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Pase de muleta The preferred embodiment therefore enables indefinite operational periods, with stored pressurized air being exclusively dedicated for emergency surfacing, and on-board compressors supplying the needs of normal operational depth control. Such could be caused by the accidental severing of either cable 107 or 110, which would be the normal (that is, primary) conductor of power for energizing the on-board hydraulic power unit(s), air compressors, etc. Such alternate outfitting could easily facilitate the conversion of kinetic energy to a potential form, such as battery charging, on-board hydrogen conversion, or electrical supply to another vessel equipped with such means. Though numerous inventions in this field have been proposed over the last century, the comparative practical benefits of the present invention (when comparable power output and maintenance requirements are considered) include minimal invasiveness to surface traffic or fishing; non-disruption of surface aesthetics; protection of primary equipment from the more violent and unpredictable surface currents and turbulence; ability to defend against more violent aquatic events by means of change in attitude or depth or by recall of the entire platform; and, most importantly, the ability to readily access the equipment in order to keep it functional and up-to-date.

If the buoy 113 is equipped with battery power or a transmissive tether, it may continue to confirm signal communication via transponders TP (or signal conveyance via tether 112, not represented); however, as the surface vessel 1701 may as readily be so equipped such communications equipment, the buoy may be understandably removed from the functional equation at work here in this temporary state. Further, such inventions are generally inapplicable for a deep-ocean environment in which constant-flow oceanic currents (as opposed to near-shore, tidal or river-based flows) are fully engaged, being precluded by their design via the greater water depths, more severe wave action, and/or distance from shore. The arrangement depicted for these devices is, therefore, merely illustrative in nature, but reinforcing of the concept of the cable’s training behind (that is, down-current) of the platform in its operational position, via the action of surrounding current.

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Moreover, an alternate embodiment a completely different arrangement of buoyant volumes with respect to the transverse payload-bearing structure. Regardless, the surface-servicing vessel may be specialized in design for the purposes in view, and perhaps envelop the platform (e.g., being catamaran in design) in the engagement of it. The service vessel and the towing vessel may further be comprised in the same entity, such a specialized vessel being available to deploy, service, and bring to shore one of an array of submersible platforms deployed in a greater and aggregate arrangement. Once so draped, the hydraulic actuator 715 is retracted, thus lowering idler arm 712 and locking said chain between traction drum 703 and idler wheel 710. This operational position of the idler arm is further locked by pin 712, thereby relieving the actuator 715 (with its associated piping and valves) from structural and mechanical load path involvement in operations pertaining to descent, operational position, and ascent of the platform assembly.

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From the point of maximum depth down to the anchor 106, however, no travel of platform is permissible; thus adjunct flotation devices 203 are affixed to the mooring line 104 between those positions. Communication between any such surface vessel and shore station in this scenario are assumed secure encryption of signal. U.S. Pat. No. 4,306,157 (Wracsaricht, 1981) presents a practical submarine turbine assembly that transmits power to shore. The invention focuses however on turbine devices that move up, down and axially relative to their fixed undersea platform, implying a tidal (and thus shallower water) application. Dolor en el brazo izquierdo hasta la mano . In this operational condition, motive components of the platform assembly itself (e.g., hydraulic power units, air compressors, and other support systems) are capable of being energized by electrical energy produced by turbine units T aboard the platform, indicated by the position of switchgear symbol SG3.

In concert with buoyancy control of the overall platform, this system enables the platform to “crawl” down its mooring lines from the surface, and to likewise ascend (assisted by variable buoyancy) for maintenance or other purposes. However, it should be apparent that by reassigning payload-bearing structural cells to equipment packages other than those designed for strictly electrically generative objectives, many alternative purposes and means may be achieved with same essential invention. 12 illustrates a payload exclusively devoted to power generation, certain payload cells may well be employed for other types of mission-specific equipment. Indeed, such a purpose may become the most useful application for the presented submersible platform invention. Indeed, with the steady improvement of underwater wireless communication (e.g., acoustic signal transpondence) methods, any “hard wired” approach may be obviated in entirety without affecting the nature or novelty of the present invention.

