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However, with respect to a direction rectifying flotation module, it can be useful to minimize the (absolute value of) the metacentric height or at least ensure that it is within a range of values having sufficiently small absolute value, to predispose the flotation module to rotate in the water when acted on by a fleet-angle-correcting torque or moment applied by the flexible connector(s).

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Muletas de Aluminio - OrtePRO In some embodiments, the inertial mass is controlled so as to cause it to oscillate within an operational separation distance range (or, an operational depth range) spaced from a resting, or parked, separation distance (or, spaced from a resting, or parked, depth) by a distance of at least 1.5 times the significant wave height. 1, the wet weight of the chain is greater than that of the inertial mass. 553, of each cable in the array is affixed to the roller 552. The other end of each cable in the ribbon is connected to a submerged inertial mass (below the buoy and not visible from the illustrated perspective). 3 This illustration omits the inertial mass and the restoring weight connected to the ends of the ribbon cables. 1. This illustration omits the inertial mass connected to the distal ends of the ribbon cables, e.g. First, this embodiment uses a net 7-143 composed of flexible tendons to substantially enclose and “hold up” inertial mass 7-140. The net 7-143 makes contact with inertial mass 7-140 at a plurality of locations around the inertial mass’s perimeter, and/or exterior surface, especially (but not limited to) its bottom portion.

FIG. 28 shows a top-down view of an embodiment 130 similar to the embodiments illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. FIG. 143 shows a top-down view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. Dolor de espalda ala altura del pulmon izquierdo . FIG. 239 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure similar in some respects to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. By varying the number of weights, and/or the locations on each weight to which the connectors are attached, it is possible to vary the degree of acceleration and jerk experienced by the inertial mass as it is arrested in its rising by the suspended weight(s). 22-1200. For instance, the countertorque processor can send a digital data packet containing a countertorque directive to a control system responsible for controlling a grid-side converter, thereby varying the load experienced by the generator, thereby varying the countertorque it can develop or realize. Countertorque processor 22-1020 can include a physics simulation engine enabling the control system to benefit from Monte Carlo simulation of various potential countertorque values.

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For approximate scale (merely illustrative), the wave height/wave amplitude shown (vertical distance between the maximal water level 2K-100 and the minimal water level 2A-100) is approximately 2.5 meters and the wave period shown is approximately 10 seconds. 22. The only difference between the embodiments illustrated in FIGs. Likewise, typically, holding all else equal, the deeper the inertial mass is in the body of water (or the greater the separation distance between the flotation module and the inertial mass)-especially if the inertial mass is deeper than some critical depth-the larger will be the appropriate magnitude of the countertorque, resistance, or stopping power developed, realized, and/or provided by the powertrain, so that the inertial mass can be gradually “raised” to an optimal or nominal depth range. A “compacted” configuration of some embodiments of the converter can enable 5 safe and efficient transportation and deployment of the converter.