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Mechanism described herein can utilize the one or more fluctuations in described material, and wherein, these fluctuations stem from the first power be applied on described material, and these fluctuations are kept by least one deformation or limiting part keeps existing but be non-ly held in place.When the length of this material of so preparation be fixed subsequently, grappling or to fasten in moving fluid and to be arranged so that the longitudinal axis parallel of the length of material is when the direction of described moving fluid, the upstream side of the fluctuation of described material by the moving direction of plane of inclination to described fluid, and bears the vectorial force of described moving fluid.Thus, higher hydraulic pressure is by the upstream surface, face of effect described fluctuation in the material.On the contrary, the downstream surface of described fluctuation will experience lower hydraulic pressure.Pressure difference between the upstream face of described fluctuation and downstream surface causes the position of the described fluctuation in described material to be moved along the direction of described moving fluid.

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PPT - Enfermedad del Nodulo Sinusal Bradiarritmias.. 3 E shows how by thallus 2 being limited between reinforcing material 4 and two knuckle-tooth shape bars 3 and each fluctuation being restricted to and can not being assembled each other.The straight edge side of knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 forms the line through axis (it is the mid point of period of wave), that is, this edge forms straight line, and ripple extends equal amplitude across this straight line along either side.Construct in like fashion, a ripple will not merge with another ripple, and this is owing to so doing the obstacle that will ripple needed ” to skip ” peak swing of its immediate ripple. There is fluctuation in material is the expression by deformation holding member, internal force being remained the potential energy in material.Thus, when the end of this length of material is left in the fluctuation of the length motion along material, because in this length of material, energy state is substantially constant, and fluctuation is the expression of the power be limited in material, and therefore new fluctuation can occur at the upstream end thereof place of this length of material.

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Figure 40 illustrate can how by the 14 deformation holding member in outer rigid housing 47a form at outside limits honeycomb, wherein this outer rigid housing 47a encapsulates hexagonal tube.The outermost hexagonal tube of this hexagonal honeycomb embodiment can be fixed on outer rigid housing 47a by flexible strip 47b.Depend on the strength of materials, fluid-flow rate and other parameters, second supporting frame structure 500 is attached on outer rigid housing 47a at upstream end thereof place, and be also attached at downstream end place on the limit 54 of D type polygonal ring 50, thus load passed to outer rigid housing 47a from limit 54.This second supporting structure can be beam or Truss Design in one embodiment. Fig. 4 C illustrates and how to be attached together to form double-flexibility or Elastic Circular profile of tooth bar 6 according to embodiment’s Article 1 and Article 2.As shown, the inward flange 74a of the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is attached on the inward flange 74a of the first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3.Potential energy in first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 ” is wanted ” the first knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is straightened in one direction and potential energy in the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 ” is wanted ” the second knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is straightened in the opposite direction.Thus, the knuckle-tooth shape bar of two attachments forms the two knuckle-tooth shape bars 6 be in balancing energy.

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Two edges along thallus 2 are elastic strips, and described elastic strip is the form of hyperbola geometrical plane, are commonly referred to ” scalloped ” or ” crenate ” 3.The limit be connected in thallus 2 of knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 is formed as the fluctuation profile following thallus 2 along the surge line of attachment, thus forms thallophytic waviness and be attached to the transition between the straight line on deformation holding member 4.Fig. 3 B-Fig. Multiple thallus and deformation holding member are with the patterned arrangement of the regulation chosen from first group, and described pattern can be seen in the cutting plane in the direction perpendicular to moving fluid.Pattern groups can comprise the multiple different layout of thallus and/or thallus pipe, such as but not limited to array, star, polygonal ring, dodecagon honeycomb and Octagon honeycomb. C type hexagonal tube 49 comprises six thalluses 52, and these six thalluses 52 are connected along their edge.The wavy fluctuation of each thallus, and synchronously broaden with other thalluses of C type hexagonal tube 49 and narrow, form a series of wavy fluctuation of the length along C type hexagonal tube 49 thus.The power flowing through the fluid of C type hexagonal tube 49 causes these wavy fluctuations to be moved in direction of the fluid flow along the length of C type hexagonal tube 49.Cross section through this C type hexagonal tube 49 is orthohexagonal form, and when hexagonal diameter is expanded and shunk during each operation cycle, this hexagonal limit is synchronously extended and shortens.

