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Limited efforts have been made to place turbines directly on riverbeds, to allow river power to be harnessed without the major environmental impact of a dam. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of damming a river can be quite high. Preferably, the drive arm 16 enters the housing 110 through suitable stuffing boxes, seals or the like to prevent excess water intrusion. Although the wave action loads, such as generator and water purification assemblies are described above for use in connection with subsurface wave action, it will be appreciated that such loads could also be powered by surface wave action harnessing systems.

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These and other objects, aspects and advantages of the present invention will be better appreciated in view of the drawings and following detailed description of preferred embodiments. According to additional aspects of the present invention, the system includes a fluid chamber having a fluid chamber inlet and an outlet, a piston displaceable within the fluid chamber, a drive arm connected to the piston and operable to reciprocally displace the piston within the fluid chamber, and a reverse osmosis assembly connected to the fluid chamber outlet. Where the louvers 86′ are selectively opened and closed, advantageously, operation is automatic based upon weather conditions. The outlet valve mechanism 218″ is seated so as to seal during withdrawal of the piston 162″ and open during insertion. 1) could also be added to increase the effective surface area of the first and second wing surfaces 60, 62. Internal framework 80 adds strength and rigidity to the wing.

FIG. 12 is a partial schematic view of a water purification assembly serving as the wave action load FIG. FIG. 5 is a schematic side view of an alternate embodiment of the wing of FIG. Surface wave systems like the system 10′″ can advantageously facilitate use of the various loads, or features thereof, in shallower waters closer to shore, cutting down on the distance that electrical power or purified water must be transmitted or pumped, respectively.

Some or all of this electrical power can be used to supply electrical power needs of the water purification assembly 14″, as well as ancillary support equipment; for instance, booster pumps to help pump grey and/or purified water to shore. The reverse osmosis assembly 210″ includes a reverse osmosis unit 230″, a plurality of filters 232″-238″ and a plurality of regulators 240″. The filters 232″-238″ are preferably activated charcoal filters, with at least one of the filters 236″, 238″ being a solid block charcoal filter, as opposed to granulated charcoal, for enhanced filtration.

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The wing assembly 12 further includes a seabed mounting plate 30 securely seated upon the seabed 22. A wing directional plate 34 is rotatably mounted to the seabed mounting plate 32, and a wing mounting rail 36 is arranged on the directional plate 34. A carriage mechanism 38 allows the wing 20 to travel in a sliding motion 42 and the pivoting motion 24 relative to mounting rail 36. As a result, the wing 20 is able to move in the pivoting motion 24, the sliding motion 42 and a rotating motion 44 in response to subsurface wave action. Attempts have been made to utilize subsurface wave action for power generation, including the development of systems with pivotably mounted wings that move back and forth with the wave action; however, further improvements are possible.

Accordingly, subsurface wave action represents a potentially widespread and consistently-utilizable source of clean, renewable power. The energy latent in the movement of water, or hydro-kinetic energy, was one of humankind’s earliest power sources and is increasingly being looked to again for clean, renewable power. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION With the potential downsides of conventional fossil fuel and nuclear power sources well known, ongoing efforts are being made to practically and economically exploit clean, renewable power sources. Dolor de talon al apoyar el pie . The regulators 240″ can be purely mechanical, and adapted to open and close under set conditions, but preferably the regulators are electronically actuated by control electronics 250″ based on sensed pressures and/or flows. Additionally, the regulators 240″ can be operated to avoid potentially dangerous overpressure conditions. Additionally, larger lakes and seas can experience significant wave action. Additionally, generator drive shaft over speed protection can be implemented to disengage the drive shaft 102 if the rotational speed of the sleeve 124 becomes too high for the generator.

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According to an aspect of the present invention, a wing directional plate is rotatably mounted to the seabed mounting plate. According to an additional aspect of the present invention, the first and second wing surfaces are both concave. 1 and 2, according to an embodiment of the present invention, a subsurface wave action harnessing system 10 includes a wing assembly 12 and a wave action load 14 connected by a drive arm 16. The wing assembly 12 includes a wing 20 that is pivotably mounted to the seabed 22, such that subsurface wave action imparts a pivoting motion 24 to the wing 20. Dolor en la parte externa de la rodilla . The drive arm 16 connects to the wing 20 and converts the pivoting motion into a reciprocal motion 26 for utilization by the wave action load 14. The wave action load 14, as will be explain in greater detail below, can include an electrical generator assembly adapted to transmit generated electricity to shore and/or a water purification assembly adapted to make purified water from seawater for transport to shore.

