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IMG_20200727_132822 A ferrofluid within the tube enclosure is naturally attracted to the poles of magnets 62 and 64 to form beads 74, 76 and 78, 80 around the end poles of the respective magnets. Optional end magnets 126, 128 can be provided, or the moveable magnets 120, 122, 124 can be allowed to travel freely around the ring without interruption. Since the magnetic flux component parallel to the axis from the two magnets was additive in this area, a non-zero magnetic flux was produced along the axis between the magnets that reduced the overall flux differential as the magnets passed through the coils, and thus limited the voltage that could be induced.

Several electrical generating systems have been developed that make use of reciprocating magnet movement through one or more coils. Using the power output of a single magnet and single coil as a base, relative power outputs of about 37 and 33 were measured for opposed magnetization systems with five magnets and gaps of 1.27 cm and 2.54 cm, respectively, while relative power outputs of about 57 and 51 were calculated for the same systems but with six magnets each. Associated rectifier circuits, batteries and operating systems (not shown) could also be provided, with an associated device operated by the electrical signals produced in response to magnet movement. The two magnets 24 a, 24 b are shown with a common polarization orientation, with north at their right ends and south at their left ends as indicated by polarization arrows 30 a and 30 b. The magnets are not connected to each other, but are kept apart by their polar opposition.

FIGS. 7a and 7 b are graphs illustrating a voltage output produced by the magnet movement of FIGS.

This limitation is overcome in accordance with another embodiment of the invention by orienting successive magnets in magnetic opposition to each other, with opposed directions of polarization. This provides an ultra low friction lubricant that allows the magnets 62, 64 to freely move within the tube in response to either a tilting of the tube away from horizontal, or a horizontal tube movement. 13. This system is useful for powering an emergency transmitter, a repeater station for underwater cable, or other marine applications requiring an electrical power source that is not otherwise available. Even greater voltage levels, with a correspondingly higher power output, were obtained. 3 and 5 by modest amounts, the dependence of output power upon the square of the voltage results in a significantly greater output power. FIGS. 7a and 7 b are graphs illustrating a voltage output produced by the magnet movement of FIGS. 2a-2 e. Magnets 24 a and 24 b are held together, such as by a nonmagnetic rod 28 with the two magnets glued at its opposite ends; numerous other mechanical couplings could be employed.

As indicated in the figure, both 1.27 cm and 2.54 cm gaps between magnets and coils were employed for magnets with opposing (anti) magnetic polarizations, and compared to a system with a common or parallel (para) magnet orientation, and also a “single stack” in which the same number of magnets were used with a common orientation and no gap between them. To plot FIG. Dolor de espalda y crujidos . 3 a single ceramic magnet 2.54 cm in diameter and 2.79 cm long, with a magnetic strength of about 975 Gauss at the magnet, was used with a 4.45 cm diameter coil; to obtain the plot of FIG.

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The magnets are shown in FIG. 2b. Finally, as the magnet exits the coil to the right and continues moving away to the position shown in FIG. A plurality of ring-shaped magnets 130, 132, 134 are coupled together by nonmagnetic struts 136 to move over corresponding coils 138, 140, 142, which are shown in section. To provide an ultra low friction interface between the magnets and an associated support structure, a ferrofluid or other lubricant having a static coefficient of friction less than 0.01 and a viscosity less than 10 centipoise can be used. Undiluted EFH1 ferrofluid could also be used to achieve very low friction, as could other ferrofluids with static friction coefficients up to about 0.02, such as Ferrotec (USA) Corporation EMG 805, a water-based ferrofluid with a static friction coefficient of about 0.01 and a viscosity of about 5 cp. If the magnets are oriented in magnetic opposition to each other and generate similar fields, the component of the fields parallel to the axis will cancel at locations between successive magnets, thereby producing large magnetic field differentials as the magnets move relative to the coils and a consequent high voltage output.

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The two end peaks 52 and 54 correspond to the lead magnet entering the first coil and the trailing magnet exiting the final coil, while the four intermediate peaks result from the four flux reset locations between the five successive magnets. The magnet can either be fixed and the coil moved up and down relative to the magnet, as by wave action, the coil fixed and the magnet moved relative to the coil as by pneumatic pressure, or the coil housing shaken or vibrated, as by being carried by a jogger, to cause a reciprocating motion of the magnet which moves with the coil. Thus, much of the energy that goes into moving the magnet relative to the coil fails to produce a useful electric output. The invention has a large number of applications and can be used by moving the magnets relative to static coils, moving the coils relative to static magnets, or both.

