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Salud: El remedio para aliviar rápidamente tus dolores.. 14. The dampers protect the device from pitch and surge forces which cause the float 153 and the donut 154 to collide together, and also control the maximum heave extensions allowed between the components. These dampers are connected at one end to the inside of the float 193 and are provided with rollers at the other end, so that they can move freely in a vertical direction relative to the shaft 194. Two further pairs of dampers are provided to correct heave. Typically, these elastomeric solutions comprise a multi-strand elastomeric component. The component 2 comprises a plurality of elongate flexible elements 6. The elements 6 are formed from elastomeric materials and have a variety of lengths, as shown in FIG. Additionally, the shape memory alloy materials used are usually unsuitable for a marine environment. In one embodiment, a damping member, arranged to damp surge (lateral) forces, is used to limit the maximum lateral response of the device.

In this embodiment, the shape of the elongate flexible element 6 varies along its length, so that the element comprises a plurality of portions 6 a, 6 b, 6 c, 6 d, 6 e of different shape. In a preferred embodiment, the fixed member is a substantially rigid ring adapted for arrangement substantially concentrically around the moveable member of the wave energy conversion device. A further object of the invention is to provide a damping structure for a WEC device that allows additional energy capture over a wide range of wave frequencies. Desirably it exhibits a plurality of non-linear stress-strain responses within its operating range. Typical devices are capable of capturing wave energy only over a relatively narrow range of wave frequencies and energy states. Alternatively, the WEC devices may be interconnected by means of damping members.

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FIG. 11 shows a WEC device 111 similar to that shown on FIG. FIG. 18 shows a WEC device 181 comprising a damping structure 182. Medicamento para el dolor de espalda . The WEC device is similar to that shown in FIGS. This type of WEC device absorbs energy caused by vertical movement of the ocean surface during wave conditions, that is, varying height of water column at the device location. In contrast, the moveable member or float of the WEC moves in an oscillatory manner in response to wave motion of the ocean. In the present invention, movement of the moveable member in response to wave motion exerts a force on the damping member. In the present application, movement of a moored body in response to wave or tidal motion exerts a force on the deformable member. The mooring system may be a mooring system for a deep sea environment, a tidal flow environment or a tidal barrage environment.

Thus, the dampers 138 are used to control pitch and surge forces. To counteract these forces, the dampers 108 are used to apply counter forces at a distance from the centre of rotation. The first pair of these dampers is connected between the lower end of the float 193 and the lower end of the shaft 194. When the float 193 moves upwards due to wave motion, these dampers exert a downward damping force on the float.

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However, when the force applied (or the rate of change of the applied force) exceeds a threshold, for example, in the case of an extreme wave, the dampening counterforce is much higher as shown in FIGS. Dolor de espalda primer mes de embarazo . The damping structure 2 also provides more efficient energy capture since the damping member 7 is capable of reacting to the higher frequency components of incident waves, thereby allowing the WEC device to capture energy from the higher frequency components of the waves.