening tides, wave or current to generate electricity at water body of being used for, and this equipment comprises a kind of arrangement with first pipeline and second pipeline.These first pipelines are equipped with a series of along hole that its intervals of lengths is opened and be connected on the flow-catheter, and this flow-catheter has an import that gets in the water body.The Venturi tube that limits between the adjacent channel works as venturi pump and causes from first pipe interior and pass flowing of these holes, thereby the water suction is passed this flow-catheter and driven a turbo machine that is connected on the generator.

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The present invention relates to a kind of system that is used for wave, morning and evening tides or the flow energy of current water is converted into more useful form of energy.The present invention provides a kind of equipment of using flowing of water body such as wave, morning and evening tides or current to generate electricity of being used for especially. Comprise in another embodiment of the invention of horizontal pipe 160 at this equipment, can be with these vertical manifold 164 segmentations.Figure 20 shows a kind of cross section of a part of equipment, and the horizontal venturi 160 that this equipment has is equipped with a series of hole 162 and between a plurality of vertical manifolds 164, extends.This manifold 164 is connected on the flow-catheter 166 that holds turbo machine 168, and this turbo machine is connected on the live axle to drive a generator 170.This vertical manifold 164 is divided into a plurality of chambers 172 of vertically arranging along at least a portion length of this manifold.Pipe 174 is connected to the below of the minimum Free Surface height 176 that the Free Surface that extends to the water of secondary flow on each chamber and from this chamber will reach.Each chamber 172 is oriented to corresponding with a horizontal pipe 160 that extends from vertical manifold 164.The number of desired chamber will depend on the variation of the water level that pipeline exposes.All venturi pipelines all are associated with an independent chamber.

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In tidal flow, when drawdown, uppermost hole possibly become and be exposed in the atmosphere, and this water with pipe interior has been exposed under the barometric pressure.The inner water level of venturi pipeline will descend and possibly produce electric power still less then, because be acting along this pipeline hole still less.Pipe interior cut apart to make each chamber be to be in fluid to be communicated with to create a series of chamber via the lower end of this Guan Eryu pipeline, make or even all can both be utilized in the hole of main flow lower face under low water level. This equipment may further include a syphon hood (syphonic cowl) that extends out from the downstream side of this equipment.This syphon hood has been created a tilt cover at the back side of this equipment, the turbulent fluctuation that this tilt cover can help to be produced by the mixing of the stream that exists in the Venturi tube minimizes.This cover can help the pressure with the equipment top in downstream side to maintain to be lower than barometric pressure.