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Applications of the invention to a cellular telephone, flashlight and floatation device are illustrated in FIGS. 4b, and at a position outside and to the right of both coils where the generated voltage relaxes to zero in FIG. 2e, the generated voltage returns to zero (22 in FIG. Pastillas para dolor muscular fuerte . 5. This is believed to result from the axial magnetic flux between successive magnets being “reset” to essentially zero because of the opposite polarizations, producing a greater flux differential as the magnets pass through the coil than with a common magnetic orientation system in which a residual flux remain between magnets. FIG. 5 shows the voltage induced in a coil through which five spaced and coupled magnets, having a common polarization orientation, pass. 1, with north and south poles designated N and S, respectively. 11, 12 and 13, respectively. Suitable sources of isoparaffinic acid are Isopar 6 and Isopar M hydrocarbon fluids from Exxon Mobil Chemical Corp.

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The outputs from the individual coils can be combined to produce a net generator output. The coils could be wound on the inside of a nonmagnetic mandrel over which the magnets slide, and connected together to provide an accumulated output. In FIG. 10A of this patent, a pair of magnets in polar opposition to each other are connected to opposite sides of the pendulum arm of a tilt buoy, with a respective coil located beyond each magnet when the buoy is vertical. In FIG. 15 of this patent, three moving magnets are suspended in a tube by polar opposition to both each other and to end magnets, with a number of coils spaced along the outside of the tube. It is accordingly intended that the invention be limited only in terms of the appended claims. FIG. 11 shows a cellular telephone 98 that can be placed in a person’s shirt pocket or belt clip.

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Wide Angle Spray Nozzle Adjustable 360 Degree Universal.. 10 is supported within the cell phone 98 so that it has a generally horizontal orientation when the phone is placed upright in the user’s shirt pocket or held in a belt clip. Pat. No. 4,260,901, wave motion in a body of water causes a float to move up and down, which in turn imparts a reciprocating motion to a magnet that travels between a pair of coils stationed at opposite ends of its path. Moving a magnet through a conductive coil induces an electromotive force that generates a current in the coil. The benefits obtainable as a result of both opposed magnetization polarities and larger numbers of magnets moving in tandem are illustrated in FIG. If the magnet is moved back and forth in a reciprocating motion, the direction of current flow in the coil will be reversed for each successive traverse, yielding an AC current.

The five magnets with common polarity orientations are indicated schematically by the five boxes 32 below the graph, with respective magnetic polarization arrows 34 all pointing in the same direction. Que hacer para el dolor de espalda y cuello . 4a-4 c, but have opposed magnetic orientations as indicated by opposed polarity arrows 42 a, 42 b. 5 system common of magnetic orientations. 7b were obtained, except for the intermediate peak 60 corresponding to the area between the two common polarization magnets, which had a markedly reduced value. However, the described generator is relatively inefficient. Many different variations on the physical configuration of the generator are possible. 3 illustrate the generation of an electrical signal in a coil 10 through which a magnet 12 passes. As the magnet passes through it induces a voltage in the coil to generate a current when the coil circuit is closed.

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In FIG. 2b the magnet has moved to the right to a position partially within but still partially outside the coil. 2d, partially within and partially outside and to the right of the coil. For example, FIG. 14 illustrates a version in which the coupled magnets are disposed outside, rather than inside, the coils.

Slight movements of the phone by normal activities such as walking or eating will cause the magnets within the generator to reciprocate back and forth, charging the internal battery to operate the phone. 3, and the intermediate peaks of lesser absolute values. In FIG. 4a a pair of magnets 24 a and 24 b, each half the length of the single magnet 12 in FIGS. 6a-6 c, again for the simplified case of only two magnets and two coils. Como disminuir dolor muscular por ejercicio . The ring could also be suspended in air and operated by wind action. As the magnet moves to this position, the net axial magnetic flux vector within the coil changes to induce a voltage, which reaches a maximum (16 in FIG. The left and right end voltage peaks 52 and 54 were comparable in magnitude to the maximum end voltage peaks with the FIG. In general, an electric signal is generated in response to a changing magnetic field within a coil (taken perpendicular to the coil axis).