The category of prior art involving submarine “power plants” follows next, which must be addressed in deeper detail for the attributes of the present invention to be best compared and contrasted. 2 and need not be repeated here, except to point out in better detail the major features of this “cable management buoy” 113. These features begin with a hull 1001, which may be understood as being configurable in a number of ways (with only a simplified approach being illustrated). The present invention does not depend on this decision of communication means, however. The same could be demonstrated for devices energized by the oscillatory nature of surface wave action; but as the present invention relates to subsurface current-based energy conversion, such need not be invoked herein. Likewise, much more could have been said concerning the discrete devices surveyed that do indeed have submarine current-motivated power generation as their objective. The term “transverse” will similarly refer to a direction perpendicular to that just described.

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10, similarly equipped with a line yoke and directional fins. A frame 1003 supports fins 1004, ensuring a particular current-induced orientation of the buoy, with respect to mooring line tension and surface current direction, as described earlier. This angular difference renders the fins as not being parallel with incoming direction of mooring line 104 (in plan view), which is determined by the ocean current. 7A and 7B being, respectively, upper forward and lower aft views of this assembly in the preferred embodiment. Dolor muscular hombro derecho . Even so, this presented winch assembly has the purpose of causing the semi-buoyant platform assembly to “crawl” along its mooring lines to an operational depth, regardless of the motor type or final mechanical details of the sub-components involved. It is assumed, however, that the platform will generally have at least one device that converts the kinetic energy of ocean current to an electrical form, as either an intermediate or final product.

2) may obviate such a need for an inbound mooring line fleet angle handling device entirely. Twist alleviation of power cables is not anticipated to be of concern, though an axial slip-ring device 306 may be readily installed in the cable (or incorporated into swivel assembly 303) should the characteristics of a particular deployment necessitate such.

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Further, it is not installed directly on the seabed, and requires no overall mechanical pivot. Thus these “high pressure” volumes need be only charged while the platform is on the surface (e.g., by a service vessel), the platform itself being relieved of any higher-pressure air compressors for the purpose. Thus the benefit of “making” power connections to the platform while at surface provides also the benefit of powering said platform as it descends and ascends. The present invention however, while being “barge-like” in appearance and being able to bear a plurality of true turbines, has little or no practical resemblance to the Herz invention.

However, in an application in which a trailing power cable would be undesirable, the invention is of course readily adaptable to remote (underwater) “making” and “breaking” of the electrical connections involved, by means of said remotely-operated vehicles. That being said, the present invention is, by a different selection of payload equipment, equally amenable to hydrogen production. 6B; however, the latter is favored in the preferred embodiment, in that the platform’s dimensions are intended to be expandable without major redesign, with its basic structural components being more readily “mass-produced.” Indeed, an optimal configuration of the invention might well proceed toward the more artistic depiction of FIG. Indeed, many of the following are explicitly or implicitly designed for shallower installation only. The portrayal of specifically two such housings in the drawings need not therefore be considered as restrictive for the invention’s novelty. Whether before, after, or in concert with the above activities, the mooring line anchors are lowered and set, with the free ends of the ignoring lines being retained at surface.

¿Cuál es la explicación biológica de un dolor de cabeza.. Note that all elements mentioned above for electrical power and signal handling are founded on existing technologies. Note that such switchgear may be accompanied by separate overload protection devices, or itself integrate such functionality for the discrete generator. Three pontoons (for example) with a corresponding trio of mooring lines and winch assemblies, or an upper and lower pair of pontoons perpendicular to the current, can be readily envisioned. Dolor posterior de la rodilla . Alternatively, signal for both cables may be electronically overlaid upon the selfsame power conductors, using standard technologies of multiplexing and decoding at either end. Alternatively, the seabed cable may be the selfsame cable that proceeds to the surface, but is simply affixed with an anchor connection point or collar, without any disruption to connectivity.

As with the platform-connected power cable 107, that of 110 may contain dedicated signal conductors, appropriately shielded from interference of proximate electrical power being transmitted. These compensators are sized and located as the various subsystems require. Such a framework, along with any supplemental line-separating frames 210, are preferably equipped with buoyant volumes, and serve the purpose of lower mooring line segregation as perhaps mandated by greater ocean floor depths.