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Heitor Martinez recorre à fisioterapia para tratar.. Significantly, the skin of the device of the invention may be perforated, contact-bearing, or puncture-able, perhaps in localized, indexed areas spaced along the length of the cluster-device allowing the area-specific, selectable insertion of inflating/deflating force as a gas or liquid or other input such as heat, solvents, or electricity, to the cluster-device. A timed or electrically-activated valve, for instance, may be provided as a part of the device, or a reservoir of, say, CO2 could be fitted to, or installed within the cluster-device. A thin profile controlled-diameter device device, for example, could be made in the form of an inverted ‘U’ in such a way that the more sunlight or heat, for example, impinges upon the U, the flatter and more planar the U becomes. This could be accomplished by protrusions from a ceramic or metallic magnetic panel which forms the base of the devices and which has been magnetized so that the poles lie across its depth front-to-back.

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Servicios Vitaqua Finally, in either method, it is potentially enhancing to further encase the magnetic regions in ferrofluids. It is important to understand that the cluster can be made to be either rigid or flexible in its normal or resting state. One variant (especially when employed in situations where direct contact with the cluster is impossible), shown in a partial-sectional view in Fig.41, is the use of metallized or metallic elements 530 which line the contact surfaces between members 520, 525, or are embedded as particles in either the material itself (of the members or of capsules) or other bonding-sensitive devices. Each layer would employ an open weave where, for example, the mean distance between thread-like elements is approximately equal to the width of the ‘U’ or cylinder when fully flattened or expanded.

In its simplest implementation, a standardized distance between gear-like ridges is employed for each (standardized) scale of device. These uses also might allow the device to be used for its motion- imparting, motor-like ability, where the desired result of such a (memorized) state-change would be to perform physical work or motion, rather than simply to assume shape.

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In longer lengths of clusters, or in critical applications where differing lengths of rods at the ends of a cluster would be unacceptable, strategies must be employed to accommodate the length differences created in actual use. Such methods are usually employed in a synchronous, clocked system where the return-path, or ground is established through switching at the computed propagation delay time. Such a useful cavity could reside in the center of the device, around its periphery, or even distributed within multiple capillaries spread throughout the device. That is, just because we elect to use a length-accommodating device, doesn’t mean we need to use them contiguously. The sudden presence of air within such a sequestered, airtight environment internal to the device, could set expansion processes in motion, by, for example, allowing air to rush into evacuated pockets within the sheeting which are equipped with, or structurally created to contain, adequate opening force to self-expand, for example.

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Additionally, actuators, motors and the like, including without limitation SMA’s and bimetal elements, could impart motivational forces to, for example, roll-up or assist in the rolling up of such a device. Dolor muscular en el cuello y cabeza . For example, metallic particles, such as microscopic toroids, exhibiting eddy-currents and/or induced magnetic/diamagnetic forces when exposed to electro-magnetic or, by way of example, microwave radiation, might generate both modest heat and mutually repulsive forces. The center tube 175 is filled with gas or liquid through a port, not shown, to the exterior of bundle 170. Upon filling the tube 175, the tube 175 inflates and, becoming distended, increases its circumference, as shown in Figure 16. This increase in circumference forces rods 180 to move apart, thus reducing their mutual binding force.

Fig. 5 is a partial isometric view of an alternative rod in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 24 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Fig. 99 is a cross section of the device of Fig. Fig. 58 is a cross-sectional view of the device of Fig. This might be accomplished by, as shown in the cross-sectional view of Fig. Fig. 5 is a partial isometric view of an alternative rod in accordance with the invention. If the heating element were a thermocouple Peltier device with the dissimilar junctions placed alternately on the interior and exterior of the threadlike elements (or in the case of arrays, if the cooling and heating surfaces of the individual thermocouples align as one, then the dissimilar thermal surfaces are placed alternately) then the application of direct current in opposing directions to the thermocouple assembly could be caused to both heat and cool the interior of the thread. Upon the application of pressure, from the bottom up or from the top down, the spacer 460 is compressed to allow the serrated or other high-friction surfaces to interact locking the elements together.

