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PPT - Fisiología Sensorial PowerPoint Presentation, free.. The cylinder 60 rolls down the track 24 formed of rails 62 on the deck 64 of the ship 54. The rails 62 of the track 24 form the incline plane 58 from the bow 52 to the stern 56 of the ship 54. The rails 62 of the track 24 minimize friction by reducing the surface area rather than 20 the cylinder 60 rolling on the larger surface of the deck which forms the incline plane 58, therein causing the cylinder 60 to roll faster, thereby creating more mechanical energy. It should also be noted that the length of the incline plane formed by a floating platform from the leading edge 34 (bow) to the trailing edge 36 (stern) can be increased. 16, a front sectional view of the floating platform 22 of the system 150 is shown. 2A, the floating platform 22 is shown with the top surface 30, the bottom surface 32, the leading edge 34, and the trailing edge 36. As the crest 44 of a WO 2012/018392 8 PCT/US2011/001368 wave 46 reaches the leading edge 34 of the platform 22, the hydraulic force of the water raises the leading edge 34 relative to the trailing edge 36 creating an incline plane.

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¿Dolores musculares en la columna, espalda y piernas.. Type of property Property Value Hull Geometry Length (ft) 40.0 Hull Geometry Beam (ft) 100.0 Hull Geometry Depth (ft) 27.52 Hull Geometry Draft (ft) 13.76 Hull Geometry Pitch Natural 1.664 Frequency (Hz) MI & Track Mass (MI) Diameter 5.0 Configuration (Ft) MI & Track Friction Coefficient 0.15 Configuration MI & Track Track Radius (Ft) 21.25 Configuration WO 2012/018392 14 PCT/US2011/001368 MI & Track Natural Frequency 1.310 Configuration (Hz) M2 Configuration Vertical Location -40.0 from Bottom of Hull (Ft) M2 Configuration Separation of Halves 0.0 (Ft) Mooring Line Length (ft) 72.07 Configuration Mooring Mooring Line 6825000 Configuration Stiffness (N/m) Mooring Location of Mooring Midships Configuration on Hull The rate of travel, speed, of the mass 26 can be tuned to work the natural frequency of the system by adjusting its Friction Coefficient. 10 – 12. The counterbalance masses 170 are positioned below the hull 28. Each counterbalance mass 170 is carried on a counterbalance weight rod 172. The hull 28, the truss 158, the counterbalance masses 170, and other components are all part of the first 15 movable mass 164. The position of the counterbalance mass 170 on the counterbalance weight rod 172 is moved to tune the natural frequency of the first movable mass 164. While the counterbalance masses 170 are shown movable only vertically in this embodiment, it is recognized that the tuning can take different forms such as shown in FIG.

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22, the floating platform 262 has a hull 28 that is sized to contain a plurality of swinging masses 152. The swinging masses 152, while guided by a track 154, are pivotally carried by a pendulum 156. The pendulum 156 has a truss 158 that carries the pivot rod 160. The swinging masses 152 are slidably carried on a pendulum rod or a pair of pendulum rods 162 that oscillates as the pivot rod 160 rotates relative to the truss 158. 25 Still referring to FIG. The pendulum has a mounting device that engages the track. 5 In an embodiment, the base and a plurality of components form a first mass; the pendulum carries a second mass. The voltage is increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing the pressure (pounds per square inches (PSI)) driving the generator as motion of the second mass increases or decreases.

The arrows 190 show the motion of the masses, the second movable mass 152, relative to the hull 28, which is part of the first movable mass 164. Dolor de espalda omoplato derecho . In addition, the hull 28 is pivoted by the wave action. 31, the system 302 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28, which is similar to the tuning masses discussed above.

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As the crest 44 of the wave 46 passes under the platform 22, the hydraulic force of the water no longer raises the leading edge 34, which now falls into a trough 48 of the wave 46, relative 5 to the trailing edge 36. Referring to FIG. Throughout this specification and the claims which follow, unless the context 25 requires otherwise, the word “comprise”, and variations such as “comprises” and “comprising”, will be understood to imply the inclusion of a stated integer or step or group of integers or steps but not the exclusion of any other integer or step or group of integers or steps. However if the ocean / wave properties change such that the natural frequency is 0.8 hertz, the average power generated drops to 658.09 kilowatts. 12 FIG. 1 lB shows the floating platform 128 on a wave 46 such that the trailing edge 36 is near the crest 44 of the wave 46 and the leading edge 34 is near the trough 48. The constant changing of the relative heights of the track 24 near the leading edge 34 and the trailing edge 36 of the floating platform 128 by the hydraulic force of the wave is the source 10 of energy used to allow the mass 26, the rolling energy generating mass, to roll along the track 24 and generate power.

Referring to FIG. 13, a graph shows the natural frequency of one run where the rolling mass 26 and the track 24 has a natural frequency of 1.57 hertz. Calmantes para el dolor de espalda . The track radius is changed by either flexing the track or by moving the two curved portions further apart or closer together; FIG.

  • Permanece en esta posición durante 10 segundos
  • Si comes plátano para desayunar, consigues todo esto
  • La forma en que el cuerpo quema grasa (funcionamiento del metabolismo)
  • Promover la curación de cirugías estéticas
  • Pon a remojar los pies durante 15 o 20 minutos

Sprockets and chains or similar means (not shown) can be used to prevent the cylinder 60 from sliding down the track 24 rather than rolling. Referring to FIG. 18A, a schematic side view of the embodiment shown in FIGS. 3; FIG. 6A is a diagram of a mass comprised of two substantially cylindrical masses; WO 2012/018392 6 PCT/US2011/001368 FIGS. It is also recognized that the stators 248, as seen in FIGS. These elements of 20 the platform can also be used to create a “rudder” effect to help stabilize the direction of the platform as waves pass by it. It is also recognized that the design shape of the platform can be used to “tune” the system. There are several factors that influence the shape of the graph including the frequency of the wave, the natural frequency of the first movable mass 164, and the natural frequency of the swinging mass 152. In addition, the system uses electric braking or regenerative braking to assist in tuning the movement of the swinging 5 mass 152 relative to the first movable mass 164 and also for extracting energy from the system.