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It may be desirable in this case where generator characteristics cannot be closely matched to the nozzle-rotor optimal torque:rpm ratio, to include a variable transmission in the module power assembly. The control mechanism for this may be where the optimum range between generator optimum condition and the rpm:torque optimum condition is subject to output optimization wherein a column matrix of the nozzle-rotor pair output for a given velocity range under a range of loading conditions is subjected to an analysis where the column matrix is clipped at a boundary of the optimal conversion value and the optimum generator efficiency rpm value. The conversion mechanism may also be controlled by at least one of an electrical and mechanical power control management facility.

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At least one of the plurality of wind energy conversion modules may include a nozzle intake that captures and accelerates a flow of air incident on an entrance of the nozzle intake to a nozzle throat, a rotor positioned in the nozzle throat to receive the flow of air from the nozzle intake to convert the flow of air into a rotational energy, a generator coupled to the rotor that converts the rotational energy of the rotor into an electrical energy, and a diffuser to receive and direct the flow of air from the throat and to an exit of the diffuser, wherein the diameter of the nozzle entrance and the diffuser exit are greater than the diameter of the throat.

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The array may include self-orienting nozzles, self-orienting nozzles configured with a non-mechanized element that uses airflow to orient the nozzles, self-orienting nozzles with independent orientation at different locations in the array, and the like. FIG. 16 depicts two nozzles in a serial arrangement. This optimization may be applied two dimensionally or three dimensionally to a catenary, radial, elliptical, truncated radial, truncated elliptical, or the like function. In addition to the space frame members including members in both tension and compression the perimeter frame may include elements of tension and compression.

Medical center FIGS. 5A and 5B show embodiments of structural members 502A and 502B. These examples may be of structural members of variable density and profile. The methods, programs or codes as described herein and elsewhere may be executed by the client. Additionally the basis cost may include stability of supply as a variable. In embodiments, the present invention may provide a nozzle adapted for use in a wind power generating turbine, where the nozzle may include a through-hole to facilitate air flow. In embodiments, the present invention may provide an array of nozzles adapted to generate electrical power from the flow of air. FIGS. 78A-78D illustrate steps in the deployment of a mobile wind platform of the present invention. Examples of such machines may include, but may not be limited to, personal digital assistants, laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, other handheld computing devices, medical equipment, wired or wireless communication devices, transducers, chips, calculators, satellites, tablet PCs, electronic books, gadgets, electronic devices, devices having artificial intelligence, computing devices, networking equipments, servers, routers and the like.

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This inertial rotor may also be executed by way of weights and flexible structures, such as springs, memory plastic, and the like, where the flexible structure and weight may be slotted into a single internal chamber in the rotor blades. In embodiments, a wind power system may comprise a variable transmission to balance rpm: torque characteristics of the wind power system and a power electronics facility, where the variable transmission and power electronics facility enable variable or fixed speed operation based on a maximum output algorithm. 12 depicts an integrated generator 1102-module 104 example, where the nozzle may include PM turbine blades/rotor and exterior stator. Dolor de espalda como curar . It has been found that circumferential velocity of rotors in accelerating nozzles may approach lower sonic conditions at the higher inflow velocity ranges in conditions where the applied resistive load is optimized for power production.

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An optimal “wide” vortex generation mechanism might be designed such that it effects the global flow over the blade and may create areas of low density characterized by vortex or swirl properties. For example, this may be done with any prime multiple, such as eight dropping to four and then dropping to two, or twelve drops to six which drops to three, and so on. The release may take the form of a single or multiple vortex or swirl mechanism/s, bulbous feature/s, drill through mechanism/s, and the like or a combination thereof. The load may be mechanical, electrical, or a combination of electrical and mechanical loading. The structural support system may be comprised of solid structures, a curtain wall, partially solid structures, and the like. The adaption for extreme conditions may include mechanisms to allow the nozzle to survive earthquakes, where the mechanism may be a fluid foundation, a gyroscopic mechanism, a pintle mechanism, a frequency damping mechanism, and the like.

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The power conversion and management elements may be connected to a power frequency converting mechanism, power conditioning mechanism, and the like, to prepare the power generated for storage, transmission, use, and the like, where the mechanism may be an LVDC converter, HVAC converter, LVDC frequency converter, HVAC frequency converter, and the like. In the case where a magnetic bearing or similar bearing structure is used, the bearing structure may generate additional energy either for immediate use or for temporary storage. The derivative costs may be the cost of weight as it relates to the superstructure and substructure, the cost of weight and geometry as it relates to transport, the cost of geometry as it relates to manufacture, the cost of environmental degradation as it relates to failure and thereby LRC, and the cost of installation. Nth row connection cost may be determined based on loading values at the nth row connection, weight of material for all nth row connection, cost of connections per unit weight post fabrication, and material cost variability over time.

Length of the intake may be important, such as in the time that the gradient has to act on the flow. Aceite esencial dolor muscular . The fixed position superstructure may have a structural variation, such as a geodesic variation, a tensegrity variation. In other cases the optimal performance may be found at the lower rpm range. Granular recursion may also be used wherein a boundary condition may be used to identify regions of the optimization matrix that fit a defined range of conditions and wherein a higher resolution of the contributory variables may be used than the original resolution of the matrix and may be useful to identify the precise parameters of optimization if those parameters fell between the step size of the original matrix. The optimum design may additionally vary with the height at which a given module configuration is operated. The height variation may be a change in n of an n-pointed polygon.

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It may not conform to that, nor to a classic boundary layer problem. This indicates that, with regard nozzle efficiency, pressure might not be the most accurate variable. The application Ser. No. Rotor sets may be mounted to a series of dual position slip rings wherein when the dynamic force on a given set is exceeded the ring may be released and dynamic force on the blades may shift it to a closed position on the following set of blades.

The leading edge of the nozzle may be optimized based on the angle of incidence to the direction of the flow, where momentum vectors derived from the leading edge may generally clear the throat of the nozzle. 35 depicts open position 12 blades 3500, where velocity is approximately in the range of 1-3 m/s, FIG. Array implementation may follow any number of geometries based on module geometry, such as hexagonal, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, and the like, where array geometry may not be dependent on module geometry. The superstructure elements may also be integrated into the nozzle structure such that the module becomes a wholly contained element. Such complex tension rigging may allow structural optimization for the load bearing structure such that the horizontal and vertical forces effecting the structure are more distributed or are “focused” on or “deflected” to specific areas of the structure that are designed to absorb the combined load density.

Insofar as this can be designed into the generator itself the rpm-torque balance may be used to optimize the initial design of the generator. This may translate into a significant increase in annual yield. In this case the rpm-load parameters of the generator may be mapped into a matrix as shown in FIG. The geometry of the nozzle may be adapted based on calculation of the probability of movement of air molecules from dense to sparse regions within the nozzle.

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In embodiments, a contiguous substance is housed within a single or plurality of central portion/s of the rotor assembly wherein channels extend axially through a single or plurality of bodies attached to said central hub. Momentum flux within the system may be approximated with a constant or variable steady state variable density system wherein the local and global density effects the flow parameters through system and is a constant acting on the vectors of momentum flux deriving from wall topography and rotor interaction. Dolor lumbar con irradiacion a la pierna . Stress on a variable length blade may be alleviated by attachment to a channel in the exterior arrays allowing the blade to extend in the vertical direction while the machine completes its circuit.