Estreñimiento: Descripción Y Tratamiento

El funcional se debe, por ejemplo, a paso lento, malfuncionamiento de los músculos del suelo pélvico, malos hábitos alimenticios y en los adultos es el más común. Hasta un 15% de adultos sufre de estreñimiento y un 30-40% mayores de 65 años. El estreñimiento orgánico es un síntoma de otra enfermedad, por ejemplo, enfermedades del SNC, enfermedades del recto y colon, enfermedad endocrina, muscular, psiquiátrica, postmedicación, etc.

Dolor De Cabeza

NEWS La 3D terapia pulsátil ayuda a reducir las molestias del estreñimiento. Ayuda al vaciado intestinal estimulando las terminaciones nerviosas en el intestino. Su objetivo es estimular el tránsito intestinal a través de las terminaciones nerviosas en el intestino, y aliviar el dolor espástico. Esto puede empeorar los síntomas de las hemorroides y otras enfermedades. 1-2, film 4 generally by the one-piece structure with closed perimeter, the first and second regions 6, 8 in the circumference of the closing.However, although it is not shown in the figure, film can be also made up of multiple rigid panels, these rigidity Along longitudinal cutting plane P perpendicular to film, (longitudinal cross-section P is through the first and second regions and cuts through the thickness of film panel Plane) panel pivot axis be hinged.Each hinge between two panels can be elastic hinge, and the elastic hinge is intended to Panel is set to return back to same level.

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  4. Mejora el abastecimiento de oxígeno en el músculo cardíaco
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Pass through fixed dimension DIt is minimumAnd LIt is minimum, parameter (peak swing, the maximum of surge movement of the film in fluid stream can be set The ratio between speed Vf and film velocity of wave Vm in wavelength, frequency and fluid stream). The coil may be coupled to auto-transformer, and the control device can be the electricity for controlling the auto-transformer The device of the transformation rate of power.Also the function can be provided by electronic power and control system, the system changes and regulation consumption institute The electrical impedance of the circuit downstream of the energy of capture. If film becomes to overload because stream 2 is too fast, the film ripple in the region for reducing neighbouring second diaphragm area preferential first shakes Width.Then, if the limitation is insufficient, the amplitude of ripple is limited in the part closer to first area of film, and this continues To film be fully extended and it is substantially planar untill.

Because these films 4a, 4b is interconnected in upstream by the rod member 13a of attachment system and passes through transfer device 12 in downstream Rod member 13b interconnection, so can force each film that there is the out of phase natural fluctuation of natural fluctuation with another film.Due to These each films fluctuate (because its length L is more than minimum range D) with fluid stream, while have different from the ripple of another film The ripple of phase, it is found that, lower tour lever 13b is around axis B-B, on upstream stem 13a whirling vibrations.When these rod members relative to each other During vibration, converter 14 produces electric energy. 8 limitation is played by connector 9 (it may be flexible or rigid) connection, the connector 9 The effect for the device that two regions 6 and 8 separate each other.