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Ocean waves also represent a very concentrated energy source, offering the potential for the harvesting of large amounts of energy from relatively small devices. Wave-energy devices that operate off shore in relatively deep waters and are anchored or rest upon the ocean floor are complex, expensive to build and expensive to maintain. The two primary embodiments of this invention, i.e., the venturi-pinwheel and sea-anchor turbines, exploit this differential movement between the waters at the surface, and in the depths, which is induced by the passage of deep-water waves across the surface of a body of water. FIG. 20 illustrates the principle by which the sea-anchor embodiment translates the circular up-and-down motion characteristic of deep-water waves traveling across the surface of a body of water into a corresponding up-and-down motion of a cable whose movements cause an attached capstan to rotate, which in turns causes the rotation of an underwater turbine located far below the surface.

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Bearded man in navy t-shirt looking unwell and annoyed with hands on his head suffering from headache standing over pink wall When cable 44 is moving relative to platform 94, all of the cable’s force is directed at the rotation of capstan 102 about which it is wound, and which is firmly attached to the platform. Cylindrical wall 104 is mounted about the periphery of platform 94, i.e., in ensleeving relation to said platform, so that said platform is positioned mid-length of the lumen of said cylindrical wall, i.e., so that the extent of cylindrical wall 104 that extends above the plane of said platform is substantially equal to the extent of said cylindrical wall that extends below the plane of said platform. The mechanical rotational energy is converted into electrical energy with a generator mounted above the water line. It responds to waves moving across the surface of that body of water by rising and falling in synchrony with the rising and falling of the waves.

Buoyant flotation module or buoy 26 follows a circular up-and-down orbit 14 at the surface of a body of water 28 in response to the passage of deep-water waves across the surface of said body of water. It is also to be understood that the following claims are intended to cover all of the generic and specific features of the invention herein described, and all statements of the scope of the invention that, as a matter of language, might be said to fall therebetween. The invention accordingly comprises the features of construction, combination of elements, and arrangement of parts that will be exemplified in the description set forth hereinafter and the scope of the invention will be indicated in the claims. Thus, this invention enjoys every advantage found within the full family of wave-energy devices, while possessing none of the limitations. The preferred embodiment of the full-sized venturi-pinwheel wave-energy device has a bi-directional venturi shroud allowing it to generate power when falling as well as rising.

Venturi shroud 33 funnels water into the turbine, increasing the water’s speed, while the buoy and turbine are rising. At this speed, it would be difficult to extract a significant amount of energy from the flowing water with a simple turbine because the amount of power that can be extracted from a flowing stream of water by a turbine is proportional to the cube of its velocity. The cross-sectional area of a circular channel is proportional to the square of its diameter.

As the buoy falls after the passage of a wave, venturi tube 30 sinks back to its position of repose, generating electricity as it sinks. The uninterrupted distance over which the wind blows in a direction parallel to a wave’s propagation, imparting increasing amounts of energy to that wave, is called the “fetch” of the wave. Dolor de hombro izquierdo al respirar . This has advantages over other known ocean-stimulated energy systems.

Ocean waves represent a renewable energy source whose harvesting would not degrade the environment and ecology of the earth. Even though the force driving the water back and forth through a suspended turbine would be great, the speed of the water’s movement is relatively slow. Without this central rigid support, the orientation of the venturi shroud would be unstable, i.e., under the influence of water moving past it as it rises, the shroud would tend to turn sideways and a collapsible shroud would tend to partially collapse. The expensive, machined component, i.e., the propeller/turbine assembly, is much smaller in the venturi tube/hybrid design than in prior art inventions, such as that depicted in FIG.

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In this embodiment, the prior art propeller system of FIG. Thus, a child can effect rotation by moving the propeller if the wind is not blowing, or by holding the stick still and causing the propeller to face the wind if the wind is blowing. If a uni-directional propeller/turbine is employed, it will oscillate, i.e., change direction, in response to the changes in direction of the water flowing through the venturi tube.

Only the angular speed of rotation varies as the tube moves up and down through the water. “mouth,” then the speed of the water flowing through the throat will be four (4) times greater than the speed of the water entering the venturi tube. 5B, relative to tube 30, the water surrounding said tube rises and falls through the tube. The net amplitude of the cable’s movement, relative to the platform, is equal to the amplitude 12 of the waves less the amplitude 13 of the platform’s oscillations, as indicated in FIG. FIG. 16B is a cross-sectional view of housing 68 taken along line 16B-16B in FIG. The angle α defining the venturi tube’s lumen is indicated in FIG.

8A and 8B adds vanes 48 to impart an initial swirling motion to water entering venturi tube 30. As best depicted in FIG. Accordingly, to increase the speed of the water flowing through the throat of a venturi tube, as compared to the speed of the water entering the tube, by a factor of four; it is only necessary to create a venturi tube with a throat possessing a channel diameter of one-half the diameter of the mouth of the venturi tube. The radii of the orbits decrease exponentially with increasing depth. The radii of these circles decrease exponentially as the depth increases.

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The platform’s drag increases in proportion to the square of the vertical speed of the platform. This imbalance in the speed of the water traversing the left and right halves of the device results in a rotation of water wheel 65 in the same direction as when the water enters from the top. Remedios para dolor de columna lumbar . One novel aspect of this invention is that it uses a venturi tube, or similar device, to amplify the speed of water which may be induced to travel through a turbine suspended beneath the ocean surface from a buoy.

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The continuity equation states that the fluid “mass flow rate”-the amount of fluid traveling through a tube per unit time-must be the same at any cross section of the tube or else there is an accumulation of mass-“mass creation”-and the steady flow assumption is violated. “The venturi effect is an example of Bernoulli’s principle, in the case of fluid flow through a tube or pipe with a constriction in it. The fluid velocity must increase through the constriction to satisfy the equation of continuity. This is true because the radii of the circular orbits of the water molecules below the surface decrease exponentially, not linearly, with increasing depth.

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The height to which the wave crest is raised above the corresponding wave trough is the wave height. The primary disclosure of this invention is the harnessing of the venturi effect to substantially increase the efficiency of a wave energy device; the type of propeller/turbine placed in the constriction is not critical to the invention. The water below this depth, and any objects floating in it are substantially stationary even when waves move across the surface. These devices are also aesthetically undesirable as they are usually visible from the shore.