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beautiful curly girl in multi-colored top, white shorts and bright shoes playing with balloons The first of the alternatives is shown in FIGS. A disc-like rigid structure 26 can be included between the inner skin and the outer skin at this region of the airship, and this rigid structure can provide the necessarily rigid framework for the turbine bearings and for the mechanical arrangements 28 required for bringing out power from the turbine blades. A base-plate 41 is securely attached to the ground, and carries a vertical pivot pin 43, on which rides a circular turntable 42. In order to facilitate rotation of the turntable in response to changes in direction of the wind, its edges, bottom, top, and outer periphery, are supported in trunnion bearings 44, 46, and 45, respectively, these bearings being suitably mounted on the outer part of the base plate, on a top-side turned-in edge 48, and on an up-standing annular edge 47. A structural framework 49 is carried on the topside of the turntable, and on this framework is mounted both the tether cable winching and adjustment system, and the power-take-off system.

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However, in some instances there may be small differences in length of the two cables, and there may be small changes in forces on the two cables as the wind shifts direction. To overcome deleterious effects of this sort, the shaft 58 of the generator is mounted a short distance toward the airship from the pin 54, whereby such changes in cable forces or cable lengths will be automatically balanced out by a small angular movement of the power cross arm about its pivot. The exterior surface of the said craft is of generally circular cross section, beginning with a diameter of the entrance end, flaring rapidly to a maximum diameter exterior to the vena contracta region, gradually necking in to a minimum diameter about half-way from vena contracta to tail, and then increasing gradually in diameter to a sharp edge junction with the interior at the tail.

The shape of the inner skin 10 is such as to form a tubular structure decreasing from the entrance end 11 in a smoothly faired passage to a vena contracta 12, or minimum diameter cross section, the decrease taking place sufficiently rapidly as to form an aerodynamically efficient converging nozzle.

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3, where the minimum cross-section at the vena contracta is designated 17. The annular vena contracta, in accordance with fluid flow principles, provides a region of reduced pressure into which the wind leaving the tail of the primary airship enters; because of this reduced pressure, the entrance of this wind is facilitated, and in effect, some of the energy in the wind passing through the annular passageway is added to the energy extracted from the wind passing through the primary airship. The outer skin 9 from its beginning at the entrance end 11 increases to a maximum diameter shortly to the rear of the vena contracta then decreases to a minimum “waistline” about two thirds of the distance to the tail 13, after which it increases again to the tail diameter. Flexible tensile members may be used at numerous points to join the outer skin to the inner skin, and individual diaphragms may be used to subdivide the interior volume into smaller volumes, for reducing rate of gas loss from leaks, for avoiding catastrophic descent in case of a bad leak, and for controlling shape and distention of the parts of the ship.

¿Me sigues? In another form of the invention, instead of the gear arrangement, the outer rim surface of the turbine wheel is itself the driving sheave, and the endless cable extends outwardly through the wall of the craft, is carried around angle-changing idler sheaves, and extended toward the ground to the previously described driven sheave.

An object is to capture wind at high elevation, on a 100,000 square foot scale, funnel the wind through turbines, convert a large fraction of the wind energy to mechanical energy, conduct the mechanical energy to the ground, and there convert it to electrical energy. The said shaft is extended through the wall of the craft to the exterior surface, and is provided with a sheave that drives an endless cable leading downwardly from the craft generally parallel to the tether to a driven sheave at the ground. In contrast, the present invention produces a steady, non-oscillating, motion of the at least one, endless power-transmission cable, it being an elongated loop passing between air-borne drive sheaves, and ground-carried driven sheaves, and the aircraft stays in a relatively constant position in the air, which is highly advantageous. Outwardly of the said exterior the shafts carry sheaves 29, on which ride endless cables designated 8, the cables extending to the ground.

Calculations show that lighter-than-air craft apparently cannot be made with lift enough to carry not only appropriate turbine wheels, but also the very large generators and the weight of the cable to conduct the power to the ground. Remedios para el dolor de rodilla . Accordingly, for the present invention it is desirable to use a pair of counter-rotating turbine wheels, whereby an essentially complete balance of torques is achieved. Most desirable would be to power an electrical generator carried in the airship, but it can be shown that this is difficult with present day generators because of their great weight and because of the weight of electrical conductors leading to the ground.

In some situations, should there be a tendency to fluttering of the power cables, and possible entanglement with one another or with the tethering cables, it may be desirable to insert some spacers along the length of the cables. In FIGS. 4 and 5 are shown in plan view and in partially sectioned elevation the base, turntable, tether adjustment, and power takeoff system at the ground.

Italian Pat. No. 466,172 (1951) to Mario Caraco describes a wind-power system in which a tethered balloon has suspended below it a basket containing an electrical generator, which is powered from the wind by a pair of counter-rotating propellers, both mounted on the generator shaft. Pivoted on a pin 54 projecting above the plate 51 is a mounting for the generator and its sheaves and bearings. 1. From Bernouilli’s equation, the total kinetic energy in one lb. Neither of the above two references nor any others known to applicants disclose means whereby one could intercept the wind over very large areas, such as 100,000 square feet, and abstract from that wind a large fraction of its energy. It also states that “the energy generated by the wind wheel may also be led or transmitted positively mechanically directly to the ground by means of the guy-rope” but it contains no information as to how the force on the guy-rope would be coupled with any kind of translational motion, to obtain energy (which by definition requires the product of force and speed, for example, in units of lbs.

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The cone of cables not only provides a means of picking up the drag forces from all around the entrance to the tubular airship, but also makes more visible the entrance, which should reduce the number of birds that might enter the airship. Around the entrance of the tubular airship are provided attachment fixtures, to which a cone of cables 5 is fixed with clevises or the like, all of the cables leading to an apex, at which they are joined together and attached to a larger cable 6, of sufficient strength to resist the entire drag of the airship in the passing wind.

1, 2, and 3, it is also contemplated that dual over-and-under cables could be used, one such cable leading either to the upper half of the cone of cables, and the other to the lower half of the cone, or else the second cable leading to a bridle attached to the sides of the airship back nearer the center of gravity.

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  • (d) Whenever required, ingest only air so as to float the pipe wholly, wherein flow ceases
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Alternatively, the cone of cables could be divided into an upper and a lower half, and the tether cables attached to their corresponding halves. 2, a set of airfoils 31 may be placed in the passageway for the air, (as shown, downstream, but could be elsewhere) and these foils may have a small and adjustable pitch, whereby any residual unbalanced torque tending to rotate the airship on its axis is overcome. Dolor parte de atras rodilla . The same kind of change can be secured with the two winches 74 and 75, but the degree of control may be less precise, and such winching may have a greater and undesirable effect on the tightness of the power take-off cables. Recently there have been publications describing very large two-blade windmills, purportedly for the generation of considerable amounts of electrical power with generators directly coupled to the shaft of the windmills, atop the mounting tower.