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Post operatorio But, the fluids require power to function. The repulsive forces and the restorative forces generated by the magnetic field of the female part and the magnetic field of the male part also eliminate any power requirement to energize levitation. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The permanent magnetic levitation support of the present invention includes a female part that has a cavity with a plurality of retainment mechanisms incorporated therein, wherein the retainment mechanisms may include a plurality of grooves. Devices that require exceedingly precise measurements or whose energy input might otherwise be overwhelmed by friction are particularly preferred as integrated with the present invention. 8. Any movement of the female part 14 relative to the male part 20 as affixed to the base 32 is immediately corrected by the repulsion and attractive forces between the female part 14 and the male part 20. As shown from the side view in FIG.

The magnetic fields generated by both the female part 14 and the male part 20 enable suspension of the female part 14 relative to the male part 20 as affixed to the base 32 (FIGS. A second derivative advantage of maintaining relative orientation and distance without direct physical contact of the female part 14 with the male part 20 is that tracks, rollers, bearings, or motion guards are not required. In the context of the present invention, the rotational symmetry is considered invariant (that which the conformation does not change) under a rotation, or under a series of repeated rotations, of a specific rotational multiplier of π.

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Moreover, there is a need for a levitation support that eliminates any power requirement, despite power availability, and enables the use of magnetic levitation in areas where power is not available. Lubricants are not needed for roller or bearing movement. This, coupled with lubricants and mechanisms for holding the ball bearing in place, provides the ball bearings the freedom of motion needed for proper function while containing the required stability. Moreover, no cooling elements are needed to radiate evolved heat generated by friction or moving parts. Dolor de espalda que puede ser . High strength parts made of durable materials capable of withstanding long term wear are no longer required because the female part 14 and the male part 20 do not contact one another.

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Derivative technologies incorporating the present invention also will not require power to levitate, lubricate, pump fluid, or perform any other aspect of levitation or stabilization of the present invention. But, the ball bearing still requires a raceway and still has friction, both of which are largely mitigated using the present invention. Retainment of the permanent magnets 12 should not be limited to the grooves 22. The grooves 22 merely exemplify a preferred embodiment. Maintenance of the junction, the use of lubrication, and a sealing of lubricant is also not required. This allows the permanent magnetic male and female levitation support 10 to be used in a number of different applications that require limited vibrational movement. But, this device requires lubrication and mechanisms that allow sliding motion of different parts. Friction of the movable parts of the permanent magnetic male and female levitation support 10 is a fraction of other similar technologies.

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Other retainment mechanisms known in the art are also suitable. It is also conceived in the present invention that the poles could be reversed such that the South Poles are oriented inwardly and the North Poles are oriented outwardly. The present invention utilizes several concepts from electromagnetism, geometry, and calculus. FIG. 10 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 10-10 of FIG.

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In this embodiment, the female part and the male part are aligned along a common concentric axis and are not in contact. These forces maintain the female part 14 and the male part 20 in a specific relative configuration along a common axis or plane. No. 5,584,367 to Elberto Berdut, herein incorporated by reference, describes the design of an automotive system that stabilizes an axle using a system of magnets. 1, a plurality of permanent magnets 12 are used to create a rotationally invariant magnetic field.

In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a permanent magnetic male and female levitation support is referenced generally by the reference numeral 10. As shown in FIG. Hence, the female part 14 and the male part 20 neither contact one another nor tend to change relative orientation. Regardless of the power requirement, fluid-based bearing devices have enabled the development of many devices that utilize fluids that flow from one object to another. The magnets are arranged to exert repulsion forces on the opposed female part 14 and a male part 20. Algo para dolor muscular . The repulsion forces cause the female part 14 and the male part 20 to remain in a relative position with respect to one another. The permanent magnets 12 are secured within the conical cavities 18 by friction between the permanent magnet 12 and the wall 24 or by any other means using non-magnetic media. A third and final theme in the prior art relating to ball bearings concerns the design of the raceway itself.

Three main themes exist in the prior art concerning ball bearings. 2, all the North Poles are oriented inwardly within the conical cavity 18 of the female part 14. Accordingly, all the South Poles are oriented outwardly. Accordingly, a main advantage of the present invention is that when placed in close proximity, the female part 14 and the male part 20 exert forces on one another. FIG. 4 further illustrates the orientation of the magnetic poles of the present invention. 1-10 for purposes of illustration, the present invention directed to permanent magnetic male and female levitation supports.

  1. (2) Conversion efficiency from floating body motion to CMG output shaft: – η2=0.9 to 0.95
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The magnetic poles of the permanent magnets are co-aligned to produce a first rotationally invariant magnetic field around an axis that is concentric to the female part. One of the magnetic fields in U.S. Additionally, friction decreases, as opposed to increases, by increasing the load exerted on the female part 14 and the male part 20. The friction relative to the overall force is exceedingly small. A space is maintained between the female part 14 and the male part 20 so that transverse perturbations of the position of the female part 14 against the male part 20 causes a return force to be exerted.