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The immense structures required to extend the full depth of ocean channels are made possible by the feature of the blades being hollow and sized to create sufficient buoyancy to create a neutral floating body resulting in greatly reduced support structure -requirements. 5. The power generator of claim 2 in which the weight-displacement ratio of each blade is selected to provide a generally neutral floating structure. Assuming a tidal flow having an average velocity of approximately 4 miles per hour, and furtherassuming that driving torque is applied by such tidal flow to each blade 16 throughout an angular displacement of the rotor shaft 15 of the order of 220, a single propulsion unit having a developed RPM at the rotor shaft 15 of approximately 5 would produce of the order of 15,000 horsepower.

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Dolor En Los Labios Femeninos Imagen de archivo - Imagen.. The apparatus 10, although susceptible to being constructed in various sizes, it lends itself especially well to massive structures effective because of the size thereof to convert relatively low velocity tidal flows into large quantities of electrical energy. In this same reference, it makes substantially no dif ference in what direction the water flows relative to the assemblies 11 and 11′ because the cyclic positioning of the blade structures 12 will remain the same, and the described cartesian coordinate system can be disposed so that X-axis is normal to the flow axis of the water irrespective of the direction of the flow. Although the apparatus 10 will function when placed in a water current substantially independently of the direction in which the current flows relative to the apparatus, the best results are obtained when the transverse planes of the girders 24 and 31 are arranged so as to be substantially normal to the axis of water flow.

1 Mejores Ventas De Muletas Ortopedicas 2020 5. At this moment, the torque developed by water impingement on the blade structure 120 is negligible because the flow is substantially equal on each side of the blade. As the rotor assembly 11 continues to be displaced angularly, the effective area of the blade structure acted on by the moving water to produce torque at the shaft 15 progressively increases through the position shown by the blade structure 12a of the rotor assembly 11 until the area is maximized and becomes, substantially, the entire area of the trailing face of the blade structure when the blade structure has been displaced through 90 and into the position depicted by the blade structure 12b in FIG. In FIG. 3, the interconnection of the various rotor assembly shafts 15 with the elongated casing 22 is shown to be effected through frusto-conical bosses 38. In FIG. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the power plant, the view being taken generally along the plane 33 of FIG.

In view of the foregoing, an object of the present invention is to provide an improved device for converting the power of ocean currents and the like into a more usable power such as electricity. FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the power plant of FIG. Taking as the initial condition of a rotor assembly the relative disposition of the components as shown in FIG.

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However, this substantially no-torque condition is of very short duration because as soon as the spoke 14 has been displaced in a clockwise direction slightly beyond the 180 position, the opposite side of the blade structure then becomes more exposed to the flow of water, thereby causing the blade to be displaced rapidlyinto its opposite extreme position of abutment with the angular extension 18, as shown by the full-line position of the blade structure 120. The new trailing surface of the blade structure 120. now presents an effective area against which the moving water impinges to developa.force having a vector component operative to impart torque to the shaft 15. Enfermedades de dolor de espalda . This condition obtains withthe effective area of the blade structure progressively decreasing until the blade structure is in the approximate position of the blade structure 120′ of the rotor assembly 11′ in FIG.