The inward flange of three thalluses 2 not to be connected on knuckle-tooth shape bar 3 but associated with one another via flexible-belt 80 along its longitudinal edge.This mechanical coupling of the interior longitudinal edge of thallus 2 forms triangular-section, and the limit of this triangular-section is made up of three flexible-belts 80.Polygonal cross-section can be closed by multiple elastic plate 18, these elastic plates 18 axial stacks and plane is parallel to each other along the longitudinal, and each plate is connected in three thalluses 2 at its bight place.When ripple moves down along thallus 2, polygonal cross-section and elastic plate 18 rotate around longitudinal axis clockwise and counterclockwise.When expanding with the area of elastic plate 18 when being rotated counterclockwise and shrink clockwise.Little flexible pipe along the longitudinal axis to be connected on these elastic plates 18a by elastic plate 18a.This pipe is managed clockwise by allowing and is reversed counterclockwise but do not allow that the material that pipe extends is made, thus as the 4th deformation holding member.The wire rod 16 relevant to obtaining electricity is through this pipe.

Figure 36 illustrates the three kind pipes of combination for the mode of execution of the second hexagonal honeycomb embodiment.Six elastic plates of six elastic plates or six elastic multilayer system or six elastic fabric plates or some other composite materials along they continuous edge be connected to form hexagonal tube.The pipe (being labeled as C type hexagonal tube 49 and E type hexagonal tube 50 herein) of two types applies to be formed by the difference of the first power 37c, thus produces a series of wavy fluctuation along the longitudinal axis of hexagonal tube.Because these hexagonal tubes are described above and prestressing force and prestrain as shown in Figure 31 A-Figure 31 G, therefore they keep a series of wavy fluctuation along its longitudinal axis.The 3rd hexagonal tube (being labeled as D type hexagonal tube 51 herein) in addition is as above formed, but being made up of rigid material of pipe, and it is as the 12 deformation holding member.Each hexagonal tube can be hexagonal form on cross section.

First group of embodiment comprises single thallus or longitudinal axis (comprise the mode forming pipe, and comprise described pipe be laterally connected in the mode forming honeycomb-like pattern) the multiple thalluses that are connected with each other in many ways along them. This material shape in its relaxed condition before applying first power is limited by the space arrangement of the molecule in described material.Make after described first power is retained as the potential energy in described material in described first power of applying and the described material of restriction, the shape of described material is not only limited by the space arrangement of its molecule but also can state limit by it, and described material can be the configuration of almost unlimited amount by the introducing of the second power.

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8th deformation holding member is multiple hollow tubes 33 in this embodiment, and these hollow tubes 33 along the longitudinal axis pass multiple rigid plate 32a of each triangular-section.Hollow tube 33 can rotate flexing, but is inelastic along its longitudinal axis, and can receive high tensional strain.These hollow tubes 33 can, as the deformation holding member remained on by the potential energy of applied force 72 in thallus 2, prevent thallus 2 from straightening and losing its wavy fluctuation thus.Pipe 33 also can as the conduit for the electric wire relevant to transmitting electricity. As mentioned above, concentric tube from its relaxed state prestressing force to be formed along the wavy fluctuation of its length.Hollow tube 63 and radial film 61 prevent polygonal ring from extending and getting back to its stressless, relaxed state.Hollow tube 63 can also provide the conduit of the electric wire relevant to obtaining electricity. In some embodiments, the pipe of second group can comprise: one is arranged in the circular pipe of the different-diameter in another or is laterally connected with the polygonal pipe forming honeycomb-like pattern in concentric manner.The limit width change during operation of the polygonal pipe in this second group, and the thallophytic width forming the limit of pipe in first group keeps constant or substantially constant during operation.