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Also, the device is characterized by fins for engaging the medium in which the waves are formed so as to allow the pendulum and the pivot point to rotate with respect to the support. The method comprises allowing water waves to rotate a pendulum with a pivot point, providing a support for said pivot point, and applying a counter-rotational force to said support so as to allow said pendulum and said pivot point to rotate with respect to said support.

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Necessarily, then, the energy output of the working pendulum decreases and becomes zero for at least some point in time during such a change in rotational direction. Transient acceleration on the working mass are modeled and expressed in a form where the sine value of a power is given by a large odd integer (e.g., 13, 157, etc.). By way of example, where pendulum 12 drives a generator or alternator, variation mechanism 94 may be implemented as an electro-mechanical braking mechanism. For example, each fin may slide within, and be held in place by, guides placed along the bottom of each outer component 74. Coupling fins 78 to outer component 74 in such manner is preferred because it allows each fin 78 to be easily attached or detached from buoy 70. Of course, there are any number of mechanisms by which fins 78 can be attached, as will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art.

Referring to FIG. 3, fins 30 extend from bottom shell component 20. In the preferred embodiment, fins 30 collectively form a fin array, which serves as a “counter-torque” mechanism providing sufficient resistance to overcome the mechanical resistance of generator 16 and other components. Thus, for the given wave, at the bottom of the swing, the angle of buoy 10 (and pendulum 12) would be the sum of 11.3 degrees and three degrees, or 14.3 degrees. Bottom shell component 20 has flange 22 along its outer circumference. During rotation, pendulum 12 is supported by footings placed along the peripheral of pendulum 12. These footings extend around the hull of each shell component.

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According to the shown embodiment, the center of gravity of pendulum 12 preferably lies between shaft 14 and no more than half of the radial distance between shaft 14 and the peripheral of buoy 10. This configuration allows sufficient buoyancy to counter the pendulum mass, so that buoy 10 does not become locked in a tilted position. This information may be shared directly between buoys or may be transmitted to one or more central stations, where the central stations collect and distribute the information among the buoys. A buoy’s ability to independently tune its pendulum is important because, as a practical matter, a buoy will be one buoy within a grid of buoys.

Two pound signs together means line will be edited by shell script. Because the generator is mounted to the buoy itself, the generator will see no rotation at its own frame of reference. Estiramientos para aliviar el dolor lumbar . Thus, the amount of power produced by the generator can be precisely controlled by varying the electrical current supplied through the electromagnet circuits.

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El Dentista responde ¿Qué causa un dolor de muelas? Current angle of the pendulum. Moreover, the pendulum’s operating efficiency would be reduced as the suspension mechanism absorbs a portion of the pendulum’s kinetic energy. Such an arrangement provides for efficient operation as friction is reduced and moving parts, such as gears, are not used to support pendulum 12 within the shell components.

However, before convergence, power output for the optimized system is significantly greater than that of the non-optimized system. According to a preferred embodiment, each buoy 70 contains processing module 91, which has stand alone on-board processing components sufficient to analyze measured environmental data and execute instructions to maximize pendulum power output in response to that analysis. According to such embodiments, each buoy is equipped with components required to effectuate adjustments needed to maximize power output, but is not required to contain data processing components. Other embodiments are envisioned where each buoy contains minimal hardware, software, etc., such that the bulk of data processing is performed at one or more central stations. For instance, embodiments are envisioned where outer components 74 are made of composite materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. For instance, embodiments are envisioned where the shell components are joined by a welding means or clamping means.

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The invention described herein is made more robust by the implementation of system-wide “learning.” According to a preferred embodiment, a network system is provided where buoys within that system interact with one another, perhaps through a central station. Rather, as described above, relatively slow adjustments are required to align with changing environmental conditions. It has been found that more often than not a change in wave conditions sufficient to justify a change in the load exerted upon pendulum 12 occurs relatively slowly, e.g., on the order of a few to several minutes. Torque exerted around the vertical axis results from rotation of pendulum 12 about axis 14. As discussed, generator 16 converts the associated mechanical energy into electrical energy. Overall, this improves the mechanical efficiency of buoy 10, that is, such a configuration provides improved flexibility in dealing with torsional loads exerted upon buoy 10 and other components, and allows various gearing ratios and power transmission alternatives to be explored.