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Furthermore, in the transmission a gearbox, e.g. The counterweight drum can, for said second movements of the buoy or the other device, provide a motive force, through its coupling to the second output side of the gearbox, in order to rotate the first part of the electric generator. Furthermore, the second part of the electric generator is driven by the energy accumulation device to rotate in the same first direction substantially when the motive force, which acts on the driveshaft through the coupling between the first elongated means and the driveshaft, does not exceed the counteracting motive force. Then, in the above mentioned special embodiment, the second part of the electric generator can rotate in a first direction due to the coupling to the drive shaft through the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap and the first part of the electric generator, when the motive force which is acting on the driveshaft through the coupling between the first elongated means and the driveshaft exceeds the counteracting motive force, energy being accumulated in the energy accumulation device due the mechanical coupling thereof to the second part of the electric generator.

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Such a sliding clutch also makes it possible to completely disengage the absorption of energy from the movements of the waves, by making the anchor drum 9 slide against the driveshaft 11, when the accumulation level reaches its upper limit, i.e. The length of the time period is determined by the accumulation capacity, i.e. In the shown embodiment the anchor line 7 is at one end attached to the foundation 5 and is at its opposite end attached to a power train 2 and more or less wound around a first winding drum, an anchor drum 9, included in the power train, the winding drum being mounted to rotate about a driveshaft 11. The driveshaft 11 is in a suitable way journalled for rotation at the buoy 3. As shown in FIGS. The torque makes the second part of the generator start rotating in relation to the first part, the latter part being mechanically connected to the driveshaft 11, so that the counterweight line 17 starts to unwind from the counterweight drum 15, and hereby potential energy accumulated in the counterweight 19 is converted to electricity, see the arrows 115. The faster the generator parts rotate in relation to each other, the more electric power is generated, and then also a higher counteracting force is obtained in the generator 21, i.e.

FIG. 15 e is a bottom view of the power train of the wave power plant of FIG.

In the generator there is, as conventional, an electromagnetic coupling over an air gap between the first and the second parts, at least during the movements thereof in relation to each other, said coupling giving some torque between the two parts. The electromagnetic coupling between the parts in the electric generator over the air gap of the generator gives a limited torque in relation to the rotation speed of the generator, the mechanical torque produced by the counterweight drum and the electrical load of the generator. FIG. 4 is a front view of the wave power plant of FIG. FIG. 15 e is a bottom view of the power train of the wave power plant of FIG. As an alternative, the power train 2 including the anchor drum 9, the driveshaft 11, the counterweight drums 15, the gear units 23 and the generators 21 can be carried by a support structure or driveshaft frame 141 as shown in FIG.

The structure of the transmission unit 2 and the function thereof will now be described in more detail with reference in particular to FIGS. The guide rollers are journalled in the end pieces and can rotate along together with the respective line 7, 17 to minimize friction and wear. Pomada para dolor de hombro . The counterweight line 7 carries at its lower end a counterweight 19. The cylindrical surface of the counterweight drum, on which the line for the counterweight is wound, has in the embodiment shown a diameter that is larger than that of the cylindrical surface of the anchor drum 9, on which the anchor line 7 from the bottom foundation 5 is wound. 10 b, at least one of these two mechanical couplings 7″, 7″ including an elongated means, such as a flexible means, typically a line or a wire, but also a stiff rod can be used in special cases. 15 f can also be used in a similar way but this will not be described further here.

15 e. However, in that case it can be motivated to simplify the left anchor drum 9 v by using a sliding clutch 55′ that is displaced outwards or is freely located and use the extra space in the power train room 20 for the power train 2, so that the left anchor drum 9 v can be rigidly attached to the first part 11′ of the driveshaft in the same way as described above with reference to FIG. However, part of the absorbed energy is temporarily accumulated or stored in some suitable mechanical way for driving the electric generator during other parts of the movements of the water waves.

5 c whereas the second part 11″ of the driveshaft on the other side of the sliding clutch constitutes or is directly connected to the input shaft of the gear 23 and the counterweight 15′ rotates around this second part. The larger diameter the anchor drum 9 has, the lower input rotation speed the system gets in relation to the vertical movement, whereas the rotation speed from the angular rotation is the same irrespective of the diameter of the anchor drum.

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The same power train 2 that have been described above can be used in other embodiments of the wave power plant as appears from FIGS. It has also been attempted to reverse the rotation direction of the generator. Dolor en la parte izquierda de la espalda . In the case which utilizes the electromagnetic coupling between the two parts of generator 21 that are rotatable in relation to each other, the driveshaft 11 is mechanically coupled to the first part 21′ by the coupling 23′ for driving this part to rotate in the direction shown by the arrow 23, the electromagnetic coupling between the parts of the generator giving a torque counteracting the rotation of the driveshaft and also making the second part 21″ rotate in the same direction, see FIG.

The energy accumulating device is arranged to drive, for substantially second movements, that are substantially different from the first movements, of the buoy or the similar device, said two parts of the electric generator to rotate in the same first rotation direction in relation to each other, thereby generating electric current having the same polarity as when the driveshaft is driving said two parts of the electric generator to rotate in relation to each other. 13 a, so that the counterweight lines 17 is guided in opposite directions to each other, this being important for the centre of gravity of the wave power plant to remain centred. A mechanical gear can generally be regarded as comprising one input side having an input shaft and two output sides, one of the output sides comprising an output shaft and another output side comprising a housing or enclosure of the mechanical gear, see also the discussion below of only the transmission included in the wave power plant.

The force limitation in the anchor drum efficiently protects the device from shocks and overloads. The anchor lines are also attached to the weight. In pace with the increasing gas pressure, also the counteracting force against the driveshaft rotation increases. For a too high load the sliding clutch slides and thereby somewhat reduces the acceleration, which in turn also reduces the torque to which the transmission is submitted. 15 a, 15 b and 15 e, which will be described hereinafter. Generally, the buoy 3 can have the shape of a plate which may be elongated. The connection to the driveshaft is of a unidirectional type and the driveshaft may be driven by several such buoys through chains.

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In these cases, the body may be connected to some elongated means, such as a line, wire or chain, which in the case where it is flexible can be more or less wound around a counterweight drum. 12 e. Then, the output shaft of the planetary gear is connected to the input shaft of a variable gear 37 (CVT), the output shaft of which is connected to the first one of the parts of the generator such as the rotor 21′ thereof. 9 v. The left anchor drum 9 v, the driveshaft and the single anchor drum 15′ have the same functions and structures as in embodiments described above in which the generator 21 is built into the counterweight drum. When the driveshaft 11 is rotated by the rising of the buoy 3 in this embodiment, a gas pressure is built in the gas tanks 77 by the scroll pump 73. This gas pressure corresponds to accumulated energy.

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Furthermore, the driveshaft 11 shall be blocked from changing its rotation direction when the wave sinks. This anti-reverse mechanism can be arranged at or in the bar bearing 54 for the driveshaft 11 in the bar. Thereby, an equalization over time of the motive force acting on the electric generator can be achieved.

5, which can have a mass large enough to keep it steadily on the bottom. The weight 211 can have a considerable mass compared to that of the buoy 3 or generally in relation to that of other parts of the wave power plant. 6, which is used for controlling the magnitude of the torque, which is to be transferred from the counterweight drum to the anchor drum.

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