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1-4, both the operating depths and the dimensions of the impellers 28 and 30 increase with increasing distance measured outwardly from the vessel 4. Moreover, the impellers 50 located beyond the outermost and largest impellers 28 and 30 are shown as exceeding even the latter in size. These two latter kinds of parameters, both of which play a major part in controlling the overall impeller function of the said component working member, are to be identified respectively with (i) the degree to which that particular kind of component working member functions as a fluid reaction surface experiencing a water movement drag force, and (ii) the degree to which it functions as a fluid reaction volume experiencing a water movement inertial force. It is buoyant by virtue of being either hollow or otherwise of very low density; and, because of its aforesaid maximal volume-to-surface area ratio, it is maximally responsive to water movement inertial forces and only minimally responsive to water movement drag forces.

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Tratamiento del dolor hesv Moreover, it is intended that each component impeller 28, 30 or 50, when displaced from its completely submerged position of stable equilibrium, and when left otherwise undisturbed, shall be capable of swinging to and fro under the action of gravity and damping forces alone, its resulting damped oscillatory motion below the water surface 5 having a specified natural frequency. On the other hand, the typical working member 40 as employed in the impellers 50 again possesses considerable internal structure, this time comprising, in the form illustrated here, a multiplicity of vanes 51 extending approximately horizontally between inner and outer braces 52 and 53. Again for structural reasons, it is nonbuoyant; and again it is maximally responsive to water movement drag forces and only minimally responsive to water movement inertial forces. 4. The said maximal attenuation must be achieved for every wave frequency throughout a very broad wave frequency band by requiring the individual component impellers of the said impeller subsystem to be of such kinds and sizes that their correspondingly different natural frequencies will fall at regular intervals throughout the said wave frequency band, and by further requiring their independently executed resonant reaction movements in response to the ambient water movement to take place at corresponding locations within the said annular region that will be suitably correlated with their respective natural frequencies.

In this particular embodiment of the present invention, as may readily be seen, the impeller driven pumps, all operating independently but in concert, produce throughout the “venous” part of this “cardiovascular system” a substantial, net reduction of pressure relative to that of the “arterial” part. 2), at 8, and as extending downwardly below the bottom of the vessel 4 to define a very large vertical conduit 10. The conduit 10 is open at the bottom under normal operating conditions so that ambient water may communicate with the chamber 6 via the conduit 10, the degree of such communication being regulated or, if necessary, annulled by means of a suitable sluice gate 9, as shown schematically in FIG.

Furthermore, for each of the two kinds of impellers 28 and 30, when viewed in the aggregate and with respect to the entire progression of annular subsets of component frameworks supporting them, the respective natural frequencies are ordered in such a way as to increase monotonically with decreasing radial distance measured outwardly from the vessel 4. However, because of the just mentioned substantial differences between the respective operating depths of homologous impellers 28 and 30, and the consequent substantial differences between their respective natural frequencies, there will be associated with the two kinds of impellers 28 and 30 two distinct sequences of natural frequencies, both of which increase monotonically in the manner just described. 2-dimensional succession of such linear arrays of wave energy absorbers, at spaced intervals along the wave form, and to extract a portion of the wave’s energy at each interval.

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All of the foregoing impellers possessing the same natural frequency will generally be of the same kind and of the same dimensions, and will be supported by component frameworks belonging to the same annular subset, in the manner shown in FIGS. 1 and 2. As previously mentioned, however, within each component framework belonging to any one of the remaining annular subsets, there will be supported two impellers of the kind 28 and two of the kind 30, as shown in FIGS. In contrast, however, to the impellers 28 and 30, each of which drives only one pumping device 46, it will be seen from FIG. Although a multitude of different versions of such impellers have been proposed in the past, practically all of those versions constitute only minor variants of one or the other of two early prototypes, disclosed, respectively, in U.S. 1 and 2 as having only one pair of component working members 38 and 40; and here again it is to be understood that, in actual practice, the impellers 50 might preferably correspond, for example, to that which is shown in FIG.

9. Epidural dolor de espalda . In any case, whatever may be their number, the entire assemblage of such rigidly interconnected pairs of component working members 38 and 40 will generally have the same gross external geometry (now modified so as to conform to the nonconical shape of the impellers 50), namely, that of a right prism whose bases are trapezoids having the symmetrical shape and overall dimensions shown in detail in FIG. BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION In this particular embodiment of the present invention, as in any variation therefrom within the scope of the appended claims, the contemplated overall wave energy extraction system is regarded as being composed of various subsystems, classifiable according to their different functions: a seagoing platform subsystem; a platform-supported wave energy removing impeller subsystem of generally annular geometry; an intermediate wave energy conversion and conveyance subsystem of corresponding annular geometry, here embodied as a pressure transmission subsystem; and a final centralized wave energy collection subsystem capable of performing useful work.

But since the novelty of these particular features of the present invention depends, in turn, upon the cooperative functioning of a fundamentally and wholly novel class of wave energy removing impellers responsive to subsurface water movement, reference must also be made here to the state of the prior art relating to such impellers. Also shown schematically in FIG. As may also be seen from FIGS. On the other hand, as may be seen from FIGS. The aforesaid final centralized wave energy collection subsystem, located at the center of this overall seagoing system, may be loosely compared to a central heat energy sink, maintained at a constant temperature substantially lower than that of the surrounding infinite heat energy source. In either case, such water flow actuates a turbine device 12 whose runner is suitably adapted to the chosen sense of water flow and is mounted so as to drive any suitable power generating apparatus (not shown) within the shell 14. The apparatus may be in the form of an electrical generator, and/or other energy conversion means.

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1-4, the aforesaid central angles subtended by the individual component frameworks of either kind, the number of annular subsets of component frameworks of either kind, and the choice, design, and distribution of individual impellers to be supported thereby, are all merely illustrative, and admit of any variation within the scope of the appended claims. One general object of this invention, best expressed in terms of the aforesaid overall system, is to provide new and improved means for and methods of converting to usable form the subsurface wave energy available within a certain predetermined annular region spanned by the said overall system. 3. The wave frequency spectral function specifying any given state of the open sea in statistical terms must be caused by the combined wave energy removing action of the said impeller subsystem to undergo an orderly and progressive maximal attenuation with increasing radial distance measured inwardly along any path of minimal length connecting the outermost to the innermost boundary of the said annular region.