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Accordingly, it is an advantage of at least a preferred embodiment of the invention to provide a combined costal protection system with an integrated ocean wave energy extraction system. It is yet still a further advantage of at least a preferred embodiment of the present invention to provide an ocean wave energy extraction system which reduces the visual impact on the surrounding environment. The base structure provides a convenient offshore structure on which to mount the wind turbines. FIG. 6 is a schematic inlet end view of an array of oscillating water column ducts of the energy extraction system arranged side-by-side to form the breakwater base structure of either FIG.

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Polea Alta Jalon De Espalda Articulado Fb Fitness.. The breakwater preferably has a core which is protected by a toe mound formed of smaller rocks, and may comprise a scourge protection layer installed to prevent any scourge. The use of durable concrete for construction of OWC ducts is also advantageous as it significantly reduces any ongoing maintenance costs. As shown in Figures 1-3, 7A-7B, the passageway from the OWC duct 3 to the turbine/generator unit is significantly smaller than the cross-sectional area of the vertical limb of the OWC duct. The combined turbine/generator unit provides advantages in terms of enabling ease of installation and reduced installation costs.

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A separate turbine/generator unit is mounted over each duct at regular spaced apart intervals. The inlet opening of the secondary duct is preferably connected over the outlet opening of the OWC duct, wherein the difference in open area assists in accelerating the airflow during the exhaust phase under the action of a rising wave. In certain embodiments, the housing is mounted to an oscillating water column duct adapted for location in a body of water, the duct being adapted to generate the oscillating working fluid in response to rising and falling waves, and the housing being mounted such that the rotor is in fluid communication with the oscillating fluid and rotatable in response to fluid flow over the blades. In the illustrated embodiments, the oscillating water column 4 does not fill the entire duct 3 and therefore does not extend to the end of the second segment 6 of the duct.

The second segment 6 defines an air chamber 8 located above the oscillating water column 4. As an ocean wave rises, there is a corresponding upward oscillation of the oscillating water column 4 within the duct 3. This upward oscillation forces the volume of air from the air chamber 8 of the second segment 6 of the duct 3 to create an upward airflow (i.e. The vertical limb of the duct 3 extends from the seabed to a point above the surface of the water and above the highest predicted wave height for the wave climate of the particular region.

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Preferably, the open area of the vertical segment of the secondary duct is smaller than the open area of the horizontal segment of the secondary duct to thereby effect acceleration of the air flowing in from the atmosphere during the intake phase under the ation of a falling wave. For example, the length of the ducts may increase along the array with the duct closest to shore being the shortest and the duct further from shore being the longest, or vice versa. In certain embodiments, the base structure or the OWC ducts (if forming the base structure) accommodate a service driveway for easy access to equipment from shore to locations along the base structure. 5, the other end is surrounded by water such that marine craft can pass from the exposed ocean side to the protected bay side. It has been found that facing the inlet opening of an L-shaped duct towards the oncoming waves in particularly advantageous in enhancing the amplification of the rise and fall of the ocean waves produced in the oscillating water column within the duct, leading to corresponding increases in the amount of energy captured from the ocean waves, enhanced efficiency of the system and greater electrical output for a given wave action.