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La mochila de los niños y los dolores de espalda.. As shown in Figure 2, using the example of the submerged body 9, the submerged bodies 9, 10 can additionally comprise means of regulation by means of which can be adjusted the mass of inertia of the containers submerged, for example, the volume of liquid can be regulated trapped in the submerged vessel (s). 14, the electricity from the generator 1030 can be used in a reaction chamber 2000 for separating water into oxygen and hydrogen using the electrical current, thereby breaking water into an outflow means for the oxygen 2005 and an outflow means for the hydrogen 2010. The hydrogen can then be stored in a pressurized bottle 2015 or oxidized directly in a conventional generator 2020. As before, in FIG. It can Easily design, so that sharp waves or break waves pass over, a slender form hydrostatically. In the alternative form of the apparatus, illustrated in Figure 8, this comprises a single flotation presenting the pointed surface and a virtual mass suspended deeply united by means of energy extraction similar to that which has been previously described.

Functioning As described above, the apparatus according to the present invention preferably derives its energy from relative movement of the two (or more) devices 3, 4, each of them comprising a float or fixed float 5, 6 on surface 11 of liquid 2 rigidly connected to one or more containers 9, 10 deeply submerged. The apparatus may also include systems of mooring that keep all of said apparatus in one position in accordance with regulatory requirements and that does not inhibit Significantly efficient operation. Another degree of freedom is allowed thanks to the pistons that are connected to the central axis 31 by means of a rotating circular element 20, which is adapted to allow the outdoor device to fully rotate in the indoor device Although this turn does not effect Actively changes in energy, improves the conditions of navigation of the entire device in conditions in which relative torsion of connected devices may occur.

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This central shaft may have an axis of rotation, as well as a substantially cylindrical interior that also has a second inner shaft positioned inside the central shaft, and this inner shaft will be capable of rotating independently about the central shaft’s axis of rotation. The Magnus force operates in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cylinder, and because many prior art Magnus forces used the rotating cylinders in a fluid environment where the axis of rotation of the cylinder was horizontal, and the fluid movement was also horizontal but generally perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cylinder, the resulting force direction was often in a vertical or “up” direction, and thus the term Magnus “lift” is often used to refer to this Magnus force, even when the actual direction of the force is not always in an upward direction.

3. outside of the normal area where the waves break, but not in the ocean, is say in the proximity of the coast. The channel side walls can also be curved (See FIG. The difference in phase change between a pair of attached devices can be exploited as a source of energy through some suitable system of mechanical joints or by means of electrical induction. Mooring and phase control It is also known to use a Tying principle of heavy body phase control. They announce the restraint of the oscillating body in the upper or lower phase of its cycle through a mechanism of hydraulically actuated mooring (that works like a brake of hand), locking the oscillating float to a long bar attached at the bottom of the channel of the wave. Remedios caseros para dolor de rodilla . Alternatively, the unit of oscillating flotation and submerged virtual mass bound together rigid can be distributed in a rigid and floating open frame of adjoining cells, a provision that may be suitable for seas with less depth and more protected than normally They have a shorter wavelength.

Activating a valve 14, which may be located in the top and / or bottom of the cylindrical container or above, by means of a narrow bored extension open to the atmosphere through the surface float, you can vary the trapped mass contained inside compartment 13. The submerged body may have a plurality or none of said compartments contained therein. In a hydro application embodiment, the energy harvester can be mounted in a self-floating configuration, and may be attached to a vessel or platform located in a current of 1 foot per second or greater, such as in a tidal channel.

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Due to the large dimensions of the apparatus and its typical distribution under ocean conditions, it can additionally understand navigation lights and reflectors of radar 15 for identification in navigation. Devices have been used for decades practical small-scale absorption such as sirens of fog and navigation buoys, both being able to incorporate OWC devices Typically, such devices have a power of a few hundred watts.

These two installations seem to be the most developed and perfected WEC systems of this size available. The movement between sayings at least two devices preferably effect a power generation that It is used by unions. He term “wave” or “wave movement” as used herein, it refers to both waves on a surface of a liquid, such as swell in a body of a liquid.

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Here the term “fin” is used broadly to encompass a turbine or turbine blade, Savonius turbine, screw, or fan assembly. As used herein, the term “lift” refers to a force that is perpendicular to a direction of fluid flow. Concentrating the moving fluid in the channel further accelerates the flow by funneling the fluid towards the cylinders 1200 and 1210. Interestingly and unexpectedly however, this fluid flow acceleration in energy harvester chamber 12 is further amplified by the Magnus cylinders themselves, additionally increases the Magnus force lift. When the flow 90 is concentrated through the channel 95 and past the cylinders 1200 and 1210, the Magnus cylinder rotation will produce a Magnus force lift.

In the US-A-4,773,221 and WO 99/22137 a similar technology is known and described. Figure 8 is a schematic drawing illustrating an alternative embodiment of the apparatus according to the present invention equated to a point absorption device but incorporating a virtual mass. Preferably, each device comprising a surface float, a submerged body or vessel and a trapped liquid has a general mass, a virtual mass and some dimensions that will tend to have a natural frequency of oscillation along its vertical axis close to the frequency predominant of the surface wave, or it will be provided with a means to alter its natural frequency to match the of the predominant wave type.

A device designed to have a frequency natural at the lower end of a selected range of periods wave and substantially less than the most common period means that said apparatus will be smaller than the one designed to match the most common period. The combination of two or more converters in one given provision will provide the opportunity to share costs associated with energy extraction systems as well how to improve continuity and energy supply. Variable flotation apparatus An additional development of devices self-reactive point absorption incorporates a device punctual absorption of three bodies comprising a float of surface, a submerged variable flotation and a mass of inertia. Various types of devices may be used as fin device 88. Dolor muscular en las piernas y cansancio . The fin device may be a turbine blade as shown in FIG. The invention’s novel use of a fan Magnus cylinder rotation device, which can be configured to extract only enough energy from the incoming fluid (air or water) to rotate the Magnus cylinders, offers the additional advantages that the fan device also causes additional turbulence, with reduces the drag of the Magnus cylinders, so that they can rotate faster around the central shaft.

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Altering these virtual masses will can determine that the two joining devices tend to oscillate with different phase angles. In any of the embodiments mentioned above, the hydraulic cylinder, the accumulator and the generator engine can be placed in a “room motors “, preferably, that can be separated to carry Out maintenance. The apparatus may additionally comprise means of phase control or drag adapted to help and optimize the oscillation, the amplitude and the relative movement of the docked devices in variable or hard maritime conditions.

These distributions in provisions may allow sharing of common functionality Between several devices. FIG. 7 shows the power output for a 2 foot diameter Manus energy harvester with 4 Magnus cylinders again as shown in FIG. 22, a screw/auger as shown in FIG. Here, due to the invention’s improved force traducing mechanisms and the design of the fin, the fin and force transuding mechanisms cause the circumference of the at least one Magnus cylinder(s) to move at a radial velocity that is substantially greater than the speed of the fluid.