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In certain preferred embodiments, the length of the duct may be variable for tuning the duct to suit the period of the waves of an ocean. In other embodiments, the base structure is not connected directly to the shore. The gravity based oscillating water column duct structure may be formed of water resistant building materials such as, for example, steel and concrete. In some embodiments, an inner surface/edge of the flow control segment extends across the mean sea level and an outer surface is submerged below the mean sea level such that the flow control segment joins the vertical duct segment about the mean sea level. In other embodiments, the two or more dynamic resonance control mechanisms may be arranged in the duct. It will be appreciated that a configuration of two or more shutters 18 advantageously provides advantages in terms of enabling a range of opened and closed patterns, thereby providing greater flexibility in tuning the effective length of the duct.

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Definicion_fisiopatologia_cronificacion_dolor_schubaroff.. Accordingly, the provision of a stable and robust offshore base structure, in combination with the ability to draw on two sources of energy, namely wave and wind energy, provides significant commercial and operational advantages due to an increased production of usable power. It will be appreciated that the direct passage for the airflow to the duct, in combination with the ability of the turbine to rotate uni-directionally in response to the bi-directional airflow, advantageously results in a simple and efficient construction and avoids the need for additional complex arrangements and/or mechanisms such as one-way valves or gates to direct the airflow in a particular manner appropriate for the turbine. Preferably, the secondary duct is shaped such that when it is connected to the OWC duct, the combined duct has a generally S-shaped construction.

In addition, in these figures it can be seen that the passageway is located towards the ocean side of the seawall (or duct). In this embodiment, the lower horizontal limb of the duct 3 sits on the levelled foundation 15 with the inlet opening facing the ocean side and thus towards the direction from which ocean waves will travel.

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In one preferred embodiment, the opening of the submerged end is a rectangular opening which is wider than it is high. The flow control segment is also preferably arranged to extend so as to provide an obtuse angle with the second segment of the duct. In some embodiments, the base structure is arranged to extend at a predetermined angle between 0 and 90 degrees relative to the direction of the prevailing wave direction.

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In certain embodiments, the longitudinal axis of the lower limb of the duct is arranged to extend at a predetermined angle between directions perpendicular and parallel to the longitudinal axis of the base structure. The shutter is preferably moveable to intermediate positions between the fully opened and closed positions in order to provide fine tuning of the variable length of the duct, to thereby substantially correspond with the frequency of the prevailing ocean wave. The number of ducts in a particular group and/or the spacing between ducts may be determined with reference to the distance at which the respective duct/group is located from shore. It will be appreciated that the dynamic resonance control mechanism advantageously facilitates substantially instantaneous in situ adjustment of the effective length of the duct for matching the resonant frequency of the duct with the current wave climate conditions. Preferably, the base structure is seated on a substantially level base foundation such as, for example, a concrete slab or a levelled area of the seabed.

In these embodiments, the turbine is preferably, but not necessarily, located above the mean surface level of the body of water in which the duct is located. In various embodiments, the first segment of the duct has a telescopic configuration for varying the length of the first segment and consequently the total effective length of the duct.

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The intermediate ducts preferably increase in length in a stepwise manner from duct-to-duct along the array. In addition, certain embodiments advantageously a reduction in the amount of electrical equipment required for a complete system comprising an array with multiple ducts and turbines. In certain embodiments, the turbine is arranged such that its axis of rotation is transverse to a longitudinal axis of the duct. In some embodiments, the duct is generally L-shaped wherein the first segment forms the lower substantially horizontal limb ofthe “L” and the second segment forms the upper substantially vertical limb ofthe “L”. Posiciones para el dolor de espalda . The duct 3 has a first substantially horizontal segment 5, a second substantially vertical segment 6 arranged transversely to the first segment and a flow control segment 7 intermediate the first and second segments. The blades are preferably arranged in a non-overlapping sequential formation.

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The permanent magnet generator preferably includes one or more permanent magnets arranged on, or adjacent to, one or more tips of the turbine rotor blades. Although the airflow is bi-directional due to the rise and fall of the ocean waves, the turbine 9 is advantageously configured to rotate unidirectionally in response to the bi-directional airflow. The flow control segment 7 reduces the level of turbulent flow through the duct 3 to such an extent that there is a positive impact on the amplification of the amplitude of the ocean waves, as demonstrated by the increase in the oscillations of the water column within the duct. Gravity based structures provide significant advantages in terms of eliminating or reducing the amount of preparation of the seabed that is required to be undertaken. It will be appreciated that such gravity based structures provide significant advantages in terms of eliminating or reducing the amount of preparation of the seabed that is required to be undertaken.

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The flat surface design provides significant advantages in terms of aiding a modular, robust and efficient construction of the duct whilst also providing surprising functional advantages in reducing turbulent flow and thereby improved energy conversion efficiency of the turbine, and the system as a whole. The system can also be manufactures in a modular manner which advantageously allows its construction to be done offshore and float the individual units out to the deployment location. To ensure the sustainability of a system over its working life a level of redundancy is required to be built into the system. That is, in some embodiments each duct may be associated with its own dedicated energy conversion system. The bracing preferably stops before the flow control segment so that the water in each passage converges into a single flow passage defined by the flow control passage and the vertical duct segment. In other forms, the shutter is manually adjustable.

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In other embodiments, one or more additional modules may be connected to the first segment to provide the desired increase in length. Remedios caseros para dolor muscular espalda . In other preferred forms, at least one group of ducts has a different formation to one or more of the other groups. 2, the horizontal limb of the duct 3 sits directly on the seabed. Here, the foundation 15 of the base structure 14 is fully submerged below the mean sea level (MSL), sitting on the seabed. Furthermore, many existing wave power generation systems are moored to constantly face in one direction and therefore operate below optimum efficiency for long periods due to changes in wave direction arising from natural tidal changes. The base structure preferably extends in a direction substantially parallel to the coastline and/or the direction of the prevailing ocean waves. In yet further preferred embodiments, the first and second segments are substantially the same length.

In certain embodiments, the source of the acceleration (i.e. For example, the use of gravity based structures may, in certain circumstances, avoid the requirement to install foundation piles for the foundation. A number of protective and armour layers formed of smaller rocks are installed around the core 16 of the foundation 15 to maintain the position of the rocks forming the core of the foundation. For example, the total effective length of the duct is the sum of the length of the first segment, the flow control segment and the second segment. 4 and 5) for vehicular access along the breakwater (preferably along the entire length of the breakwater) and/or a pathway for light traffic access such as light vehicles and pedestrians. A concrete crest structure may be added onto the breakwater which can form an access way on the breakwater. In some embodiments, the base structure may form at least part of a housing for a desalination plant which is coupled to the wave energy converter to produce fresh water.