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Dolor de espalda en el embarazo Referring still to Figure 23 and again to Figure 2, first and second multiple segment piers 312, 314 also have substantially flat first faces 326, 326′ that extend away from planar portions 328, 328′. Substantially flat second faces 330, 330′ also extend away from planar portions 328, 328′. The flat first and second faces 326, 326′ and 330, 330′ enhance the function provided by first curved portions 104, 1 10 and second curved portions 108, 1 14 of first and second ballast tanks 100, 102, which includes directing water flow from flow field “G” into flow throat “F” to increase the velocity of flow in flow throat “F”. More particularly, but not exclusively, the present invention relates to an apparatus comprising a base and first and second foil arms piyotally connected to the base at spaced apart points, the foils inwardly extending towards each other, the base having an upper surface for directing and augmenting fluid flow over the foils.

In a further embodiment of the invention the generator is arranged at the surface. As further shown in Figure 16, each of the first and second multiple segment piers 36, 37 includes first and second male alignment members 220, 222 extending on an upward facing surface 223 of each of the individual pier segments.

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Joints haut moteur Centauro Husqvarna 360 WR 1993/2003.. Referring to Figure 22 and again to Figures 1 and 19-21 , as piston rod 260 is moved in either the piston extending direction “U” or piston retracting direction “V”, sliding structure 192 also extends or retracts by sliding with respect to a geometrically shaped alignment rod 306 which is fixed to second elliptical member 155. Alignment rod 306 is slidably disposed in a correspondingly geometrically shaped alignment rod receiving aperture 308 created in sliding structure 192. Alignment rod 306 is shaped to prevent rotation of sliding structure 192 as it slides along alignment rod 306, and therefore can include at least one flat surface, or a non-circular shape.

A linkage, for example a hydraulic linkage, a chain or cord extends from the base 3 to the generator for transferring the oscillatory motion of the foil arms 13 to the generator. The apparatus can further comprise a generator within the base for converting the pivoting motion of the foil arm into electricity. In alternative embodiments of the invention the apparatus 1 comprises lifting means (not shown) for lifting the base up the columns 10,11. In one embodiment the lifting means are arranged within the base 3 and typically comprise a gearing mechanism which engages with teeth on the columns 10,11. In an alternative embodiment of the invention the lifting means is arranged above the fluid. Contained within the base volume is a plurality of ballast tanks (not shown). The base 3 of figure 5(b) is similar to that of figure 5 (a) except the third planar face 9 is inclined to the lower face 5. Figure 5(c) shows a base 3 having an upper face 4 comprising five planar faces.

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Preferably, the convex upper face comprises first and second planar faces extending from the base face and inclined thereto and a third planar face extending therebetween. The base 3 further comprises a plurality of support arms 12. In this embodiment the support arms 12 extend from the first and second planar faces 7,8 of the base 3. Gases dolor de espalda y abdominal . Pivotally connected to each of the support arms 12 is a foil arm 13. The end of each foil arm 13 remote from its support arm 12 is pivotally connected to a foil 14. A plurality of foil arms 13 is connected to each foil 14 to support the foil 14 across its width. Extending between the first and second planar faces 7,8 is a third planar face 9. The third planar face 9 is substantially parallel to the lower face 5 as shown.

The upper face 4 is convex and comprises a plurality of planar faces 7-9. In this embodiment the upper face 4 comprises first and second planar faces 7,8 both of which extend from spaced apart points on the lower face 4. The first and second faces 7,8 both extend from the lower face 5 at an acute angle towards each other as shown.

Connected between each foil 14 and the associated foil arm 13 is an angle change assembly (not shown). The angle change assembly orients the foil with respect to the stream to cause the foil arm to pivot about the pivot point. The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating power from a fluid stream. In alternative embodiments of the invention other shapes of foil 14 are possible. Shown in figures 5 (a) to 5(d) are alternative bases 3 of apparatus 1 according to the invention in cross section. Inflamacion del vientre y dolor de espalda . In a preferred alternative the foils 14 are bi-directional foils, able to generate lift when fluid flows over the foil 14 from edge to edge in either direction.

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The angle change mechanism arranges the foils 14 such that as the fluid flows over them the foil arms 13 pivot about their connections to the support arms 12. When the foil arms 13 reach an end of their pivot range the angle change mechanism alters the angle of the foils 14 so that the foil arms 13 pivot in the opposite direction. When the foil arm reaches the end of its range of motion the angle change assembly reverses the orientation of the foil causing the foil arm to pivot in the opposite direction about the pivot point. Preferably, the apparatus comprises a plurality of foil arms pivotally connected to the base, each foil arm being pivotally connected to a foil. First operator portion 138 provides for connection of first slide connector 56 which is movable with respect to a first sliding member longitudinal axis 142 of first upper wing support beam 20. A rotational fastener 144 rotatably joins first slide connector 56 to first flywheel connecting rod 58. At a second end of first flywheel connecting rod 58, a rotational pin 146 rotatably connects first flywheel connecting rod 58 to first flywheel 60. The sliding motion of first slide connector 56 in either of the first or second wing movement directions “B”, “C” is phased to cause a counterclockwise rotation “R” of first flywheel 60. Each of the first axis-vertical wings 18, such as axis-vertical wing 18′, is connected to first wing set control arm 52 using rotational fasteners 148. A spacing dimension between the rotational fasteners 148 is held constant to maintain each of the first axis-vertical wings 18 parallel to each other.

For example, the apparatus 1 can be installed on an ocean bed with a portion of the ocean being a stream flowing over the apparatus 1. The apparatus 1 can be installed in rivers or estuaries or other flowing bodies of water. The base 3 then floats up between the columns 10,11 until the base 3 is above the stream 2 as shown in figure 4. Typically, the apparatus 1 is arranged in the storage configuration before the lifting begins. In the above embodiments the lower face 5 is planar.

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This fluid interacts with the fluid above the base 3, augmenting the flow and so increasing the speed of the fluid above the base 3 in an accelerated region 16. The foil arms 13 are arranged such that the foils 14 are over the upper face 4 of the base 3 in this accelerated region 16 of increased speed for at least a portion of their range of oscillatory motion.