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You can see three blades 2 rotor inside the rotor and also the inner peripheral surface 3. The longitudinal axis 4 of the rotor is shown by a central line. The rotors described here, which are based on blades formed by conical helices, have a ratio of more than one and this provides a torque multiplication and an increase in efficiency as shown in the figure. In other embodiments, such as Figures 1A to 3B they may increase in the same proportion to form a pair of parallel conical helices. The geometry of the rotors is based on the pair of conical helices 5, 6 that have an increase in the radius r with a 0 polar coordinate along the longitudinal axis 4, each helix 5, 6 has a different initial radius. The generally conical body surface may be conical, truncated cone or in any other way designed as a surface of revolution that generally has a growing or decreasing radius.

1 of each rotor 7, 8. In this embodiment, the two ends of the housing 9 have a convergent / divergent geometry 16 designed to increase / reduce the fluid velocity and improve the performance of the two two-stage rotary apparatus. In the preferred embodiment where the first rotor and the second rotor comprise a blade or blades formed between the conical helices, the two rotors have large diameter ends that oppose each other and have the same diameter. The method may include manufacturing one or both rotors with at least one blade arranged to rotate about a rotational axis, the method comprises: defining an internal conical helix and an external conical helix, the conical helix each has a section that is reduced when the propeller radius increases; and forms the blades as a surface that extends between the internal and external conical helices. The rotor therefore preferably includes internal and external surfaces that include the blades, which can generally generally internal and external revolution conical surfaces corresponding to the routes of the conical helices.

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Aching young handsome blonde ill man holding napkin keeping hands on head suffering from headache with closed eyes isolated on orange wall The rotor blade surfaces of the rotor are formed when the pair of conical helices are connected in the radial direction. The internal and external conical helices preferably start in the same longitudinal position along the rotational axis of the rotor before extending along the direction of the rotational axis of the rotor. In this case the rotors can have blades that are formed from conical helices that rotate in the same direction when the radius increases, that is, the first and second rotors have blades that are formed in the clockwise direction when the conical helix radius increases , or alternatively both rotors have paddles counterclockwise. The magnification of the torsion force is dependent on the ratio of the spokes of the pair of conical helices.

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The underlying math spiral of the conical helix can be based on an Arqmmediana, Euler, Fibonacci, hyperbolic, Lituus, logantmica, Theodorus spiral or any other known spiral that has variable r radii as a function of the 0 polar coordinate, but It also has a third variable, the length l, which also functions as a function of the 0 polar coordinate.

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The two-stage rotor apparatus can, however, be effectively applied to any liquid flow system that can have simple reversible liquid or liquid current characteristics. Or the complete turbine arrangement can be configured in such a way that only a smaller part of the arrangement needs to be recovered for maintenance. The generators can be moved along the surface by section-by-frame and frame engines.

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