Dolor de espalda por los pulmones flekosteel Tecnología, Educación, Actitud y Música, un equipamiento completo para luchar contra el dolor. 12:20 h. Tercer bloque: ACTITUD. 10:10 h. Primer bloque: TECNOLOGÍA. 11:05 h. Segundo bloque: EDUCACIÓN. 2, Fig. 6, a described center point circumferentially can equidistantly connect 4 pieces or 8 pieces of piezoelectric patches to disk 1 Circuit board 2, the center point for being not connected with piezoelectric patches circuit board 2 are blocked to the perforate of 1 groove inner wall of disk by fluid sealant, every piece of piezoelectric patches Circuit board 2 is connected with 1 anti-collision module on single standpipe 5 again, and piezoelectric patches circuit board 2 and anti-collision module are constituted Structure is arranged to form of the disk 1 in rotating mirror-image around center point. After device is installed, it is positioned in actual ocean current environment.Sea water can occur boundary layer separation when flowing through standpipe 5, The vortex for periodically coming off is produced in 5 afterbody of standpipe, so as to excite the vibration of standpipe 5, standpipe 5 drive after there is vibration displacement Connected anti-collision block motion, makes the flexible of 6 generating period of nested telescoping tube;When nested telescoping tube 6 stretches drive with The piezoelectric patches circuit board 2 of its connection is moved, and is made piezoelectric patches circuit board 2 that reciprocal flexural deformation to occur, is produced unstable electric current, Erratic current Jing wires cause center point to 8 rectification of commutator inside disk 1, and are collected by power collector 7, realize Generate electricity.When nested telescoping tube 6 extends, because the port screens of large and small diameter pipes limits the displacement of standpipe 5, and due to piezoelectricity The structure of piece circuit board 2 and anti-collision module composition arranged to form of the disk 1 in rotating mirror-image around center point, thus standpipe 5 it Between will not collide;When nested telescoping tube 6 reduces, due to the presence of spring 3, the displacement of standpipe 5 is limited, it is therefore prevented that standpipe Mutual collision between 5.Therefore, this device limits the vibration displacement of standpipe 5 while generating electricity, and realizes between 5 post group of standpipe Collision-proof function.

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Músculo bíceps braquial: Dolor & puntos gatillo Electricity generation module is made up of center point to disk and piezoelectric patches circuit board two parts.Piezoelectric patches circuit board is piezoelectric system Into lamellar rectangular thin plate, its one end offer be connected with fixed flange needed for bolt hole, it is embedding with an anti-collision module The fixed flange of the set telescoping tube other end is bolted fixation, and makes piezoelectric patches circuit board vertical with nested telescoping tube. 3rd, the piezoelectric patches circuit board of apparatus of the present invention is equally spaced at center point to disk surrounding, and piezoelectric patches circuit board with Nested telescoping tube is vertical, the elementary cell of formation can tackle different directions flowing, make device be adapted to current direction unstable The true environment of fixed change.

7, described 4 both sides of adapter sleeve installed in 5 outer wall of standpipe can respectively with an elementary cell one Individual anti-collision module is connected so that multiple elementary cells are arranged in array, meet the linking requirement of 5 post group of actual riser, form rule The generating field of modelling. As the Devoting Major Efforts To Developing of continuous growth of the mankind to demand for energy, deep water hydrocarbon resource and combustible ice becomes the mankind Inevitable choice.Marine riser to marine oil and gas and combustible ice adopt it is defeated play vital effect, it is by the water on sea bed Lower well head or submarine pipeline connection, are responsible for for extraction fluid lift being delivered to the ocean platform on the water surface or Floating Production device, It is the bridge under water with communication waterborne.Marine riser can occur vortex-induced vibration under wave with action of ocean current, be also easy to produce fatigue Damage, and the particularity of the complexity of abyssal environment condition and marine riser pumped (conveying) medium makes its stress more complicated, and which is taken The requirement of labour stability is higher.

Problem to be solved by this invention is the collision phenomenon for existing between existing marine riser post group, there is provided a kind of Effectively prevent post group collision, make full use of vibrational energy, the steady pipe group vibration anti-collision of dependable performance and TRT and method. The invention belongs to marine riser facility laying technology field, and in particular to a kind of steady pipe group vibration anti-collision and generating Device and method. It is connection underwater well head, all kinds of platforms of submarine pipeline and sea, floated by the post group structure that many marine risers are constituted A kind of typical arrangement mode of formula facility.Under the collective effect of interior outflow, interfere between each standpipe inside post group, So that the vortex-induced vibration characteristic of marine riser becomes increasingly complex, the unstability of direction of flow in addition, the vibration between post group Response shows great unstability, or vibration strengthens, or vibration is weak, also very likely collides each other, leads The destruction and failure of marine riser are caused, the normal exploitation of marine resources is affected, is caused huge economic loss and serious environment Pollution.The mutual collision how being effectively prevented between post group seems particularly urgent.

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Below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings the specific embodiment of the present invention is described further. When array is installed, then an anti-collision module by 4 both sides of adapter sleeve of 5 outer wall of standpipe respectively with an elementary cell It is connected so that multiple elementary cells are arranged in array. Wherein:1st, center point is to disk;2nd, piezoelectric patches circuit board;3rd, spring;4th, adapter sleeve;5th, standpipe;6th, nested telescoping tube; 7th, power collector, 8, commutator;9th, fixed flange.

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A través del tratamiento complementario -psicología, logopedia, fisioterapia y terapias con base científica y eficacia demostrada- ofrecemos a los pacientes la posibilidad de recuperarse antes de la intervención y mejorar sus hábitos de salud, para que no vuelvan a aparecer los problemas. Con guía de rayos X, el catéter se coloca a través del túnel dentro de la vena y la punta del catéter se coloca en la vena más grande, la vena cava superior.