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The bracket 30g is adapted to rest upon profiled cylinders 32a, 32b as shown in Fig 1 Ic of Fig. The profiled cylinders 32a, 32b can have a variable diameters, but it is important not to cross the bending line of the bracket 30g. The profiled cylinders 32a, 32b permanently rest on the bracket 30g so the impact load could be avoided. In case when, because of low angle speed of the pulley 31 and the gear 18, one-way clutch 21, 21a does not accept rotating WO 2009/022930 PCT/RS2007/000015 17 moment instantly, a multiplicator or a spring system can follow the pulley 31 or gear 18 in order to avoid this one-way clutch defect. The WO 2009/022930 PCT/RS2007/000015 8 beam 9 moves only during the low and high tide, Thus the transmission shaft 2a does nqt have to be too long. Operating mode: floating body la moves vertically under action of waves, and moves the transmission shaft 2b which is permanently in contact with the mechanism 20, which converts vertical motion of the floating body la into circular motion of the generator which WO 2009/022930 PCT/RS2007/000015 9 generates electrical energy.

IOa. Fig. 11 is an axonometric view showing electrical energy production by means of a large floating body with overhangs coupled to the racks, Fig. Floating bodies 100a, 100b are coupled to the coupling support 65 over the lower construction by a hollow shaft. The side floating bodies 100a, 100b can consist either of individual units, as shown in Fig. Shifting of the additional mass vertically can be performed hydraulically, pneumatically, electromechanically, combined system, for example. The length can be varied hydraulically, pneumatically, electromechanically, for example; 2) vertical shifting of beam 9a along columns 7a which can be realized in a few familiar and adopted ways (hydraulically, pneumatically, electromechanically, or any other combination, for example); 3) variable height of columns 7a, which can be realized in a few familiar and adopted ways (hydraulically, pneumatically, electromechanically, or any other combination, for example). In this way it is possible to shift the center of the mass, and together with it, the lateral shifting amplitude which enables bigger output power of electrical energy from the generator.

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4,672,222 were the attempts to produce electrical energy by use of linear motion of electromagnets. Floating body lb transmits its vertical movement over transmission shaft 25 to the pulley 27d and to the mechanism 200, which transforms linear motion into circular motion by use of previously described system of shafts and one-way clutches to the rotary generator which produces electrical energy. Fig. 12 is an axonometric view a portion of the floating body with a fixed transmission shaft positioned on the floating body and the electrical energy generating system. Contrary to the US patent 1, 393, 472 the system for electrical energy production is not positioned on the floating body, but on the fixed columns. Dolor de espalda superior derecho . Floating body lb should be as long as possible, while the width depends on the length of the most frequent waves on the place where the floating body is positioned. Displayed floating body lb is designed to be oriented in the water so that approaching waves engage its lateral face along its length, which is longer.

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The waves rotate the floating body and engage its longer, lateral face and thus provide maximal rocking. For this reason the floating body should be three to four times longer than its width and is preferably ten and more times longer than its width. The floating body floats on the water and is placed between fixed parts (two or three columns) and, under the action of the waves, moves up and down. In the middle of the coupling support 65 two guides 66 should be placed.

Rotary motion from one-way clutch 21 is transmitted to multiplicator 22 by use of shaft 19, where the input rotation number of the shaft, 19 is increased to the desired number of the projected generator 24. Multiplicator 22 can be very simple and can include one, two or more pairs of gears. 7, can be placed either below or above the water surface. Electrical energy can be produced either by use of an induction coil or a generator, The motion of the magnet in the induction coil is directly related to the motion of the floating body either through the flexible transmission shaft or through inflexible transmission shaft. In this way besides electrical energy production, some parts of the coast or harbors, for example, can be protected. Floating body 100 should also be hermetically sealed, but free motion of the transmission shaft 2e with respect to surface of the floating body 100 should be allowed; this can be realized by a flexible membrane.

Nuclear power plants are large energy sources but they can be very dangerous if they get damaged (Chernobyl and some plants in the USA, for example). However the construction of those plants is complex and expensive. Como quitar dolor de hombro . Alternatively, electricity is produced in electric plants built on river and lake dams. SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONVERSION OF WAVE ENERGY INTO ELECTRICAL ENERGY Technical Field 5 The present disclosure relates, generally, to the utilization of energy from waves and converting the linear motion of waves into operating motion of a generator which then produces electricity. Coastal countries cannot use this source for electricity production.

I with the generator for electrical energy production.

Fig.14 shows the system for electrical energy production placed on this version of the system for producing electrical energy from wave motion of Fig. Fig. 12 shows a portion of the floating body If with a transmission shaft 2d attached to it. Contrary to the previous versions, the motion of the floating working body If is transmitted to the transmission shaft 2d over arc prisms and the cylinder 60. Electrical energy is produced by the motion ofthe rack 2d. This system has already been described. 20 In comparison to previous inventions this is an advanced invention because maximal water power is utilized and conversed into electrical energy with minimal losses in the transmission system. I with the generator for electrical energy production. This is the simplest and the most efficient way of producing electrical energy so far, with small number of machine parts and minimal losses in the process of transmission of rotary moment to the generator.

The present energy generating system includes a floating body, a transmission shaft, units for fixing the system to the sea bottom, a beam with devices for producing electrical energy. 20 Modem systems for electrical energy production are very expensive, and many of them use unrenewable fossil fuels and pollute the environment a great deal. 1,393,472 from the year 1921 was an attempt to use the wave energy to shift a platform up and down in a very complex way with a large number 5 of gears that used to cause great energy loss. It is presumed that the floating bodies in the back line will be exposed to lQwer wave amplitudes, because the floating bodies in front lines will accept most of the energy. Floating bodies 100a, 100b should be as light as possible and the coupling support 65 should have as weak resistance to vertical motion through water as possible.

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10 Fig. 3c is a top view of one of the possible arrangements of the floating bodies placed on the water surface. Fig, 13b shows a front, sectional view of the lower position of the floating bodies under action of the waves. The induction coil magnet is directly connected to the floating bodies. Depending on the size of the floating body, the linear generator (magnet and induction coil) and the consumer are sized-up. The support arms 36a, 36b should be constructed in such way to keep the floating body le in the operating position during rough sea conditions. At the bottom of the floating body 100 is a transmission shaft 2a support. The vertical movement of rack 2b is converted into circular movement by means of a gear 18. Rotary motion of gear 18 is transmitted to one-way clutch 21 over shaft 19. Medicina para dolor de hombro . One-way clutch 21 transmits the rotational force to one direction.