There are other methods of deriving narrow windows of driving voltage known to those skilled in the art, but the address method remains, we believe, inherently novel. 79 and 80, there are shown various designs relting to actuators for use in a sheet film actuator. For instance, a purely pneumatic structure might control rigidity/flexibility while a purely electrical or microwave-driven heat-state might control shape-memorization. While this can be used in contexts requiring an enormous amount of force, mecahnical actuation can be accomplished with any of several known mechanical methods. Fig. 31 is a side view of an article in accordance with the invention. Dolor de espalda fisioterapia . Fig. 74 is a view of devices similar to that of Fig. That is, the elements themselves can be made to exist without need of the enclosing sheath of most variable-diameter/rigidity descriptions herein. These characteristics can be made to include sensitivity to control signals, light, air pressure, and heat, as well as the ability to respond to light, or pressure, or heat by varying the diameters of the individual elements whether locally or globally along the length of a ‘thread’ or in a localized area of thread, as well as globally or locally in two or more dimensions.

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It should also be stated that localized areas of control or reactivity could be defined by the aforementioned control signals and environmental stimuli in the linear direction of the controlled-diameter device device as well as in two- and three-dimensional structures, such as weaves, formed of the devices, or of more than one device. The heating could rupture the beads of water/solvent causing them to explode into the surrounding water/solvent-soluble powder or liquid and act as blowing agents. If the surrounding sheeting or fibers contained a weak repellent charge to the opposing interlocking forms, then the, for example, shafts might naturally guide themselves into the appropriate regular orientation for mating. It should be mentioned that strong general charges, thermal energy, and the like, placed upon such a sheet could be employed to aid in the interlocking process by causing, say, the pits to expand during the assembly/mating phase of the manufacturing process.

The function of this could be, minimally, two-fold. These could be address wires, as discussed above. The substances known to give rise to such a reaction might be doubly sequestered, or singly sequestered as described above. An alternative to the expansion technologies described above is the use of electroactive polymers, commonly referred to as artificial muscles. The uses of the conductors may be for braiding, spring stress relief, transmitting heat energy, and other purposes as described below. In addition to grained or ridged surfaces, in any of the embodiments described above, it is also possible to employ compressible surfaces with a very high coefficient of static friction when under compression. The strategy would work with any of the numerous combinations of materials or structures that expand with the addition of a second substance, information, or energy. The second is the concept of supplying the units with a nominal length of exposed, excess rods projecting from each end of the sheath.

Fig. 1 is a partial cutaway view of an article in accordance with the invention. 67. Fig. 69 is a view of a modified version of the device of Fig. Dolor en la región dorso lumbar . Fig. 73 is a view of a device of the invention. Fig. 77 is a partial isometric view of a device of the invention.

Fig. 44 is a partial top view of the device of Fig. The hand-held controller might take the form of, for example, a joystick or other popular input device. Flexible cables, tubes, and sheeting and other generally elongated objects are used for a wide variety of purposes. Additionally, this conductor is adequately insulated from other elements of the proposed system. With or without the internal selective rigidity core, the concept of a fabric composed of threadlike elements capable of varying their diameters is a good one. The tubing is preferably reinforced with structural elements, such as open cell rigid foam, or a string o foamed ceramic inserts or an asterisk-shaped set of vanes that fills the hollow of the tube. At one end of member 425 an enlarged hollow tube 435, with an interior serrated surface, is provided. Air-reactive solvents, glues, and the like may also be caused to be released – for example in the form of bubbles within an air-drying foam – into the interior of such a device.

The interior of such a block or panel may also be composed of telescoping or sliding members. Such positioning would, ideally, be relayed to a remote operator controlling the ‘ring-device’. In the case of heating devices, the following may be used. The lines attached to the tabs may be employed more generally to cause some deployment to occur within the tabbed device. Referring to Fig. 8, beads 70, of size small relative to the diameter of rod 65 of Figure 8, may also be employed. 61- 63. Referring to Figs. When bi-directional change is desirable, sloping ridges would be positioned on both sides of the binding areas. A matrix of, for example, tiny plastic, spring-elements or repellent structures might then force the device apart into a deployed state, thus rupturing the beads, by, for example, shearing or by pure pressure differentials. For permanent configurations of the deployed cluster, adhesives or bonding or solvent liquids, slurries, or gases might be selectively introduced to induce a permanent state in the cluster by bonding the members to one another.

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