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Farmacología - Fundación Femeba A single hydrofoil may be used or a plurality of hydrofoils variously moving toward or from each other may be used. It is a further object of the present invention to provide a device that produces oscillatory motion for flapping hydrofoils. The present invention relates to propulsors, specifically to a linear actuator that produces oscillatory motion. In thin structures with a relatively small mass, a low damping coefficient, and having a suitable cross-sectional shape or shape (such as, for example, rectangular, triangular or an open semicircular shape (C-shaped, or D-shaped) ) the transverse gallop can occur when the velocity of the incident flow exceeds a certain critical value At flow rates above this critical value, the stabilizing effect of the structural (mechanical) damping is overcome by the destabilizing effect of the fluid force, and a small transverse displacement of the body creates a fluid force in the direction of the movement that tends to increase the amplitude of vibration.Once the instability threshold is exceeded, an oscillatory movement (which is mainly transverse to the flow) develops an increasing amplitude until the energy dissipated per cycle through mechanical damping balances the energy to received per cycle from the flow.

For the purpose of energy efficiency, this is a great advantage, since the flow rate at which the gallop will take place can be controlled to some extent (for example, by the appropriate choice of mechanical properties). These vortices detach from the wake periodically with a frequency proportional to the undisturbed flow rate. Typically, the flow pattern is characterized by two layers of cut on each side of the body that are unstable and roll up to form vortices. A significant advantage of the Gallop for the conversion of energy and the production of electricity over, for example, vortex-induced vibrations, is that the oscillations do not occur simply in a limited range of flow velocity, but instead are they produce at any flow rate above the critical flow rate. Another advantage is that the density of a liquid can generally be much higher than that of the air making the transverse gallop more pronounced and, in addition, the energy content of a liquid (water) flow is greater than that of a stream of air at the same flow rate.

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An advantage of using a liquid flow (for example, water) instead of an air flow is that the liquid flow can be less time-variable and more predictable. In the experiments carried out by Bouclin, an oscillating square cylinder is guided along a guide using air bearings with a relatively low mechanical damping coefficient. Denis N. Bouclin, University of Toronto 1975, studied the interaction between vortex detachment and gallop-like oscillations of square cylinders immersed in a stream of water. US 2010/0143115 describes a method and apparatus for converting kinetic energy of a moving fluid stream into useful work based on “fluttei” by using a parallel cascade of aerodynamic or hydrodynamic profiles. Even if the possibility of using energy had been recognized, experimental commissioning would hardly have been useful for this purpose. Causas del dolor de espalda . It has also been shown that efficiency is highest and maximum lift is produced when the center of rotation is at about the quarter chord point from the leading edge.

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When the RPM is reduced, the noise due to all these three sources, are reduced. As such, an improvement in decreasing radiated noise would be to go further than simply applying a heaving and pitching mechanism. The second source of propulsion radiated noise is blade tonals due to the gust created by a rotor blade shearing through the wake of the upstream stator blade. The linear actuator lowers radiated noise of undersea vehicles due the elimination of servos with gear drives for producing heaving and pitching motion. As is also known in the art, there are three sources of propulsion radiated noise coming from a rotor blade. In addition, the Transverse Gallop is much less dependent on Reynolds’ numbers than other flux induced vibrations described here. In addition, the maximum oscillation amplitude (which directly or indirectly triggers the production of electricity) is inherently limited.

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In addition, the amplitudes of the oscillations in the Gallop can be relatively large, while, in vortex-induced vibrations, these can be relatively small. According to this aspect, a substantially linear oscillation movement of the galloping body can be achieved. In a first aspect, an energy converter is arranged to convert kinetic energy of a liquid body by transverse gallop. Rather, the idea behind Bouclin’s Investigation was to examine the phenomenon in order to avoid the negative effects of transverse gallop. The kinetic energy of the oscillations, in theory, can be transformed into electrical energy through the use of an electrical converter.