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For instance, the system 10 can receive weather forecast data and open and closed the louvers 86′ based thereon. Referring to FIGS. 5 and 6, wings can be equipped with rough weather survival features to prevent or minimize damage during periods of dangerously high subsurface wave action. Instead, recurring periods of virtually no tidal flow will alternate with long periods of increasing and decreasing flow. A turbine 164″ and generator 100″, similar to the turbine 164′ and generator 100′ can be associated with the water pressurization assembly 200″. In this way, the motion of seawater into and out of the fluid chamber 160″ can also be harnessed to generate electrical power. Respective inlet and outlet valve mechanisms 216″, 218″ are arranged in the inlet and outlet 212″, 214″. The inlet valve mechanism 216″ is seated so as to open during withdrawal of the piston 162″ and seal during insertion. The filters 236″, 238″ are arranged in parallel with the reverse osmosis unit 230″ and supply the grey water output for water uses requiring a lower degree of desalinization.

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According to another aspect of the present invention, the wing includes a float arranged along the first wing end and urging the wing into a vertical position. A water pump (not shown) may be included to periodically remove water from the housing 110. A joint 56 can be located inside the housing 110, which can facilitate disconnection of the drive arm 16 for maintenance and help ensure even level reciprocal motion of the drive arm 16 relative to the slip linkage 104. Suitable combinations of bearings, such as thrust bearings, journal bearings, ring bearings and air bearings, can be used to help ensure proper alignment and low friction rotation of generator assembly 14 components. To facilitate lay down of the wing 20″, the drive arm 16″ can include a solenoid-activated telescoping extension 90″. An electromagnetic 92″ could also be arranged in the mounting plate 30″ to facilitate lay down, as well as a normally slack cable drive 94″ that could spool in to securely lay down the wing 20″. Dolor de pie causas . It will be appreciated that the various features of FIGS.

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In the latter example, the system 10 can also be used to provide weather data to interested parties. In general, the foregoing description is provided for exemplary and illustrative purposes; the present invention is not necessarily limited thereto. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to harnessing hydro-kinetic energy, and more particularly, to the generation of electrical power and purification of water using subsurface wave action. The water purification assembly 14″ could share a common housing with a separate electrical generator.

Referring to FIG. 6, the wing 20″ can be folded down flat to ride out rough weather.

Some good results. photo of gorgeous blonde woman in the gym at her weekend time Water flow and pressure throughout the reverse osmosis system 210″ is controlled by the plurality of regulators 240″. For instance, if there is in sufficient differential pressure for proper functioning of the reverse osmosis unit 230″, the regulators 240″ can operate to increase flow to the unit 230″. For example, flow to the filters 236″, 238″ can be decreased or stopped altogether. Where there is a consistent and rapid flow of water, generating hydro-kinetic power is relatively easy. Also, at least some components of the power generating equipment must be at or very near the surface, where such components can present a hazard to navigation. Referring to FIG. 6, the wing 20″ can be folded down flat to ride out rough weather. FIG. 13 is a schematic view of a surface wave action harnessing system, according to an additional embodiment of the present invention, for use in connection with the wave action loads of the present invention.

A louver control motor 88′, or other device, can be used to selectively open and close the louvers 86′, or the louvers can simply be biased to remain closed until a predetermined thrust level is reached. A freewheel mechanism 150 extends between the rotation transmission sleeve 124 and the terminal end 126 of the generator drive shaft 102. When the rotational velocity of the of the drive shaft 102 is less than or equal to that of the sleeve 124, the mechanism 150 will engage until the drive shaft 102 speed again exceeds that of the sleeve 124. As a result, the risk of reverse motoring the drive arm 16 from the generator is reduced. Harnessing tidal energy is another approach being explored, and to some degree, exploited. While tidal energy is theoretically available along all ocean coastlines, tidal flow characteristics vary greatly from place to place. Although wave magnitude can vary greatly between coastal locations, some appreciable wave action is likely to be present along virtually all ocean coastlines.