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Neurodinámica y dolor neuropático It will also be appreciated that the energy extraction system may be located between adjacent bodies instead of being inside the bodies. The relief valves 40 operate in overload conditions, and may also be used as shown in FIG. In order to prevent overloading of the piston 3, suitable relief valves may be incorporated therein as shown in FIGS.

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5 and 5a has two relief valves 40 disposed in opposite relationship, each relief valve 40 comprising a cylindrical chamber 41 having an inlet 42, and an outlet 43 provided by the space between a bearing portion 45 held by four equi-spaced webs 44, and the side of the chamber 41 to which the webs 44 extend. Each body 1 may be threaded onto two cables 2, each cable 2 having a piston 3 located in a cylinder 4, in roughly mutually perpendicular directions in a net-like arrangement to make each body 1 substantially omnidirectional in energy-extraction ability.

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3, each body 1 may be threaded onto two or more parallel cables 2 (only two are shown), each cable 2 having a piston 3 in a cylinder 4 in the respective body 1 preferably in an out-of-phase relationship with the other piston(s) 3, and the cables 2 may be aligned in mutually, perpendicular directions. 7925350 comprises a tubular tie member comprising an elastomeric material such as natural rubber reinforced with layers of helically-wound relatively inelastic filaments such as carbon fibres, glass fibres, steel or natural fibres such as cotton, or plastics such as nylon or polypropylene. The cables 2 may be made of natural fibres, or artificial fibres such as polymer cables. 9 to which reference is made to extend in a cruciform manner at a 45° displacement with respect to the arms 71 through a hub portion 75 of a body 70 in which the cylinders 4 (not shown) are located.

In FIG. 11, a cable 2 is connected at each end of a rack 85 in a chamber 86 and engaged with a pinion 87. The chamber 86 is defined by a body 78 which may be similar to any of those shown in FIGS. In operation, energy is extracted from the waves on the liquid 5 by the to and fro or reciprocating motion of the body 1 in response to the waves causing relative displacement of the piston 3 in the cylinder 4 and thereby displacement of fluid 6 from and into, the cylinder 4 through the ducts 7 and 8 to perform useful work, for example by driving a hydraulic motor (not shown). 1, and 7 to 10, so that to and fro motion of the body 78 in response to waves causes a corresponding relative displacement of the rack 85 in the chamber 86 which thereby rotates the pinion 87. The pinion 87 may be connected to a hydraulic pump (not shown) or to an electric generator (not shown) to provide a power output, suitable known means being provided, such as a semi-rotary vane pump, or cranks and rams, or sprag clutches, to convert the oscillatory motion of the pinion 87 into a unidirectional output.

The piston 3 is secured to a rod 72 which extends through the body 70 and is joined at each end to a cable 2. To and fro movement of the body 70 in response to waves results in a fluid 6 being displaced from the cylinder 4 to perform useful work as described in relation to FIGS.

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The fluid displaced by the tie member could be used to drive a hydraulic motor in a similar manner to that described in relation to the devices of FIGS. Examples of said means may comprise a hydraulic piston and cylinder means, or a rack and pinion means adapted to drive a rotatable power output means. Desirably, said means includes an elongate member adapted to extend through the body and about which elongate member said to and fro movement of the body is arranged to occur, and a plurality of said bodies may be about a common elongate member. 1, the essential components of a wave-energy converter are shown and comprise a body 1 which may be of almost any shape but is preferably roughly lenticular in form, threaded on an elongate member comprising a cable 2 in a liquid 5 (e.g. Dolor de pierna y cadera izquierda . Although the invention has been described in relation to an elongate member comprising a cable or a rod, alternative elongate members may be used and may comprise for example a chain.