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Mi tipo de dolor favorito es el de tanto reir con mis #.. When the tide comes in and the surface level 7 begins to rise the buoyancy of the pontoon 4 a draws the pontoon 4 a, panel extension 4 b, piston rod 4 d and the piston 4 e upwards along with the slowly rising surface level 7. When the piston 4 e is rising upwards it draws at the same time seawater through the lower choke valve 6 b into the lower part of the cylinder 4 f.

Instead of having two separate choke valves 6 a and 6 b at different sides of the piston 4 e the structure comprises now only one choke valve 6 c that is installed on the piston 4 e so that the choke valve 6 c connects the lower part of the cylinder 4 f to the upper part of the cylinder 4 f through the piston 4 e. Similarly, when the structure is used to convert physical stimuli such as vibration or pressure into electrical signals for measurement purposes, it can be specialized as an inductor. The mechanical linkage between the units could provide a more economical installation and could reduce the number of alternators/generators, wiring or similar equipment used to produce electricity.

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It has been proven useful for pumping water and other tasks, but its slow rotational speeds have not been proven to generate electricity cost effectively from wind power. Likewise the object of the present invention is to achieve a surface level follow-up arrangement for a wave energy recovery system where the height and/or height position of the upper edge of the plate like panel or wing is easily and automatically adjustable, and where the motion of the follow-up arrangement is attenuated so that only the slow motion of the surface level caused by the tide is followed by the follow-up arrangement.

FIG. 15 presents in a side view, in a simplified and diagrammatic way and as a partial section an upper part of the panel element 2 according to one further embodiment of the invention where the panel extension 4 b comprises only one wall element that is situated at the first side of the panel element 2, and in an advantageous solution the choke valves 6 a, 6 b are directed towards second side of the panel element 2 so that the panel extension 4 b does not collide with the upper choke valve 6 a on its lowermost position.

The fluctuation can be several meters, which causes power losses because during a high tide there is an area between the upper edge of the reciprocating panel and the surface level of the sea where a part of the wave energy passes the panel and therefore does not give all of its energy to the panel. The Japanese arrangement may work as a water pump but it does not work as an efficient wave energy recovery arrangement, for instance to convert wave energy to electric energy. The arrangement according to the invention comprises the means for changing the height of the upper edge of the panel element 2 so that the upper edge of the reciprocating panel element 2 follows automatically and self-operated the fluctuation of the surface level 7 of the sea or the water basin caused by the tidal variation.

The tape or applied material is stretchable or has a pattern to allow the film to stretch.

When the electrodes are pulled closer, the dielectric layer polymer film becomes thinner (Z-axis component shrinkage) and simultaneously expands in the planar direction (along the X- and Y-axis), ie the film has lateral movement. When a voltage difference is applied to the electrode, the electrode with the opposite polarity will Mutual attraction, thereby compressing the dielectric dielectric layer therebetween. The tape or applied material is stretchable or has a pattern to allow the film to stretch. For example, the method described herein may further comprise a deformable layer comprising at least one void in the surface, such that the deformable layer is adhered to the cavity when applied to the first pre-strained film portion The first pressure and the second pressure at the surface can print different ink depths on the first pre-strained film portion. Optionally, the method may further comprise: mechanically straining the film to produce a second pre-strained film portion, the film portion still being connected to the film; supporting the second pre-strained film portion such that the second pre-pretreatment The strained film portion includes a supported portion and an unsupported portion; depositing ink to produce at least a first electrode on a first side of the unsupported portion of the second pre-strained film portion and Printing at least one second electrode opposite the first electrode on a second side of the unsupported portion of the second pre-strained film portion to form at least one opposite electrode pair to complete the electroactive polymer film At least a second portion; and collecting the second portion of the electroactive polymer film.

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The system may further include a deflector positioned on the side of the wind turbine opposite the edge of the roof to redirect wind flow originating opposite the edge of the roof to a desired portion of the wind turbine enabling the turbine to utilize the wind from multiple directions. The use of a deformable layer also allows for multiple voids in the deformable layer. For instance, if a stormy weather is coming it may be necessary to keep the upper edge of the panel element 2 as low as possible.

The cylindrical design of the turbine and horizontal orientation of the turbine may be desirable to make the most efficient use of the concentration of wind coming over the horizontal edge of the roof. During production of the sensor of the present invention, it can be torn along the perforation line to separate the central region of the release liner from the unsupported region of the film and from the release liner strip along the edge of the film. In another embodiment, the method can include: placing a deformable layer between the first pre-strained film portion and the process mold, the deformable layer enabling the first pre-strained film portion to be unused Demolding is carried out in the case of a liner fixed to the first pre-strained film portion. Dolor lumbar sacro coxis . In another embodiment a linkage to a ventilator system that will augment electrically-powered air handling systems when the wind is blowing.

In one embodiment, the wind turbine is coupled with a system of pulleys to a generator which generates electricity when driven by the wind turbine. A lever (or bearing switch or other mechanism) can be provided so that, when the lever is in an open position, the swivel base rotates atop the roof, turning into the direction the wind is strongest. Alternatively, concentrator 350 may allow the wind flow to be redirected so that turbine portion 335 can be positioned farther from the edge of the roof, making the installation of the system less obvious and more aesthetically pleasing. The concentrator may be adjustably positioned to enhance or spoil wind flow to the wind turbine. Further, since the sets of blades are angularly offset (by 60 degrees in the figure,) the blades of one of the two sets will be more optimally positioned to catch the wind and restart the spinning of the turbine after it stops.

The length of the cylindrical structure of wind turbine 230 will typically be determined by practical design considerations, but one or more turbines may extend along the edge of the roof. Provisional Application; US Provisional Application with the title of “FIBRILLATED STRUCTURE FOR ELECTRODE” filed on March 1, 2011, with the case number 61/447,832; application dated October 13, 2011, file number 61/546,683 and U.S. Provisional Application entitled “MODIFIED SOFT TOOLING AND EFFECT OF TROUGHS IN PRINT THICKNESS”; application dated October 21, 2011, file number 61/549,799 entitled “USE CONTINUOUS WEB FRAME BELT FOR ROLL-TO-ROLL CARTRIDGE PRINTING/PROCESS” US provisional application; and November 7, 2011 application, case number US Provisional Application No. Touch feedback Examples of user interface devices include keyboards, buttons, game controllers, remote controls, touch screens, computer mice, trackballs, styluses, joysticks, and the like. Automated production method for producing deformable polymer devices and films The present invention relates generally to a production process and, more particularly, to a mass production process for producing electroactive polymer films and devices.

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The known wave energy recovery systems have generally not handled well these kinds of extreme conditions and therefore the total efficiency has been so low. FIGS. 10-14 present in a side view, in a more simplified and diagrammatic way and as a partial section several different embodiments of the invention and several height adjustment positions of the pontoon 4 a of the surface level follow-up means 4 according to invention. Another disadvantage is that a continuous vibration caused by the free follow-up of the sea level and waves leads to an undefined follow-up of the surface level that causes much more motion and wear to the components of the panel and also make adjustments more difficult as mentioned earlier.